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Gina Savage
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Who is Gina Savage?

Gina Savage, also known as ginasavagex, is a social media influencer and fitness model. She became well-known by flaunting her toned and voluptuous body in social media posts.

Short Career of Gina

Gina Savage uploaded her first image to the internet in 2013, and ever since then, she has served as an inspiration to others. Many of her admirers emulate her lifestyle to achieve a similarly lean and toned appearance.

I heard you say it twice, so I know you meant it, you said.

Gina Savage

Body Measurements of Gina Savage

Full Name: Gina Savage
PROFESSION: Social Media Personality, Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Social Media Influence
  • Fitness Model

Gina Savage


Including Several Fitness Elements

Gina thinks weight training is the best option for gaining muscle and looking good. She claims that hours of cardio work won’t make much of a difference to her figure.

However, Gina gets the best results in the gym when she combines both cardio and weight training.

The Training Week of Gina

Gina Savage normally trains in the gym five times each week, taking Saturdays and Sundays off.

Here is how her training week looked;

  • Monday – Shoulders, Traps
  • Tuesday – Legs
  • Wednesday – Chest
  • Thursday – Back
  • Friday – Legs, Abs
  • Saturday – Full Recovery
  • Sunday – Full Recovery

Gina Savage


Gina prefers not to overcomplicate her diet. She sticks to the fundamentals, consuming mostly wholesome foods.

On occasion, Gina will choose something less healthful to sate her cravings, like pizza or cake.

Intake of Supplements

Despite preferring to obtain all of her necessary micronutrients from whole foods, Gina nevertheless uses several supplements to help her diet.

They are;

  • Protein Isolate
  • Pre-Workout
  • BCAAs

What can Gina teach us?

Gina is well-known for her amazing figure, which she developed over many months of rigorous exercise and nutrition.

You should be able to lead a lifestyle that is consistent with your goals if you wish to develop an excellent physique like Gina.

This includes following a balanced diet, working out frequently, and getting plenty of sleep. You can always reach your fitness objectives if you can keep all of these factors under control, just like Gina Savage did.