Weight gain

Most people find losing weight difficult. Hence most Google searches for dieting are related to techniques to grow thin. But some people find it very hard to gain weight.

The reasons for it could be many but they are eager to know about foods that can help them put on some weight. Below is the list of foods that would help in weight gain.

Foods for weight gain

Losing and gaining weight could be a difficult and lengthy process for many people. Many websites provide tips on losing weight.

But not many would talk or advise on how to gain weight without straining health. Below is a list of foods that enables and ensures weight gain healthily.

1. Rice: low cost for weight gain

Rice is a staple in many coastal areas of the world. It is cheap and easily available natural complex starch. 1 cup of cooked rice equals 158 g and it provides around 204 calories with 44 g of carbs and no fats.

One can add cheese, eggs, or nuts to enhance calories and add variety. Eat it with vegetables or meat curry.

Weight gain
Rice is good and cheap food for weight gain (Source: Delish)

2. Nuts and nut butter

These are high in fats and proteins and can help in weight gain. Just a fourth cup of raw almonds has 170 calories, healthy fats, and fiber.

Nut butter is equally healthy and caloric dense. Spread it on bread or flatbread for that extra nutrition and also weight. Avoid sugary nut butter.

3. Milk and milk products

These are good in calories, proteins, fats, and calcium. They give strength to bones and muscles. Have a glass or two of milk daily if you are keen to put on some weight.

Dairy products have all the benefits and boost muscles and bones.

4. Protein smoothies

Prepare smoothies at home for quick weight gain. Because commercial preparation has added sugar. Add fruits to milk to make a great milkshake.

5. Red meat

Both lean and fatty types of meat are rich sources of protein. They help in the gain of weight and muscle strength. Meat has leucine that promotes the synthesis of muscle protein.

Weight gain
Nuts (Source: Amazon)

6. Salmon and oily fish

Fish is good for the muscles. Other oily fish provide proteins as well as healthy fats. 170 g of fillet of deboned salmon has 250 calories. You can steam, shallow fry, deep fry, saute, smoke, grill, bake, or poach salmon. All forms make excellent eating.

8. Protein supplements

Ready-made protein supplements are available in the market but they come with a high price tag. You can use it to enhance your muscles and gain strength.

9. Dried fruits

Dates are an excellent source of instant energy and iron. They have calories with fiber as well as antioxidants. Eating these nutritious fruits in dried form is more nutrient-packed and good for those desirous to put on some flab.

10. Starches such as potatoes

Complex carbs such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats, corn, quinoa, legumes, buckwheat, and squash aid gain in weight.

11. Avocados

This delicious fruit is calories packed. 1 large avocado provides 322 calories and 29 g of fats. There is also 24 g of fiber in it. You can eat it raw or use it in salads or as guacamole.

12. Dark chocolate

Has tons of health benefits. 100 g provides 600 calories. Therefore, weight gain is easy with it.

Weight gain
Starchy foods from plants (Source: Only my health)

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13. Cheese and eggs

Cheese has high proteins and fats. But they have saturated fat and cholesterol and hence consume them in moderation to gain weight. Similarly, eggs are a good source of proteins. The egg yolk has fats and one can make different interesting dishes using it.