Catherine Rusoff
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The actress Catherine Rusoff is well-known for her appearances in several television programs, including Ohara, Highway to Heaven, Midnight Caller, The New Adam-12, and Married… with Children.

But Ed O’Neill, a well-known TV actor most remembered for playing Al Bundy in the Fox smash comedy series Married with Children, is what Catherine Rusoff is most well-known for (1987 to 1997). The role of Jay Prichett that O’Neill played on the Emmy-winning ABC sitcom Modern Family may be familiar to younger viewers.

From 2009 through 2020, the spouse of Catherine, a Screen Actor Award winner, portrayed the family’s dad. In real life, the actor is married to a different brunette with whom he has been dating since the middle of the 1980s while being married to the Spanish beauty Sofia Vergara on the show.

Even though O’Neill and Rusoff have been married for over three decades and have two children, their partnership has gone through some trying times. Check out how the pair handled the situation despite it. While traveling, learn more about Ed’s wife’s background, work, family, and other details.

Catherine Rusoff’s Family Background

Although it is unknown what day Catherine Russoff’s family celebrates her birthday, it is believed that she was born Catherine “Cathy” Rusoff in Teaneck, New Jersey, in 1954.

The 67-year-old, semi-retired actress attended Teaneck High School and graduated in 1972. However, other than the aforementioned information, there isn’t much to say about Ed O’Neill’s long-term companion because she hasn’t been particularly visible in the media recently.

Mrs. O’Neill is also essentially unheard of on social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, which adds to the mystery.

Catherine Rusoff
Catherine Rusoff (Pinterest)

Relationship Between Catherine Rusoff and Ed O’Neill, Her Husband

In 1986, Catherine Rusoff wed Ed O’Neill, a member of the Modern Family. When Ed was 30 years old, he had just moved to New York City and decided to work at O’Neal’s Balloon, a well-known eatery and pub close to Lincoln Center.

He took acting school and any off-off-Broadway minor job that came his way while sharing an apartment in Hell’s Kitchen with six other actors. After performing in a few theater productions, the actor from Ohio was cast as Detective Schreiber alongside Al Pacino in the contentious movie Cruising in 1980.

Soon after, he would meet Catherine Rusoff, an actress who would later become the mother of his children. After being married, the couple relocated to Hollywood in 1987 for the Married with Children series.

The first term of Ed’s contract was only six episodes. Although the program would become Fox’s first success, it continued indefinitely, bringing Rusoff’s husband fame, financial stability, and additional notoriety.

O’Neill and Catherine Had Already Experienced a Brief Separation

Even though Catherine and Ed were able to maintain their marriage intact, their courtship had a few bumps in the road.

According to rumors, they experienced a public breakup in 1989 but were back together by 1993. But the couple has never explained why they broke up at the time. Additionally, they allegedly shared a similar level of coldness in their relationship in the late 2000s.

In fact, according to some sources, Ed and Catherine fought at the time for custody of their kids. All of that changed, though, in 2012 when people started to perceive them as a couple once more.

When they were living in California’s Brentwood neighborhood when they were reported in January 2016, Rusoff and her husband of more than 35 years, together with their children, were there.

Catherine Rusoff
Catherine Rusoff (Pinterest)

Their Children

As previously indicated, Mr. and Mrs. O’Neill are parents to Claire and Sophia, two daughters. Their youngest girl, Sophia, was born in 1998, and they welcomed their first daughter, Claire, in 1986.

Sophia, her second child, has a handful or two TV credits as well. In truth, she made a fleeting appearance in the 2017 film An American Funeral as well as the 2010 short film On the Block II. She has also appeared in a cameo in Modern Family’s fourth season.

The Acting Career of Catherine Rusoff

O’Neill’s wife, Rusoff, has made a few appearances on television and in movies, but she hasn’t yet landed a major role.

Though Catherine received her first TV role for a one-time cameo in the series, Ohara as Claudia, two years after marrying the former free-agency Pittsburgh Steelers player.

She would appear in another series, Highway To Heaven, as an unnamed Checker the following year, in 1989. The same year, the mother of two briefly appeared as Susan in the episode Someone To Love of NBC’s ill-fated Midnight Caller series.

Her subsequent cameo was as Mrs. Aragon in The New Adam-12, a police drama on the Syndication. As Andrea in the 1991 TV film The Whereabouts Of Jenny, Rusoff made her debut on a large screen with stars like her husband, Mike Farrell, Ellen Crawford, and others.

She then made two appearances on Married… with Children, a sitcom starring her husband. Actress Catherine Rusoff, Ed’s wife, played two separate parts in the show.

She made two appearances on the popular Fox comedy series, the first as Moana Squab in season two’s “Just Married…With Children” and the second as Betsy in season six’s “If Al Had a Hammer.”

What Is She Up To Now?

Catherine’s roles in Married… With Children would end as being her final recognized acting role as of late.

After the aforementioned two succinct characteristics, Rusoff has yet to appear in any media endeavors. Regarding what she is doing right now, particularly in terms of her work, there is also that enormous anonymity.

Catherine was the one who persuaded Ed to attend the Married with Children audition.
O’Neill, who enjoys working with Tom Berenger and Christopher Walken, had just finished filming Dogs of War with them.

Ed began performing in a few theater productions and then making numerous television guest appearances. Next, a role in the infamous Married With Children in 1986 was offered.

However, the Cruising actor would decline the Al Bundy role without reading it, in part because it was Christmas and he didn’t want to fly to the West for what seemed to be a pointless audition. Later, in their apartment in Greenwich Village, his wife Catherine read the script.

She laughed as she read because she thought the story and its idea were amusing. After seeing his wife’s response, Ed was immediately open to the idea of playing the part.

Ed O’Neill Net Worth, Catherine’s Husband?

Since the 1980s, O’Neill has been a regular on TV and in movies, making him one of the busiest actors.

Even years after the conclusion of his first profitable role as Al Bundy in Married With Children, his salary from Modern Family continued to increase.

When Modern Family first aired, Rusoff’s partner was reportedly the show’s greatest star, earning $105,000 each episode more than the rest of the adult ensemble. The now-75-year-old actor eventually joined his fellow cast members and began receiving the same amount per episode, $500,000.

And it is reasonable to say that the father of Catherine’s daughter is more than simply a wealthy celebrity with a lifetime net worth of over $65 million.