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Japchae: the nutritious Korean food with health benefits!


Japchae is a korean delicacy that is savory and sweet. It is made from glass noodles and vegetables with or without meat items. Sweet potato search noodles go in its making. What is its nutritive value? What are its benefits for health?


Japchae is a food dish from the Far East, Korea. It is part of Korean cuisine. The glass noodles are stir fried and mixed with assorted vegetables, mushrooms, meat and soy sauce and sesame oil as seasoning. Dangmyeon are the noodles that most chefs and people  typically use in this dish preparation. These are a type of cellophane noodles that manufacturers create from sweet potato starch.

Japchae (Source: Pinterest)

Originally this was a royal dish that kings and royal family only enjoyed. And now common people consume it during celebrations and festive occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and on holidays. The advantages are that they can make it easily in bulk and the servings can be flexible too. One can have it warm, cold or at room temperature. It can be stored for 2 to 3 days without spoiling.

Japchae can be a side dish or even a main dish. One can eat it with rice too.

Nutritive value

One serving of this food dish is equal to 2 and a half cups. This has 604 calories and 76 g carbs. Sugars are 22 g and dietary fiber is 9.2 g. Saturated fat is 6.3 g with no trans-fat. Total fat is 23 g with 148 mg cholesterol. Sodium is 471 mg and potassium 1675 mg. Protein amounts to 28 g in it. It has ample amounts of vitamin A and C. Other minerals including calcium, iron are also present in this.

Glass noodles Korean dish (Source: Okonomi kitchen)

The calories and amount of each category of food varies based on what ingredients one adds to this dish. If the dish maker excludes meat in the recipe, there would be no cholesterol and proteins might be less in the prepared food dish.

Health benefits

Japchae is a nutritious meal. It has vegetables that provide all the essential vitamins, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. The meat provides proteins and calories. While the noodles have the carbs and fiber in it. It can serve as a comfort food for many. It is quickly made and convenient.

Japchae (Source: Maangchi)

The glass noodles have a relatively low glycemic index. Hence they do not cause a profound rise in blood sugar. And are thus beneficial for diabetic patients. This food appeals to many because of its amazing texture. It soaks up the sauce which is used in the stir frying. It is savory and sweet.

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It has great amounts of potassium and hence good for blood vessel relaxation. This assists in control of blood pressure and is protective for the heart. The antioxidants in the vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots, etc. are good for the gut, immune system, and lower risk of cancer. The dietary fiber in it regulates bowel movements and prevents constipation. Overall, this dish is a wholesome dish and has balanced food components in it.