Elah Bittencourt
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Who is  Eláh Bittencourt?

Brazilian fitness model and IFBB Wellness competitor Elah Bittencourt. In 2010, when she entered a gym for the first time in her life, she started her road toward fitness.

Short Career of  Eláh Bittencourt

Elah Bittencourt entered her maiden tournament six years later and finished third in the 2016 SulBrasileiro competition. But Elah’s stellar performance history on stage didn’t end there.

She won the 2016 CopaNorte competition only a few months later, and she also placed highly in the 2017 Paranaense competition.

Elah has now gained widespread recognition for her talent on stage and amazing physique.

Body Measurements of  Eláh Bittencourt

Full Name:  Eláh Bittencourt
DATE OF BIRTH: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Wellness Competitor
HEIGHT: 5’1″ (155cm)

Elah Bittencourt


  • Paranaense 2017, 3rd Place
  • CopaNorte 2016, 1st Place
  • SulBrasileiro 2016, 3rd Place


An Active Background

Elah Bittencourt has a passion for looking after her physical well-being. She participated in competitive jogging, volleyball, and even some martial arts as a child.

However, she just became interested in fitness in 2010. Around this time, Elah began to hear from her friends that because of her athletic shape and muscular physique, she should think about a fitness career.

Elah thought the idea was interesting and decided to try working it out.

She began attending the gym and first focused primarily on standard aerobic and cardiac workouts before switching to a strength-based training regimen.

The Competition for Elah Begins

Elah switched up her workout regimen, and soon after, she noticed physical changes in her body. She soon noticed improvements in her strength, fitness, and muscular tone.

This inspired her to go out harder and see how far she could get in terms of physical improvement.

Elah decided to test out for fitness competitions at one time because she was curious to see how her physique would compare to that of other female bodybuilders.

A few weeks after starting her research on competing, she entered her first Wellness competition.

An Online Celebrity

Elah was successful in winning some remarkable prizes and awards when she was competing. These include taking first place at the 2016 SulBrasileiro and the 2017 Paranaense, as well as winning the 2016 CopaNorte competition.

Elah began enjoying success online in addition to her performance success on the Wellness stage.

She gained notoriety in the fitness sector as a result of pictures of her amazing figure going viral online.

Elah is already a well-known fitness figure in Brazil and appears to have a bright future.


Shape Over Strength

While Elah frequently notes how much she enjoys lifting hefty weights. She also emphasizes the significance of exercising with excellent form.

Elah is willing to give up as much weight as necessary to complete the exercise properly.

The key to working for the muscle groups as much as possible, according to Elah, is to execute each exercise precisely.

Elah Bittencourt


Strenuous Dieting

Elah had to eliminate all sweets and practically all sodium from her diet to attain excellent performance in fitness competitions.

“There is hardly any salt and there is nearly no sweet.”

It was quite challenging for Elah to only eat lean proteins for the final four weeks of her preparations, such as chicken breasts, white fish, and egg whites. without the addition of any sauces or seasonings.

Although difficult, the effort paid off greatly in the end. She earned two top-three finishes, as well as one prize.

What May We Infer About Elah Bittencourt?

Elah Bittencourt is a fitness athlete, and if we could learn anything from her, it would be that hard effort and determination are more important than anything else.

If your goal—whether it be physical fitness or something else—is something you take seriously, you should be prepared to work nonstop.

As we have seen with Elah Bittencourt, this is one of the only ways to excel at anything you do.