Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is a talented and gorgeous supermodel with flawless skin. Recently, she launched her skincare line in Rhode.

This great news thrilled her fans. Additionally, she also unveiled a skin-perfecting strawberry glaze skin smoothie at Erewhon Tonic Bars in a limited edition. Know more details below.

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Hailey Baldwin and her skincare line

The latest celebrity to launch her skincare line is the supermodel, Hailey Baldwin. Her skincare line is called Rhode. For this, the model had a whirlwind press tour during the launching time.

There were signings, high-end parties, outfit changes, press conferences, and several TV appearances to make people aware of and promote her line.

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin and her skincare line Rhode (Source: Instagram)

The website of the skincare products claims that the products are efficacious skincare essentials. They nourish the skin and provide an instant glow to it.

Moreover, it is supposedly science-based and has some great formulations. Hailey Baldwin adds that the products can be your partners in the bathroom and bedroom and also travel companions.

Additionally, she promises her fans and clients that her products would improve the skin over time and keep it happy and hydrated. The company’s values are Simplicity. Affordability. Authenticity. Quality. Transparency.

Strawberry glaze skin smoothie

Topical skincare products are ample in the market and now Hailey also launched an oral skin-perfecting smoothie.

This can be enjoyed and at the same time, it will nourish your skin and give it the much-needed glow that is lost with urban lifestyle and stress.

Therefore, along with the launch of the skincare line, Hailey also collaborated with Erewhon Tonic bars and released a limited edition of her strawberry glaze skin smoothie.

She posted pics of it on her Instagram as well. Hailey stated that the food product for skin is available at the Erewhon market.

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin and her strawberry glaze skin smoothie (Source: Yahoo)

The strawberry glaze skin smoothie contains plant-based Almond MALK (with only three clean ingredients) as the base, along with collagen powder (good for skin elasticity), strawberries, hyaluronic acid, and avocado.

There are no fillers, gums, oils, glyphosate, or carrageenan in it. The smoothie is sweet but no regular sugar is added to it. Only maple syrup and dates provide it with the sweetness. It costs $17 and is a refreshing, wholesome fruity sip. Hailey wrote on her Instagram stories:

“A portion of the proceeds from my smoothie will benefit Robb School Memorial Fund to provide assistance to families impacted by the [Uvalde, Texas] tragedy.”

Recipe of Hailey’s skin smoothie

The strawberry glaze smoothie for skin is only for sale at Erewhon in Southern California. But fortunately, one can make it at home too with the following ingredients and recipe. Ingredients required for this Hailey’s smoothie are:

Frozen strawberries-1 cup
Dates-2 in number
Avocado-1/4 cup
Maple syrup-1 tbsp
Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Peptides-2 scoops
Organic Almond milk-1/2 cup
Coconut cream, and
Strawberry glaze

Hailey Baldwin
Strawberry glaze skin smoothie: the recipe (Source: Yahoo)

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Mix all ingredients and put them all with ice into a blender. Pulse them until they form a smooth paste. Pour this into a cup or glass, consume and relish.