Lasagna Soup Yum
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This simple lasagna soup is bursting with zesty flavor and is loaded with pasta and Italian sausage in a hearty tomato broth.

This soup is cooked in just one pot and contains all of the flavors of our favorite homemade lasagna dish. On a chilly day, serve with ricotta and fresh herbs for the ideal lunch!

The Simplest Homemade Soup

Apart from the fact that it is bursting with flavor, there are a ton of other reasons why we adore this meal.

  • It mostly makes use of pantry staples that we always have on hand.
  • The entire meal is prepared in a single pot and may be made with any type of ground meat, including leftover taco meat or homemade Italian sausage.
  • Lasagna noodles do not require pre-cooking or layering in a casserole dish.
  • Both the Crock-Pot and the Instant Pot can be used to prepare this lasagna soup.
  • It is prepared ahead of time and freezes well (just add the pasta once thawed).

Variations and Ingredients

Lasagna Soup Easy
Food: Lasagna Soup (Source: Gimme Some Oven)

Italian sausage provides fantastic flavor, but any ground beef will do. Add a little more salt and Italian spice if you’re replacing it with sausage. Sausage might also be changed for homemade meatballs.

BROTH To make a rich, flavorful broth, beef broth is combined with crushed tomatoes (for consistency) and diced tomatoes (for texture).

VEGGIES We adore bell peppers and spinach, but everything is acceptable. You may also include eggplant or mushrooms!

Spaghetti We prefer the robust texture that lasagna noodles add, but if you want, you may use medium pasta instead (farfalle or penne are great choices). The broth is thickened by cooking the noodles in the soup.

PRO TIP: Purchase some Parmesan rinds at the grocery store for added flavor. Ask at the cheese counter; prices are frequently very reasonable.

To add a splash of flavor to soups or stews, keep Parmesan rinds in the freezer. Before serving, simmer the rind and take it off and discard it.

Making Lasagna Soup: A Recipe

The foundation of this delectable soup is made up of tons of tomatoes, spicy Italian sausage, and lasagna noodles.

  1. In a sizable stockpot, brown the onion, garlic, and ground Italian sausage.
  2. Stir in the ingredients for the broth (per the recipe below).
  3. When the lasagna noodles are ready, add them and cook them.
  4. Add the spinach, then let it sit for a while.

Put the soup in bowls by ladling. Serve alongside finely chopped basil, freshly grated Parmesan, or even Parmesan Garlic and Herb Croutons.

This soup can also be prepared in a slow cooker if you want.

Make-Ahead Advice

If left in soups for too long, pasta can soften or get soggy. Cooking the soup without including the pasta allows you to prepare ahead of time. As the soup is cooked through, pasta may be added.


This is one of those dishes, like lasagna or chili, where the leftovers are just as excellent as the first time around.

  • You should cook the pasta separately if you want leftovers.
  • Soup leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days in a sealed container.
  • Reheat, then top with new ingredients.
  • Ladle-cooled lasagna soup into quart or gallon-sized zippered bags, mark with the date on the outside, and frozen for up to three months.
  • Remember that spaghetti won’t freeze properly, making the noodles very limp. When the soup has frozen and is prepared to be reheated again, we advise adding fresh noodles.

Italian Soup

This delicious lasagna soup has all the tasty components of a classic pasta dish.

20 minutes preparation

40 minutes for cooking

overall 1 hour

servings: Six portions


  • 1 pound Italian sausage
  • 1 large onion diced
  • 4 cloves garlic minced
  • 14 ounces crushed tomatoes
  • 28 ounces diced tomatoes undrained
  • 4 cups low sodium beef broth
  • 1 green bell pepper diced
  • 1 ½ teaspoon dried basil leaves
  • ½ teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • ½ teaspoon seasoned salt
  • 8 lasagna noodles broken
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 ½ cups fresh spinach chopped
  • toppings as desired see notes for options

Instructions for Lasagna Soup

Lasagna Soup
Food: Lasagna Soup (Source: Gimme Some Oven)
  1. Over medium-high heat, cook the sausage, onion, and garlic until no pink is discernible. Remove any fat.
  2. Add 1 cup of water, green pepper, seasonings, beef broth, crushed and diced tomatoes, and crushed and diced tomatoes.
  3. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and cover the pot to simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. To the simmering soup, add the broken-up lasagna. 15 minutes of covered simmering or until pasta is tender.
  5. After taking the soup off the heat, add spinach and let it sit for five minutes.
  6. Scoop into bowls and add preferred toppings.


You may get parmesan rinds at the deli (and you can often buy a container of them for just a couple of dollars). Keep extras in the freezer to add flavor and richness to sauces and soups.

Ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and parsley are all optional toppings.

If left in soups for too long, pasta can soften or get soggy. Cooking the soup without including the pasta allows you to prepare ahead of time. As the soup is cooked through, pasta may be added.

However, any ground meat can be used if you add a little more salt and Italian spice. Italian sausage adds fantastic flavor.

Kale, which has to cook a little longer, or frozen spinach can be used in place of fresh spinach.

Nutrition information

Serving: 1.66cups | Calories: 474 | Carbohydrates: 43g | Protein: 21g | Fat: 25g | Saturated Fat: 9g | Cholesterol: 57mg | Sodium: 1327mg | Potassium: 1167mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar: 9g | Vitamin A: 1074IU | Vitamin C: 40mg | Calcium: 114mg | Iron: 4mg