Chinese restaurants

In the US as well as in other parts of the world, there are ample number of Chinese restaurants. These claim to sell Chinese foods. But you will be surprised to learn that many of these -so-called Chinese foods that are popular outside China are not a part of the tradition of China. These dishes are not even made or eaten in China. People there are not aware of them too.

China and Chinese restaurants

We visit Chinese restaurants in countries outside China. Chinese food is popular globally. People relish them and want more. They are highly palatable.

But do you know, that many of the popular Chinese food dishes served in Chinese restaurants in the USA actually are not known in China. People who originally hail from China or have a Chinese origin have never heard of, seen or eaten these dishes in China. Therefore, they are not authentic Chinese food but a Westernized version of them.

Chinese restaurants
General Tso Chicken (Source: Recipe Tins Eats)

Chinese diet is mainly plant-based. There is very less meat in it. Whereas in the American versions of these Chinese dishes there is lot of fat, sugar and meat. They are adapted to suit the locals in the USA. Which are these unique Chinese-American dishes?

General Tso’s chicken

This is a sweet and spicy fried chicken food dish available in many chinese-oriented restaurants in the USA. Its name comes from General Tso Tsung-tang, who was a Qing dynasty general and statesman. But there is actually no connection of this dish with him. The recipe started in New York in 1970s. It is unhealthy with 1300 calories, 11 grams saturated fat and 3200 mg of sodium.

Crab wontons

These are deep fried dumplings containing crabmeat and cream cheese. Its actual origin is not China but Philadelphia. It has 37 grams fats with 8 grams saturated fat. Sodium is 630 mg. It has protein and zinc. But fat content is high due to cheese and deep frying.

Chop suey

Chinese restaurants
Chop suey (Source: Fun food frolic)

The roots of this food dish are traced are to the California Gold Rush. It was to meet the requirements of the miners there who were heavy drinkers. Made from leftovers, it has soy sauce in it. It has a lot of salt and is therefore unhealthy.

Beef and broccoli

Beef has proteins, B vitamins and minerals and also saturated fats and cholesterol. Broccoli has minerals and vitamins and anti-cancer phytochemicals. But the dish equals 900 calories. If beef is lean and obtained from grass-fed cows, it is OK. Otherwise it has hormones and pollutants that are harmful.

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Fortune cookies

Chinese restaurants
Fortune cookies (Source: Fifteen Spatulas)

It was the imagination of Japanese immigrants and not Chinese that created these cookies in the 1900s in the US West coast. It has sugar, flour, vanilla and sesame oil in it. The Chinese usually take orange pieces for dessert. This gives them high  vitamin C that is present in these citrus fruits. But they do not take these cookies back home.