Evelian Nellen Van
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Who Is Evelian Nellen Van?

Evelian Nellen Van Pelt has gained notoriety on social media for her fitness journey, which has included horseback riding and personal training.

She has a lot of experience performing in shows and has developed a reputation for having an amazing physique.

But Evelian’s journey hasn’t been simple; she managed to balance raising her daughter and working full-time at a bank.

Body Measurements Of Evelian Nellen Van 

Full Name: Evelian Nellen Van
ERA: 2010



  • Walters Open, first place
  • • Romania, EK, sixth
  • Flexcup, first
  • • NP Flexcup
  • • The first Ironman and Iron Maiden
  • • First and overall place for Ironman and Iron Maiden
  • Grandprix, two ns.


  • • NK, 1st
  • • Sixth Arnold Classic in Madrid


  • Loaded up, second
  • Loadedcup, fourth
  • • NK, 2nd


  • • NK, 4th (only for participation in international qualification)
  • • Grandprix, first place, and overall victory


  • • NK, 4th (international qualification)
  • Spain finished seventh in the European Championships.


Early Life Of Evelian Nellen Van Evelian Nellen Van

Evelian Nellen Van was highly active as a child. He was born and reared in Ridderkerk in the southern part of Holland. She participated in horseback riding, gymnastics, and martial arts as a child.

She didn’t join the gym, though, until she was a teenager.

Short Career Of Evelian Nellen Van Evelian Nellen Van

In 2007, when Evelian was 18 years old, he started weightlifting because he wanted to build muscle and strength. After spending the day at a bank, she engaged in intense training.

She had accomplished a lot after working diligently for several months.

Evelian met her husband, a fitness enthusiast, in the same year. He took on the role of her coach and began inspiring Evelian.

After receiving a ton of support, she made the decision to participate in her first tournament.

Inaugural Competition

2009 saw Evelian compete in the bodybuilding division at the Walters Open, 2 years after beginning her quest. At the age of 20, she brought home her first trophy as a result of her years of perseverance.

Fitness for Women and Personal Training

Evelian decided to change categories after her first presentation on women’s physique. She competed in 15 more shows over the following 7 years, finishing in the top 4 in all but one of the competitions.

She decided to give back to the profession and aid others in realizing their aspirations during this time. She started instructing other people while advertising her training services on her website.

Training, (Fitness)

Evelian works out three to four days a week to keep up and enhance her incredible physique.

She exercises twice a day: lifting weights in the evening and doing cardio at 6 a.m. on an empty stomach.

Nutrition, (Fitness)

Lean protein, complex carbs, vegetables, and healthy fats are the main components of Evelian’s meal plans. She wants to consume six meals each day, spaced out by two to three hours.

Following her third meal, she restricts her intake of carbohydrates.

Diet Program

  • Meal 1: Oatmeal and a protein smoothie
  • Chicken with rice cakes and peanut butter for dinner.
  • Rice with chicken and vegetables for meal three.
  • Protein shake with cashew nuts for meal four.
  • Meal No. 5: Steak over rice with vegetables
  • Dinner No. 6: Eggs with almonds

Influences And Idols

Evelian Nellen Van gets inspiration from her large online following. Her spouse, who saw her potential for success in the sector and encouraged her to participate as an athlete, has been her greatest influence.

What Evelien Nellen Van Pelt Can Teach Us?

Evelian Nellen Van has taught us to constantly look for ways to improve. She’s always been active, but she started working out in the gym because she wanted to look better.

Evelian Nellen Van’s tale teaches us that we should always help those in need. After building one of the best female physiques in the world, she started a personal training business.