Cristina Bayardelle
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Who Is Cristina Bayardelle?

Cristina Bayardelle is a CrossFit athlete and fitness instructor from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Cristina has spent years following her love of training, but she didn’t begin publicly discussing her progress online until 2013.

Around this time, Cristina started to gain recognition as a CrossFit competitor in Florida’s South East Region. She became well-known in the CF and fitness communities across America in 2017 due to her accomplishments.

Since that time, Cristina has maintained her excellence as a competitor and a trainer. She encourages people by setting a positive example and encouraging them to strive for their highest aspirations.

Body Measurements Of Cristina Bayardelle

Full Name: Cristina Bayardelle
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm) 27
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg
PROFESSION: CrossFit Athlete, Fitness Instructor
ERA: 2010


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  • 285 lbs. back barbell squat

Training, (Workout)

Cristina Bayardelle
Cristina Bayardelle Diet Plan, Workout Routine, Exercise, Body Measurements

A recognized authority on barbells is Cristina Bayardelle. She employs barbells, her preferred exercise equipment, to work every muscle in her body.

As a CrossFit competitor, Cristina works out more than once daily. She performs a variety of exercises during her workouts, including Olympic lifts, conditioning drills, and mobility exercises.

Cristina Bayardelle loves to alternate between weight and volume, whereas some athletes prefer one over the other. She thinks that both high-volume training and heavy weights have contributed to the development of her physique.

She seldom ever does cardio separately because her lengthy and demanding exercises burn a lot of calories while still maintaining her physical strength.

Nutrition, (Fitness)Cristina Bayardelle

Cristina Bayardelle consumes a lot of nutritious food to power her demanding workouts. She thinks that by giving her body the nutrients it requires, she can get the most out of it.

Cristina bases her diet on lean poultry, wild-caught fish, oats, sweet potatoes, and colorful veggies because of this.

Cristina enjoys cooking for herself, but she doesn’t always have the time to do it. She will occasionally dine out but will always choose a healthy dish from the menu.

What Cristina Bayardelle Can Teach usCristina Bayardelle

Cristina Bayardelle has demonstrated to us how difficult it may be to be a CrossFit athlete. She has to be careful about the quality of the food she eats in addition to her lengthy workouts.

You might find inspiration from athletes like Cristina if you have ambitious ambitions for the future. Observing her example will not only inspire you but also give you the ability to continue working hard even in the face of difficulty.