Ellen van Maris
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Who Is Ellen van Maris?

Ellen van Maris, a former professional bodybuilder from the Netherlands, was born in 1957. In 1982, she started competing and participating in regional and national bodybuilding competitions.

She then battled her way up to take home the title of 1984 Dutch National Bodybuilding Champion. She soon obtained her Pro Card and joined the prestigious IFBB circuit.

When Ellen finished second at Ms. Olympia in 1987, her career reached its zenith. She finally called it quits on her profession in 1989 after being one of the most prominent female bodybuilders of the 1980s.

Body Measurements Of Ellen van Maris 

Full Name: Ellen van Maris
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder
ERA: 1980


Bodybuilding Contests


  • 3rd place at the Randstad Championships
  • Fifth place in the Netherlands Grand Prix
  • Second place in the Dutch Championships
  • 2nd in the European Grand Prix


  • Third place in the Brussels Grand Prix
  • First position in the Dutch Grand Prix
  • 4th place at the European Championships


  • 3rd place at the European Championships
  • Dutch nationals won the competition.
  • First (LW) place for Women’s World Amateurs
  • Ms. Olympia IFBB – ninth place


  • Ms. Olympia IFBB – seventh place


  • Ms. Olympia – third place in the IFBB


  • Ms. Olympia IFBB – second place


  • Ms. Olympia – fifth place in the IFBB


  • Ms. Olympia – fifth place in the IFBB


Short Career Of Ellen van Maris Ellen van Maris

Ellen van Maris started her bodybuilding career in 1982 and is an Amstelveen native. She spent the following two years participating in regional and national competitions, steadily increasing her performance.

Then, in 1984, Ellen participated in the Dutch National Championships, which was her most difficult test yet. She ultimately prevailed and won the National Champion title.

Ellen, who has been steadily improving, won the Women’s World Amateur Championship that year, obtaining the Pro Card in the process. She started competing at the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world, including Ms. Olympia, after joining the IFBB circuit.

Between 1984 and 1989, Ellen participated in six consecutive Ms. Olympia competitions. For many aspiring female bodybuilders at the time, Ellen set the standard with her incredible conditioning and muscularity.

Even though she was unable to win the grand prize, Ellen came extremely close in 1987 when she came in second place to Cory Everson.

Early And Postretirement AwardsEllen van Maris

In 1989, Ellen’s bid to become Ms. Olympia came to an abrupt end. She then decided to stop competing in bodybuilding.

She never won the top prize in bodybuilding, but she is still regarded as one of the best female athletes of the time. This is supported by the fact that Ellen received the IFBB Hall of Fame Award, which is given only to the best bodybuilders, in 2004.

Early bodybuilding years Ellen van Maris.

Training, (Workout)

Ellen’s training philosophy focused on both aesthetics and muscle development. She stated that “bodybuilding is about building muscle and your physique to its full potential.”

Her workout routine included a variety of exercises, including mobility drills, compound movements, and high-intensity cardio.

Ellen enjoyed combining these different forms of exercise to develop a physique that was both ripped and useful.

Nutrition, (Exercise)

Ellen van Maris followed her detailed diet plan when she was dieting. Like most bodybuilders, she didn’t go through “bulking” or “cutting” phases; rather, her aim was to maintain a lean physique all year long.

Ellen followed a very strict diet to accomplish this. Ellen van Maris did not consume any sugars or sweets. She also limited the amount of sodium she consumed, especially from processed foods like pizza and hamburgers.

She ate a lot of greens, low-glycemic fruits, lean poultry meat, and complex carbohydrates. In addition, Ellen consumed healthy fats such as organic egg yolks, nuts, seeds, and olive oil.

Influences And Idols

While Ellen had her bodybuilding influences, she was also a major inspiration for many aspiring female athletes of the time.

She’d set a standard for many women who wished to imitate her success with her strong, muscular, and in-shape physique.

What Could Ellen Van Maris Teach Us?

Ellen van Maris had received numerous awards throughout her career. Including the Grand Prix Netherlands, the Women’s World Bodybuilding Championships, and the National Dutch Bodybuilding Championships.

Although she was never crowned Ms. Olympia, she came extremely close in 1987 after placing second. Her induction into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2004 put the finishing touches on her illustrious career.

If Ellen has taught us anything, it’s that perseverance pays off. Although you can’t predict how long the journey will take, if you are persistent and work hard, you will eventually arrive at your destination.