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DramaAlert is hosted by Daniel Keem, better known online as Keemstar. His podcast Mom’s Basement with Faze Banks is also well known.

Keemstar has a large audience thanks to his podcast and YouTube channel, but he is also well known for having an unpopular opinion. He is undoubtedly the most contentious YouTuber because he is constantly embroiled in scandal.

He is currently facing a lot of criticism since he wants to date younger ladies. He admitted to dating a 20-year-old fan he met at a meet-and-greet in August 2021.

However, the marriage could not endure for very long. Alyssa Haleigh Brantley, his 20-year-old aide, was soon the subject of rumors that he was dating her. Keemstar denied the relationship, but he teased his Twitter fans to lead them to believe otherwise.

Keemstar, who is 39 years old, has frequently expressed his desire to date persons in their 20s. He posted images of four 39-year-old women on Twitter on September 20, 2021, saying he wouldn’t date anyone who recalled where they were during the 9/11 attacks.

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His followers did not take this well because it implied that he was speaking to ladies in their early 20s. The enormous age difference between him and his ideal girlfriend disgusted everyone.

Additionally, one of the 39-year-photos old’s was of a woman who was missing and later died. Despite these problems, many could not help but ponder his relationship with Brantley.

Brantley decided to address the rumors on Instagram Stories as a result.

Is Keemstar’s Girlfriend his Assistant?

Brantley is not Keemstar’s romantic partner, no. Despite her prior denials, the allegations persisted, so she turned to Instagram stories to dispel them all.

She said that Keemstar was just her best friend and boss. Nothing romantic exists between the two, so she found it odd when people said they were dating.

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She claimed that her employer was the ideal person for her in the entire world. Brantley claimed that Keemstar was “much funnier and friendlier” in real life than the general public had been led to believe.

She then mocked Keemstar’s detractors, claiming she didn’t care if he wasn’t kind to them because Keemstar was pleasant to her. She also discussed their disparity in age.

Brantley highlighted that this was not the first time she had worked for an older man and that she didn’t care what people thought of her doing it. She reportedly worked for males older than Keemstar when she was only ten years old.

It appears like Brantley has had enough of people leaving comments on her Instagram images claiming that she is dating Keemstar. Additionally, she revised the “Very single” statement in her Instagram bio.

Despite Brantley’s clarification, Keemstar is still stoking rumors about dating a young woman close to his daughter’s age, so they may not go away anytime soon.