Henry Cavill
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Henry Cavill Diet Plan is a well-known actor who has portrayed Superman and the top roles in several films and TV shows, including Justice League, The Witcher, Mission Impossible, The Tudors, Immortals, etc.

Henry is also known for being a very large man with an extraordinary bulky physique that, when unassisted by steroids, can give many bodybuilders nightmares.

When you are that huge, though, both your workouts and diet must be fairly rigorous. Henry’s workout routine has already been discussed; it’s time to get his eating strategy.

Body Statistics Of Henry Cavill

Height  6 ft 1 inch
Weight 93 kg
Age 37 years
Chest 44 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 16½ inch

The Henry Cavill DietHenry Cavill

Henry Cavill is an absolute beast when it comes to eating and working out. To get the body that would be optimal for Superman, the man tried a variety of diets.

He is, nonetheless, a very kind and sweet creature. Henry consumes between 3 and 5 thousand calories each day, which helps him build lean body mass.

Henry began eating 3.5k calories for the Superman role, increased to a 5k calorie diet to acquire bulk, and then went back to a 3.5k diet to add muscle and seem ripped.

Well, it looks excessive, but if you exercise as he does, these figures might not seem as crazy as you think. Let’s address a common query first, though, before I reveal the Henry Cavill diet strategy.

A Vegan, Is Henry Cavill?

The answer is no, of course. There isn’t a day that Henry doesn’t eat meat or use animal products; he is the exact opposite of a vegan.

Eating 5k calories while following a vegan diet doesn’t seem like a very pleasant option, thus Henry’s diet primarily consists of eating animal products and meat.

No insult intended, but eating a vegan diet won’t give you the same amount of protein, carbohydrates, and other advantages. Let’s look at Henry Cavill’s nutrition regimen, which he described in Men’s Health.

The Diet ofHenry Cavill Diet Plan consists of:


The actor begins his day with a delectable breakfast of scrambled eggs, an oatmeal protein drink, and steak. He concluded it by adding rosemary water.

It’s a substantial breakfast, isn’t it? Well, not for Henry, at least. I’m sure not many people have steak for breakfast, but our guy does since it’s high in protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.


Henry Cavill now gains more weight at lunch thanks to additional protein and carbs. Jasmine rice, chicken curry, and an apple are the perfect lunch options for Henry Cavill because he enjoys consuming both carbohydrates and protein.

After Lunch

The post-lunch meal, which is also his second lunch, is now ready to be served. Although Henry consumes roasted chicken with a side of curry sauce and roasted potatoes, he still consumes carbohydrates and protein.

People who thought Henry was a vegan must find this upsetting. The man consumes meat continuously from sunrise until night, therefore Henry is unable to be a vegan.


What will be for dinner? A few extra steaks, but not just any steak, would be nice. It is brown rice spaghetti with bison. Why a steak of bison? It does include creatine and is low in fat and high in protein.

At this point, the ordinary individual might be throwing up all over the restroom. But thanks to his training, Henry can consume all of this stuff rapidly.


Henry waits a while after that opulent dinner before completing his diet with a protein drink. He gets the remaining serving of the recommended daily protein intake for Henry, and it looks amazing.

Cheat Dinner

Henry enjoys eating pizza for his cheat meal because, as he says, cheat days are meant for it and he doesn’t want to worry about overindulging or being unhealthy on them.

The Henry diet regimen is now complete.