Gary Lineker

Former professional footballer, Gary Lineker is in shape and fit even after retirement. Speaking to Evening Standard, the athlete shared the secrets of his slimness and fitness. He talked on his eating habits and workout routines.

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Gary Lineker and his diet and workout routines

Gary Lineker, 62 is a former professional football player and current English broadcaster. It was way back in 1994 that he announced his retirement. But despite giving up active play, Gary did not stop his workout routines and healthy eating.

Gary Lineker
Gary Lineker (Source: Birmingham Live)

Recently, the football icon spoke to Evening Standard. He told the reporters on how he manages to remain so slim and fit despite giving up football so many years back. Revealing about his exercises in a week, he said:

I work out really hard. I do at least three sessions in the gym every week, and then I’ll do Pilates as well, and I only really eat one major meal a day.’

Moreover, Gary follows one meal a day (OMAD) diet. He said:

‘Breakfast I don’t eat, and then I’ll either pick in the evening if I’ve had lunch, or pick in the daytime, with nuts and fruits.’

This sounds very restrictive type of diet, but Gary is not the only celebrity following it. Recently, English singer and songwriter, Chris Martin also disclosed that he consumes only one meal in a day. He added that it improved his singing and performance. The rock star, Bruce Springsteen is also a fan of this diet.

The One meal a day diet

It is not clear whether one meal a day diet is beneficial for the body. It does help weight loss but it is intermittent fasting that cuts down calories consumed in a day. But research on this diet is limited. This time restricted eating pattern does show some benefits.

The reputed journal on nutrition, Annual Review of Nutrition had published an article that showed that any form of intermittent fasting can lead to some weight shedding. There is another study published in the journal, Obesity that meal-timing interventions can assist in causing loss of weight. This type of eating slows metabolism and decreases appetite.

Gary Lineker
OMAD diet (Source: Pinterest)

In 2022, came another study that compared time restricted calories restricted diet with non-time restricted but calories restricted diet. And the study found no benefit of time restricted diet over the other one. New England Journal of Medicine carried this article. In this, the research team formed two groups: intermittent fasting with restricted calories in a day and calories restrictions with no intermittent fasting. The weight loss was not significantly more in intermittent fasting group. Both groups had almost similar weight loss.

Risks of OMAD diet

The type of eating just one meal a day appears okay for Gary. But it might not be suitable for everyone. It can help in weight loss. But this is not sustainable. It can make you hungrier. And cause more food cravings. This can cause unhealthy eating.

This diet is unsafe for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. Such a diet can cause an elevation of blood pressure. A study on healthy volunteers confirmed this. Also, it can have an adverse effect on blood cholesterol.

Gary Lineker
Dangers of OMAD diet (Source: Vinmec)

Additionally, it can lead to blood sugar fluctuations. In some OMAD studies, it was found that those having just one meal between 4 pm to 8 pm had high blood sugar levels in the morning hours. Their body was unable to handle this extra blood sugar. Moreover, it leads to blood sugar lows. Patients suffer from hypoglycemia attacks that could be dangerous.

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Therefore, do not follow this diet just because your favorite celebrity does it and found it to be helpful. It is best to talk to your doctor on it before you follow it. Also, this diet should be under proper supervision of a nutritionist. Do not start this diet if you have underlying diseases of the heart of pancreas.