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Caroline Bergøe Diet Plan, Workout Routine, Exercise, Body Measurements

Caroline Bergøe
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Who is Caroline Bergøe?

Fitness icon and social media star Caroline Berge (Bergoee) is from Denmark. She started sharing photos and videos on Instagram in 2015 under the handle @caroline bergoee, where she swiftly gained notoriety for her toned physique.

At the age of 19, Caroline Bergøe had been a source of motivation for many admirers by 2016. She still inspires her expanding fan base through her postings on Instagram.

Caroline Bergøe

Body Measurements of Caroline Bergøe

Full Name: Caroline Bergøe
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm)
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
PROFESSION: Figure Athlete
ERA: 2010


Caroline likes to work out intensely, executing up to 12 repetitions of each activity. She works out in the gym six days a week, working on numerous muscle groups each time.

Abs Exercise

Caroline Bergøe

This is Caroline’s abs exercise:

  • Leg raises while hanging – 3 sets of 10–12 reps
  • 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps of the cable crunch
  • 3 sets of decline sit-ups, or till failure.


Caroline Bergøe

For the entire year, Caroline Bergøe maintains a healthy diet to keep herself in top shape. She does, however, give herself cheat meals when she feels the need.

Steak, peanut butter, and porridge are some of her favorite dishes.