Elizabeth Barry
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Former American Oakland Raiders cheerleader Elizabeth Barry. She is best known for being the spouse of a National Football League quarterback who plays American football.

One of the best American football players, husband of Elizabeth Barry has won a number of significant games. He experienced many highs and lows, including his horrifying leg injury that necessitated several grueling muscle transfer surgeries.

For years, the couple has been enjoying a happy marriage. What about their offspring, though? Let’s read today’s article to learn everything there is to know about Alex and Elizabeth’s marriage. Let’s also learn more about Elizabeth’s family history and her interaction with her parents.

A Raiders Cheerleader

When Elizabeth was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders and her husband Alex was a player for the San Francisco 49ers, the couple first met.

When they first met, Elizabeth Barry recalled that Alex was very reserved. He would only have brief conversations while they were out on a date, she added. Elizabeth talked to the outlet about their first date, which took place at a St. Patrick’s Day festival in San Jose, California.

Following that, the couple started dating.

Elizabeth Barry
Elizabeth Barry (Pinterest)

When Did Elizabeth Barry and Alex Smith Get Married After Their Engagement?

Before Alex proposed to his then-girlfriend in 2007, they dated for a while. Both of them were in their early 20s at the time, and Alex, who was still a young man, had only recently begun to display his football prowess with the San Francisco 49ers.

The couple got married in February 2009. In San Francisco, at the Palace Hotel, they exchanged vows. The couple’s private wedding was attended by members of their respective families and close friends.

In their nearly 12-year marriage, the couple has experienced many ups and downs. Alex and his wife enjoy sharing photos of their happy life on social media, unlike many other celebrities. As a couple, they also wish each other on numerous special occasions.

For their 10th wedding anniversary in February 2019, Elizabeth shared a throwback image of the couple on her Instagram. “10 years of marriage, three children, a few moves, and lifelong memories. Without you, I couldn’t imagine living my life. Elizabeth penned “Happy Anniversary” as the caption.

Every busy couple finds it challenging to balance their personal and professional lives, but Elizabeth and Alex have found it to be a breeze thanks to their mutual support.

A Mother Of Three Children

Elizabeth and Alex Smith are proud parents of three children. Huddy, a son, was their first child and was born on May 11, 2011. On March 20, 2013, the Smith couple welcomed their second son, Hayes Montgomery Smith, into the world.

Early in 2016, Elizabeth and Alex welcomed Sloane Smith, a daughter, as their third child. The proud mother of three frequently posts pictures of her kids on social media on special days like Father’s Day and their birthdays.

Elizabeth’s Crucial Assistance In Alex Smith’s Leg Injury Recovery

On November 18, 2018, while playing against the Houston Texans, quarterback Alex Smith of the Washington Redskins arguably sustained the most tragic leg injury in NFL history. Smith underwent surgery to treat his wound after the incident, but a bacteria that eats flesh unfortunately developed necrotizing fasciitis.

The player was forced to endure a number of grueling muscle transfer procedures as a result. His loving wife Elizabeth stayed by his side the entire month he was in the hospital.

In the first few months of 2020, Elizabeth opened up to ESPN in an exclusive interview about her husband’s protracted recovery. She talked openly about her interactions with the medical staff during her husband’s numerous surgeries. The doctors kept reminding Elizabeth that her husband’s life was still in danger, Elizabeth recalled. She revealed to the network,

His life is our top priority, and we’re going to do that. After that, we’ll try our best to save his leg. Anything further than that is a miracle.

After 21 arduous months and 17 necessary surgeries later, in August 2020, Alex’s medical team gave him the all-clear to re-join his football team.

Alex, Spouse of Elizabeth Barry

A wonderful incident occurred ten years ago, and David Edwards, one of Alex’s close friends, committed suicide in August 2008. When Alex learned of David’s suicide, she was inconsolable. In an interview with ESPN, he stated, “I was in total shock. Simply put, I didn’t want to accept it.

The football star immediately called Elizabeth, his then-fiance, who came running to the hotel. Evidently, Smith was also a fresh face who had only begun his career. His best friend had just committed suicide, and his football career had just begun, so it was an especially unpleasant time for him.

But Elizabeth was also present at that time with Alex. She spoke to ESPN,

“Alex still needs to go through the grieving process occasionally. When all of this occurred, he didn’t really have that chance.

When they were married in 2009 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, the couple paid tribute to Edwards.

Elizabeth Barry
Elizabeth Barry (Pinterest)

From what country is Elizabeth Barry? Mom and Dad

Barry was born in the United States on April 2, 1984. She is Renee Robles’s daughter. Her mother Robles, an account executive at Renee Robles Your South County Sales Rep, was born and raised in Lancaster, California. Her previous position at Cornerstone Title Company was account executive.

Elizabeth, the celebrity couple’s spouse, is of Caucasian ancestry and is a citizen of the United States.

Her siblings number four.

Four siblings, including Nick Barry, made up Elizabeth Smith’s family when she was a child: three brothers and one sister. In April 2014, on the occasion of National Sibling Day, she posted a picture of her brothers.

Net Worth

After she began her relationship with Smith, Elizabeth Barry didn’t engage in any kind of employment. Additionally, the media is unaware of her earnings from her work as a cheerleader. Because of this, it is currently not possible to mention Elizabeth’s net worth.

Her husband Smith, on the other hand, is thought to be worth $55 million. He receives a respectable $14 million yearly salary. His lengthy football career, which includes a long list of victories, was a major factor in helping him amass such a sizable sum.

On Social Media

Barry has a sizable following on a few social media platforms where he is active. She has Twitter and Instagram accounts. On the platforms, she primarily posts pictures of her family.