Sandwiches with crisps

Charlotte Stirling-Reed is a child nutritionist who teaches parents how to handle the eating problems of their kids.

And now she has suggested that parents should not be harsh with themselves. Once in awhile, it is okay if they just give their kids sandwiches with crisps for dinner.

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Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Charlotte Stirling-Reed is a nutritionist based in Battle in East Sussex in the UK. She is a nutrition expert for children. She provides advice to worried and anxious parents about how to feed s healthy diet to their children.

The talented nutritionist coaches the parents on what and how to cook for the kids.

Sandwiches with crisps
Charlotte’s book (Source: SR Nutrition)

Charlotte provides advice on how to deal with a pediatric fussy eater. She trains parents on weaning foods for their babies and on how to cook nutritious meals for them.

Charlotte has also penned a book called How to Feed your Toddler. It is a best-selling book. And she posted on her social media about cooking bundled-together meals for their children without feeling guilty about it.

Parents appreciate her advice and feel that she is realistic about her approach to feeding issues in babies and children.

Is it ok to feed kids sandwiches with crisps at night?

Charlotte has 304k followers on her Instagram. Recently, she posted:

For anyone who needs to hear this today.”

“Meals that are bundled together are OK, sometimes ESSENTIAL!”

She uploaded a pic of cream cheese and cucumber sandwich placed on a plate with carrot sticks and crisps on the side. She added:

I’m posting this mainly because we’ve been having a lot of these kinds of meals at home recently.”

“With all the holidays, time away, with work & birthdays etc., we’ve been all over the place and have lost our routine!”

“When I am at home (rare at the moment!) I have ZERO motivation to cook right now…”

“So just a little reminder that it’s OK if you can’t cook every night for the kids.”

Sandwiches with crisps
Sandwiches with crisps are on for dinner for kids once in a while (Source: Naijaonpoint media)

The dietitian pointed out that this meal of sandwiches with crisps was still nutritious because it had carbs in the bread and crisps, fiber in the carrots, and proteins in the cream cheese.

She asked the parents to be kinder to themselves. Everyday cooking and one day an easier meal will not change anything.

More on what Charlotte says

The expert dietitian feels that once in a while such easy meals for children are essential. She told FEMAIL:

Parenting is hard and sometimes “bosh bash bosh” meals from the fridge are not just ok – they are essential.”

“We put so much pressure on ourselves as parents, but it’s not about what your child eats at a single meal, it’s about what they eat over time – the weeks and months in fact, and also about what we serve them the majority of the time.”

There is also nothing wrong with a sandwich, filling, a handful of crisps and some fruits or veggies on your kids plate – just find ways to add those extras in where you can.”

Sandwiches with crisps
Sandwiches with crisps (Source: Zordo news)

She added that one can use nutrient-rich spreads such as hummus or peanut butter, or a dip.

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The parents who are following the list of this mother of two were happy with her post and applauded it amply.