Avocados in Australia are in oversupply. It is so much so that now Australian avocado producers are requesting customers to buy them in greater quantities.

The fruits are of great health and nutritional values, the producers reminded the people. They can help the farmers by buying in bulk for their home use.

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Avocados and Australian overproduction

Avocados are a much-loved fruits globally. In Australia too, people relish it. But this season there is an oversupply of the fruit. In the last two years, the industry has remarkably expanded.

This had led to more avocado production. The supply of these fruits is double of that in the year 2020. Tom Silver is an avocado grower located in northern New South Wales.

He also is the director of Avocados Australia in the Tamborine and Northern Rivers. He and his farmer colleagues are urging people to step up the purchases of the fruit. Tom said:

“When you go to the shops, don’t just buy a ripe one, buy a few hard ones for the next couple of days,”

Avocado produce (Source: Department of Agriculture and Food)

He revealed that presently there are 450,000 trays of avocado in the market in Australia. This was 250000 in 2020.

The farmer assured people that though the supply is more, there is no compromise in the quality. They remain the same high quality fruits as before.

The lower price tag

Tom added that due to the excessive produce, farmers have lowered the cost of the fruit. It is relatively cheap now.

And this cheapness comes amidst the rising cost of fertilizers, freight, and petrol prices. This excess cost the farmers are absorbing and not passing on to the customers. Tom asserted:

That cost needs to be born by farmers – that’s the nature of the relationship,”

Great fruit at lower price (Source: Self)

Earlier this year, flooding had destroyed some avocado crops. But now, there are no floods.

The main regions of Australia that produce this fruit in large quantities are Bundaberg, southeast Queensland, Mildura, northern New South Wales, and south-west Western Australia. All of these areas have excessive production of this avocado crop.

Nutritional benefits of avocado

Avocado has great health potential but it is under-recognized. Sydney-based nutritionist Kristen Beck said:

“They have so many health benefits,”

There is strong scientific evidence backing their nutritional benefits and claims. She revealed that it is good for the waist since it helps weight loss.

There was a common misconception that fruits such as avocado can cause weight gain. But this is not so. Kristen also added that the fruit has healthy fats and this helps check on body inflammation.

Chronic diseases risk is reduced and body health improves.

Avocado fruit (Source: BBC Good food)

Kristen said:

“Eating avocados improves the absorption of healthy nutrients in other fruit and vegetables,”

She loves to have this fruit on toast with poached egg. This is the Australian classic way to consume it. But Kristen said that one can get creative with this fruit and find innovative ways to enjoy them. Elaborating on it, she said:

“You can put them in smoothies – there is even a great avocado ice cream recipe with dates.”

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A healthy adult can have one avocado per day along with a varied wholesome diet.