Antonio Pozo
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Who Is Antonio Pozo?

Former young soccer player became a full-time fitness model and athlete. Antonio Pozo has always enjoyed working out and staying in shape.

He has developed a long-lasting career in the fitness sector by dedicating himself to a healthy lifestyle for many years.

As a sponsored athlete and model with a degree in industrial engineering, Antonio is well-known nowadays.

There is much more to come from him because of his intense “thirst” for success and rising notoriety.

Antonio Pozo, a fitness model from the south of Spain, introduces himself: Since I began my modeling career, it has been a wild experience. I currently compete and am a sponsored fitness athlete.

Body Measurements Of Antonio Pozo 

Full Name: Antonio Pozo
HEIGHT: 5’11” (180cm)
WEIGHT: 175 – 185lbs (79.4 – 83.9kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Industrial Engineer
ERA: 2010


  • Mr. Spain’s rival
  • Exercise Model
  • Featured Athlete
  • Engineering in Industry


Short Career Of Antonio PozoAntonio Pozo  

Although Antonio Pozo studied industrial engineering in his teens, athletics have always been the center of his life. Antonio has been “obsessed” with playing soccer since he was six years old. “I played football from the age of six until I was 21,” he claimed.

However, Antonio’s objectives began to shift once he turned 21. He was forced to put his studies first to get his degree as an industrial engineer, therefore he had to give up playing soccer.

During this time, Antonio made a profound realization: he realized he needed to be physically active to survive.

Because of this, Antonio decided to work out in the gym in his little free time. Antonio Pozo stated, “At that point, I started going to the gym because I felt like something was lacking from me.

Finding A New InterestAntonio Pozo

Antonio’s interest in weightlifting grew as his performance in the gym increased.

The progress he observed from weightlifting was unlike anything he had ever experienced, even though he already possessed a tight and lean physique from years of playing soccer.

Antonio gradually but surely developed a new interest in bodybuilding and fitness. The development continued as Antonio’s success and physical prowess both increased.

He continued to develop a desirable body, which he exploited to catch the interest of modeling agencies and fitness businesses.

Driven To Continue Winning

Antonio had a solid career in the fitness sector throughout the years. Antonio began working with well-known fitness brands and also started competing in bodybuilding competitions, such as Mr. Spain.

If there is anything that inspires Antonio to work harder, it is “the encouragement I receive from the users of my social networks.” When someone tells me that I inspire him, there is no cost to me.

This helps me to understand that all of the work and attention I put in every day is worthwhile. Anthony Pozo

Training, (Fitness)

Antonio has a coach that adjusts his workouts based on his objectives. Antonio typically engages in hypertrophy training during the ‘off-season’. He will train specifically with heavy weights to promote muscle growth.

However, Antonio concentrates more on isolated exercises, smaller weights, and more repetitions per session during the “in-season.” He can use this to sculpt his muscles and create a lean, attractive figure.

“My trainer, David Reyes, adjusts my workouts based on the goals. In the off-season, I focus on muscle building by training for hypertrophy and using heavy weights.

I increase my exercise and supersets as the competition draws near to burn more calories.

Nutrition, (Fitness)

The same as with his training, Antonio’s coach oversees his eating plan. Typically, when he wants to build muscle during the “off-season,” he consumes a lot of calorie-dense foods.

He consumes meals like Greek yogurt, steak, sweet potatoes, and brown rice at this time.

Lean proteins, veggies, and some unsaturated fat will progressively take the place of calorie-dense items as competition day draws near for Antonio. These consist of greens, blueberries, zero-fat yogurt, and lean chicken breast.

“My favorite food is chicken meat with organic fried tomatoes, which my mother makes. However, because of my diet, eating it is essentially impossible, save for very rarely.

Influences And Idols

The social media supporters Antonio receives inspire him. Antonio is motivated to carry out his work by their messages.

Additionally, he enjoys giving back to his followers on social media by offering them fitness tips.
“A modern man, in my opinion, is someone who maintains his traditional roots while also leading a healthy lifestyle.”

What could Antonio Pozo Teach Us?

As we can see, Antonio did not receive his achievement as a gift. He had very little time to pursue anything on the side because he was studying to become an industrial engineer.

But Antonio still found time to go to the gym and develop a killer physique. He persisted and turned his love of exercise into a full-time career.

You too can develop an amazing physique, just like Antonio Pozo, if you put the same effort and passion into it.