David Morin
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Who is David Morin?

David Morin, a renowned fitness model from Miami Beach, was born in 1974. Since he met his sister’s boyfriend, a karate instructor, when he was 5 years old, he has always been interested in health and fitness.

Short Career of David Morin

David Morin was immediately impacted favorably by this. He incorporated karate and other forms of strength training into his daily routine.

But he didn’t start taking strength training seriously until he went through a hard divorce.

Weight training allowed David to channel all of his resentment and fury, and the result was powerful, ripped, and “God-like” physique.

Body Measurements of David Morin

Full Name: David Morin
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg) 
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness model and Bodybuilder
HEIGHT: 6’4″ (193cm)

David Morin

“I have trained all my life as part of my mental and physical development.”


A Fit Lifestyle

David, a native of Miami Beach, Florida, began his early training with martial arts and yoga before switching to free weights. In 1999, David decided to take up bodybuilding seriously and pursue a career as a personal trainer.

David claims he has always been an active person. He has taken pleasure in hiking, surfing, skating, mountain biking, and, as David puts it, “everything outside.”

Managing a Divorce

David Morin says he went through a “messy divorce” at the same time he decided to become a personal trainer. He became disturbed and depressed over this.

To vent his rage and frustration, he chose to focus his attention on bodybuilding.

Without a doubt, David got through this trying time in his life and turned his negative energy into something constructive.

He has developed into a top-tier role model and inspiration for individuals all around the world since the divorce.



Complete Body Workout

David works out in a straightforward, quick-paced manner. He works out his entire body and does some type of cardio for 40 minutes in the morning at the gym three times a week.

Davids’s Top 3 Exercises

  1. Incline dumbell press.
  2. pullups.
  3. squats.


David consumes about 3000 calories a day, mostly from lean proteins including chicken, raw salmon, raw egg whites, natural peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and whey protein.

David enjoys drinking fruit and vegetable juice to revitalize and purify his body.

When you have been training for as long as I have, motivation is simple.

David Morin

Influences and Idols

David Morin claims that he is internally motivated. David used to compete against others, but now he only does it by himself. “It’s all about pushing my boundaries and discovering new ways to do so.

That is what drives me, and I discover that by pursuing it, I inspire others. David says.

David has the following to say when questioned about motivation and how he manages to maintain excelling at what he does:

“If you have lived at all, that is all I can tell you. You’ve accumulated some baggage, from relationships to blunders to flaws to trauma… Don’t make the error of ignoring this! The alchemist requires this fuel to transform lead—or, in this case, iron—into gold.

The secret to integrating your mind and body is training. You can build and empower your dreams more effectively the better connected these channels are.

What can David Morin teach us?

Since he was a young child, David Morin has always been interested in fitness, first participating in karate, then yoga, and finally transitioning to free weight and bodyweight training.

However, David experienced some challenging times after his divorce, which left him feeling quite depressed and angry.

If David taught us anything, it’s to utilize the challenges we face in life as fuel to improve and live the greatest life we can. You can succeed if you take David’s path and have an optimistic outlook.