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Gideon Akande
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Who Is Gideon Akande?

Internet influencer and fitness and health trainer Gideon Akande. With his incredible body and featured appearances in magazines, talk shows, and other fitness media, he has inspired people all over the world.

Gideon didn’t always want to be a fitness athlete when he was growing up. He began by participating in American football for his college, where he won various honors for his efforts.

Despite his accomplishments, Gideon didn’t consider pursuing his sporting career after college. He decided to work in finance instead.

But as time passed, Gideon came to understand that his interests weren’t in the finance industry. He started his career as a personal trainer as a result in 2010, and he hasn’t looked back since. Here is his story:

“I am asked all the time what oil I use for my exercise posts. Their inquiry is frequently answered with the scientifically wise conclusion that “no one sweats that much.”

I suppose I’ve kept the information to myself for far too long. Good Old-Fashioned Company; Hard Work as Product. Try it; it’s effective!

Body Measurements Of Gideon Akande

Full Name: Gideon Akande
PROFESSION: Personal Trainer, Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Individual Trainer
  • Expert in nutrition and exercise
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Chicago Golden Glove champion twice

“Whether or not you are having fun during your workouts matters, especially if you want to reach your fitness goals! Be imaginative, choose exercises you like, and just go for it!


Short Career of Gideon AkandeGideon Akande

Gideon Akande, a native of Chicago, has been active in sports since a young age. He participated in collegiate football with a Division 1 group. He rose to become one of his college’s all-time top kickoff returners.

Gideon decided to pursue a career in finance after graduating. He quickly saw, though, that his interests lay elsewhere. Gideon was still very much interested in physical activity.

After some time, he decided to take the risk and leave his job in finance, switching to a full-time personal training vocation.

He has run gym workouts and boot camps since 2010, assisting his clients in transforming their bodies. In the process, Gideon developed his chiseled physique.

Gideon is now regarded as a seasoned fitness expert and personal trainer. Gideon is a living testament to what is possible when you follow your instincts and work hard for your dreams, having received countless prizes and honors.

“My goal is to make you uncomfortable. Realize that everyone will experience challenges uniquely.

My training approach is difficult, competitive, yet fair. People don’t realize how hard I’m working in class until they see how hard I’m working.


20-Minute Circuit Workout With GideonGideon Akande

As he follows an intense metabolic circuit routine to burn fat and develop muscle, Gideon enjoys working out in his distinctive way. While he enjoys weightlifting, he also emphasizes functional and cardio exercises like this one.

Gideon thinks that when done properly, circuit training might cause muscle hypertrophy in addition to increasing metabolism.

Gideon will perform a 5-minute full-body circuit that he will repeat four times for this particular session. This results in a challenging 20-minute workout.

The workouts:

  • Leg Bridge
  • Plank
  • Backward Lunge
  • Bench Press Standing Row
  • Shoulder tapping and high-knee sprints

Gideon attempts to do as many reps in each exercise as he can in 50 seconds. He takes just a 10-second break in between each activity. Gideon will only rest for a minute or two after completing the complete circuit before resuming it multiple times.

Maintaining Fitness

Gideon holds the opinion that there is no “one-size-fits-all” type of routine because everyone has their particular aims and requirements.

Having said that, he also thinks that anyone who exercises at least three to four times each week for at least thirty minutes would undoubtedly notice improvements.

According to Gideon, “Many aspects would influence what your overall target should be (goals, exercise experience, medical history, etc.), but generally speaking, 3–4 days of moderate-intensity exercise can improve your overall health and help you maintain your fitness.” (Gideon Akande)

Don’t be scared to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to fitness! To keep things interesting, try various workouts and exercises!

While exposing you to fresh and pleasant ways to keep healthy, cross-training and exploring other fitness realms may help you strengthen your game and prevent plateaus.

Nutrition (Workout)

Gideon appreciates following a healthy diet that takes into account his fitness objectives and needs. More specifically, he makes an effort to eat as healthily as possible while occasionally treating himself to a great pizza or burger.

Gideon is aware that excessive dietary restrictions would cause him to become emotionally and physically exhausted. His drive and determination to keep working toward his fitness goals would be sapped as a result.

On the other hand, he would appear and feel unhealthy if he consistently ate harmful foods. Because of this, Gideon considers balance to be essential for success in all endeavors, not just fitness.

“Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or want to advance it, I think music may help you stay motivated. Do you not concur?

What Gideon Akande Can Teach Us?

Only Gideon understands how much work and dedication is required to achieve his ambitions, even though his career may appear to be amazing and spectacular from the outside.

He taught us, among other things, that nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. It’s an adage, yet it packs a punch.

You achieve average results by acting averagely. The route to success in your life, however, may be effectively paved by developing the guts to take chances, remain committed, and most importantly, have faith in yourself. Gideon Akande is an excellent example of this.