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  • Food: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
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Have you finished carving your pumpkin? Let’s make a night of it by roasting some pumpkin seeds!

Every year before Halloween, we used to carve our jack o’lanterns, and my mother would always roast the seeds for a nice snack. Pumpkin seeds are also high in magnesium and plant-based protein, making them a healthy snack.

Pumpkin carving night remains one of my favorite nights of the year, and I now do so with my spouse and a bottle of wine.

Despite the fact that I’m merely a lousy pumpkin carver, I’ve honed my roasted pumpkin seed method over time. Today, I’m going to share all of my advice with you.

When you know how to do it, roasting pumpkin seeds is a lot of fun and easy. You can make a major mess if you don’t, and you’ll wind up with seeds that are either scorched or never golden.

Every time, this foolproof recipe gives gorgeously golden pumpkin seeds! Continue reading to discover the simplest method for cleaning those slick seeds.

Tips and Tricks for Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

With these simple instructions, you’ll have tasty roasted pumpkin seeds in no time.

How to Get Pumpkin Seeds Out?

Roast Pumpkin Seeds (1)
Food: Roast Pumpkin Seeds yums (Source: Kristine Kitchen)

Remove the stem and surrounding area from the top of the pumpkin with a firm, sharp knife. Here’s where you need to be cautious and pay attention!

The pumpkin seeds should then be transferred to a colander using a big serving spoon or an ice cream scooper. Large bits of pumpkin should be discarded.

If your skin is dry or sensitive, you may wish to use disposable gloves to protect your hands throughout this procedure.

Pumpkin includes naturally occurring acids that can irritate the skin (speaking from personal experience!). That’s why some natural exfoliating face masks contain pumpkins.

How Do You Clean Pumpkin Seeds?

I’ve tried a few methods and this is the simplest. Swish the seeds around in the water, eliminating any visible chunks of pumpkin flesh along the way. Drain any remaining water.

Place one large paper shopping bag inside the other to make a double layer (if you don’t have bags, a large bowl with a secure top would suffice).

Add the seeds and several paper towels or a clean, lint-free tea towel. To shut the bag, fold it in half and shake it all over! At this stage, they should be completely dry.

How to Roast Them?

To make cleanup easier, spread the seeds out on a big, rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper (it will also prevent the seeds from sticking to the pan if you choose to add any sweetener).

Shake off any seeds adhering to the towels before pouring the seeds into the pan.

Toss the seeds with a few simple ingredients like olive oil or butter, maple syrup or honey (for sweetness), and salt. Spices tend to burn in the oven, so we’ll hold off on adding them.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, which will produce toasted results in 12 to 16 minutes. To avoid scorching, stir every 5 minutes.

When the seeds are aromatic and gently yellow, as shown in the photographs below, you know they’re done. Then, if desired, add the spices.

Variations in Pumpkin Seed Flavor

To create your own unique flavor combination, carefully select your ingredients. Here are some alternatives for you:

  • Olive oil or butter: Olive oil gives the seeds a more neutral flavor, whilst butter gives them a popcorn-like flavor.
  • Add a smidgeon of maple syrup or honey for a touch of sweetness if desired. Delicious!
  • Black pepper, freshly ground: Pepper is a simple method to add an appealing, savory touch to any dish. Maple syrup with black pepper is perhaps my favorite variation.
  • Ground spices: Once the seeds have come out of the oven, add some warming spices to add even more flavor. Pumpkin spice blend, ground cinnamon, or golden curry powder are some of my favorites (just beware that curry powder will tint your fingers yellow).

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

15-minute prep time

15 minutes to cook

30 minutes in total

Yield: 1 1/2 cup yield

This easy method always produces excellent toasted pumpkin seeds. There are also instructions on how to clean the seeds as well as flavor variations! About one medium pumpkin’s worth of seeds (1 1/2 cup) is yielded by this recipe.


  • 1 ½ cups fresh pumpkin seeds
  • 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil or melted butter
  • Optional sweetener: 2 teaspoons maple syrup or honey
  • ¼ teaspoon fine salt, to taste
  • Optional flavorings: Freshly ground black pepper, to taste, or 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice blend or ground cinnamon or curry powder


Roast Pumpkin Seeds yum (1)
Food: Roast Pumpkin Seeds yums (Source: Kristine Kitchen)
  1. To clean your pumpkin seeds: In a colander, place the pumpkin seeds. Swish the seeds around in the water, eliminating any visible chunks of pumpkin flesh along the way. Drain any remaining water. Make a second layer of supermarket bags out of paper (one inside the other). Using a clean, lint-free tea towel or multiple paper towels, place the seeds inside. To shut the bag, fold it in half and shake it all over! At this stage, they should be completely dry.
  2. To toast pumpkin seeds: Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). For easier cleanup, line a big, rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. Place your rinsed and dried pumpkin seeds on the baking sheet that has been prepped. Combine the oil, sweetener (if using), and salt in a mixing bowl. Stir until all of the seeds are evenly coated, then spread them out on the baking sheet in an even layer.
  4. Cook, stirring every 5 minutes, for 12 to 16 minutes, or until the seeds are fragrant and golden. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Season to taste with black pepper or the pumpkin spice blend or curry powder, if desired. Enjoy.
  5. Leftover pumpkin seeds can be stored in an airtight bag at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.


  • QUANTITY OF PUMPKIN SEEDS NOTE: If your pumpkin yields slightly more or less than 12 cups, you should be OK using the same materials and procedures as described. If the yield is much lower, bear in mind that your seeds may finish baking a few minutes sooner than expected, so keep a watch on them. On my baking pan, I can fit a maximum of 2 cups at a time—don’t overcrowd them or they won’t get toasty.
  • TO MAKE IT DAIRY-FREE/VEGAN: Simply replace the butter with olive oil for dairy-free pumpkin seeds. Use olive oil instead of honey for vegan seeds (maple syrup is a great alternative, or skip the sweetener altogether).
  • CHANGE IT UP: You may also use this method to roast the seeds of butternut, acorn, delicata, and spaghetti squashes. Because these seeds are smaller than pumpkin seeds, they will likely roast faster, so keep a watch on them.