Egg combinations

Eggs are a great source of nutrition. Their numerous health benefits could get diluted with a combination of eggs with certain other foods.

Which are these food combinations that impair the benefits of eggs? Which are good egg combinations?

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Eggs and the nutrients

Eggs are highly nutritious in any way they are made. They are good whether scrambled, hard-boiled, half-boiled, over easy, or fried. They can be consumed in egg curry form too.

Therefore, the eggs can be had at breakfast, at lunchtime, or in between as snacks. They are also good post-workout due to their high protein content.

1 egg has 6 grams of highly bioavailable protein. Eggs are good for bones, the brain, decrease inflammation, and are even good for pregnant ladies. Lauren Manaker, a famous dietitian states:

Eggs are a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition,”

Egg combinations
Eggs with cheese are not good. Eat eggs with nooch instead (Source: Food52)

She has authored several cookbooks and adds:

“From the high-quality protein they provide to the slew of B vitamins they house, there is no disputing that eating eggs can be a part of a healthy and balanced diet. But, when eggs are accompanied by some high-fat/high-sodium foods, the other ingredients’ unhealthiness can overshine the eggs’ healthiness.”

But certain foods with eggs are not good. They can ruin the goodness of eggs per se and lead to health issues in the long run.

Eggs with processed foods

Often, in a restaurant, egg recipes are served with side dishes such as sausage, bacon, or hash potatoes. Though eggs are healthy pairing them with such side dishes can make them unhealthy.

This is because the side dishes are high in saturated fats, sodium, and non-nutrients.

1 strip of bacon has 115 mg of sodium. This same amount has 12.6 grams of unhealthy saturated fats. If 2 to 3 strips of bacon are served, this would exceed the daily limits for sodium and saturated fats.

Egg combinations
Eggs with avocados are good (Source: California avocados)

How to reap the benefits of eggs? Good egg combinations!

Add or pair the eggs with an equally healthy side dish. This will help the benefits of eggs to be reaped. If you combine it with foods that are unhealthy or have little or no benefits, it is not good. The other nutrients that you put on the plate with the eggs should be nutritious and provide ample amounts of other nutrients. Lauren advises:

“When you are enjoying your eggs, be sure to eat them along with other good-for-you and nutrient-dense foods like avocado, whole grain toast, and veggies,”

Egg combinations
Eggs with oatmeal are wholesome (Source: Epicurious)

Eggs with avocados are excellent. One can have eggs with whole-grain bread. Cayenne pepper with eggs is also beneficial. Another good egg combo is eggs with black beans or lentils.

One can have eggs with quinoa or ground turkey. Use vegetable oil in place of butter to grease the pan while cooking eggs. Coconut oil is best for it. Eggs with oatmeal or bell peppers are also good egg combinations.

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Eggs served with jalapeños and spinach are nutritious. You can also eat eggs with blueberries or grapefruit. Having it with a hot beverage such as tea is also good for the waist. In place of cheese, use its substitute nooch for health reasons.