Jade Ramey
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Who Is Jade Ramey?

Jade Ramey, a.k.a. “Taco Bae,” is an American fitness guru and social media star who provides her internet followers with personalized workout advice and courses.

She began her fitness adventure because she didn’t like the way she looked.

So she started a weight training regimen and adhered to a rigorous eating plan, and gradually began to see the changes in her body that she had long desired.

She goes a step further by starting to share images and videos of her development online. Jade decided to start her own business to assist others in achieving the same outcomes after garnering a sizable following.

Body Measurements Of Jade Ramey

Full Name: Jade Ramey
HEIGHT: 5’1″ (155cm)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Internet celebrity
  • Successful Entrepreneur

“Like most people, I began my fitness journey by overindulging in alcohol, eating improperly, and engaging in wasteful practices. without a sense of purpose or direction in life. I was a complete mess.


Early Life Of Jade RameyJade Ramey

Jade, who was born on November 29, 1994, in Portland, Oregon, was a typical young lady.

She loved playing a variety of sports and spending time with her pals. She maintained this positive outlook on life throughout her early years, but it quickly altered as she grew older.

Jade’s fitness regimen gradually started to fall by the wayside once she was allowed to drink and party with her friends.

When she started gaining weight and her health started to deteriorate, she decided to seriously return to fitness.

Short Career Of Jade RameyJade Ramey

Although I had been active and involved in sports my entire life, frequently going to the gym and eating quite well, I never saw myself fill out or attain the results I sought purely from these activities, as jade suggested.

Jade continued by claiming that as her involvement in the fitness lifestyle increased, she discovered the greatest practices for training and nutrition.

“As soon as I began teaching myself how to lift weights, I noticed results right away, and my physique began to change. For me, being in shape became more than just a fashion statement.

Developing A Robust Body And Mind

Jade Ramey noticed improvements in both her appearance and how she felt about herself as she adopted more healthy habits in her life and with her fitness.

Here is Jade discussing how her attitude toward exercise has altered and how she wants to assist others:

“It strengthened my mind and body and gave me the confidence to face whatever challenge the world may present. Now, helping others get that confidence and giving them the means to do so is my top priority.

Standing in her exercise gear on the driveway, Jade Ramey appears trim and fit.

“The work is never done. New goals must be pursued. This week, make some new resolutions for yourself since life is too short to let yourself down.

Training, (Fitness)

Jade likes to perform bodyweight exercises for the majority of her workouts. Her legs and core are her two favorite body parts, which she frequently flaunts on her social media platforms.

Learn how to properly read a nutrition label and be a little more mindful of the foods you consume.


Taking Nutrition Seriously

When she first started training and embarking on her “get a healthy journey,” as she put it, Jade wasn’t all that interested in nutrition, according to her.

“I assumed I was eating alright, but I didn’t pay enough attention to understand I truly wasn’t,” Jade explained. When I didn’t get the outcomes I desired, I performed some research and began adjusting things properly.

Monitoring Macros

Jade began using macro tracking after taking her diet more seriously, which was something she had never done before.

“About a year ago, I whipped my nutrition into better shape, and now that I’ve been eating a very clean diet consistently, I’ve decided to take the next step.

Because doing too much too quickly can be daunting and depressing as you make modifications and adaptations, I’ve been reluctant to try macro monitoring for a time.

Intolerance To Gluten

The discovery that Jade was gluten intolerant at the age of 21 had a profound effect on her life and health.

Jade asserts that even the smallest variation can cause the greatest changes;

“Food intolerances! It’s remarkable how even the smallest change can make a big effect. (I just discovered I’m gluten intolerant after 21 years.) (Jade Ramey)

Influences And Idols

Along with her role models and influences, Jade has grown to be a rising star and a source of inspiration for fitness aspirants all over the world.

What Jade Ramey Can Teach Us?

Jade was a typical young woman who loved sports and spending time with her friends. However, she realized she had to change her life after heavily committing to the “party” lifestyle in college.

Jade then decided to pursue fitness “full-time,” building a lucrative business out of it while also amassing a sizable internet following.

What we can take away from Jade is that if your health or situation makes you unhappy, you can change it and build a better life, just like Jade Ramey did.