Demet Ozdemir
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Turkish actress, model, and dancer Demet Ozdemir is very talented. She is incredibly skilled and works as a singer.

Demet is most known within the industry for her outstanding performance as “Aylin” in the incredibly successful and well-liked drama series “Sana Bir Sir Verecegim.”

Demet began her career as a background dancer and went on to achieve remarkable success. Currently, Demet is portraying “Zeynep” in the program “My Home, My Destiny.”

She not only excels as an actor but also serves as the Turkish market’s spokesperson for Pantene.

For her performance as “Sanem,” she won the best actress prize at the 2019 Murex-d’Or in Lebanon. The stunning actress is of Bulgarian descent and keeps herself in incredible shape with food and exercise.

Demet Ozdemir’s Exercise And Dietary RoutineDemet Ozdemir

Body Stats Of Demet Ozdemir

Age 28 years old
Weight 56 kgs
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Bust 32 inches
Waist 24 inches
Hips 34 inches

Demet Ozdemir’s Exercise Program

Demet Ozdemir never compromises on her physique; she engages in boxing and frequents the gym to keep her body in shape and look stunning.

Demet Ozdemir loves working out and has a fantastic figure. She exercises regularly, but as evidenced by her Instagram postings, she is also an accomplished Pilate practitioner. Here are a few of the exercises she performs.

Workout with Demet Ozdemir includes:


It is a fantastic sort of workout that helps the body get healthy and toned. Some exercises consider bridging

  • 30 seconds: abdominal curl
  • 40 seconds of toe-tapping
  • Cycling: 40 sec.
  • 30 seconds of side-lying leg raises
  • 30 seconds Clam
  • Side plank while knelt: 40 seconds
  • Stretch for book opening: 30 seconds
  • 40 seconds is the prone chest life.
  • Dog bird: 30 seconds
  • 40 seconds of donkey kicks
  • Planks while knelt: 30 seconds
  • 30 second squat
  • Planks fully: one minute.

Witness the most incredible effects on your body by performing these exercises in sets of two or three for 30 minutes each day.


Demet began her career as a background dancer, as was previously indicated. One of the factors contributing to her body’s shapely appearance is dance.

Dance is a type of cardio exercise that burns off body fat and tones your physical features. Enjoy the results by doing it for 30 minutes at any time of the day.


When Demet visits the gym, she practices Pilates. Here are a few tools or machinery she utilizes.

  • The ultimate Pilates reformer, the Pilates Power gym-plus, is a very inexpensive and well-made piece of equipment.
  • Merrithew’s SPX reformer bundle for the house.
  • mini-reformer Pilates power gym pro-3 elevation
  • endurance Aero Pilates
  • Reformer STOTT Pilates rehab V2 max plus.
  • Pilates by Supreme Fitness in Beverly Hills.
  • Pilates Pro reformer by Bayou Fitness Total Trainer.

Demet Ozdemir Exercising

Demet used this equipment to perform her Pilates exercises well. But to get a figure like Demet, you need to make sure you’re eating the appropriate foods that are nutritious and clean.

Pilates and dancing alone won’t do it. The Demet Ozdemir Workout Routine is the main topic here.

Diet Of Demet Ozdemir

Demet is very careful about what she eats outside of social occasions with her friends and she enjoys eating at restaurants. She prefers the following food regimen.

Demet Ozdemir’s diet consists of:

Morning breakfast

Avocados are great for health. Demet consumes Taco stuffed Avocados via Kirbie’s craving. It is healthy as well as super tasty and easy to prepare.

An alternative to taco-filled avocados, You can eat a Turkish-style savory breakfast bowl filled with eggs and vegetables, a great source of protein, and toothsome to eat.


Turkey Enchilada stuffed peppers. This dish involves a lot of vegetables and sauce, hence great for fiber intake for the body. As an alternative, you can opt for sausage soups as it has fiber too.


Demet prefers to eat a light dinner. She eats egg omelets and boiled eggs as it keeps her stomach full for a longer period and is great in taste as well.

With proper workouts and diet you can achieve the body you desire, the only thing required is consistency. This is all about Demet Ozdemir Diet Plan.