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Jason Ferruggia
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Who is Jason Ferruggia?

Fitness enthusiast and online personal trainer Jason Ferruggia is from the US. For years, he has contributed articles to internet fitness sections, and his straightforward and efficient method of strength training has earned him praise.

Short Career of Jason Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia claims that he had many of the issues that his clients do as a child. He claims he was “thin and obese,” emotionally and physically weakened, and anxiety-ridden. Jason claims that by being active in strength training, he was able to achieve mental equilibrium.

In the present, Jason has transformed himself into a personal trainer. He has devoted his life to assisting others in their pursuit of fitness, and he uses his personal experiences to illustrate the virtues of his approach.

Body Measurements of Jason Ferruggia

Full Name: Jason Ferruggia 
NATIONALITY: United States
ERA: 2010 
PROFESSION: Personal Trainer and Online Writer Nationality Period

Jason Ferruggia


  • Successful personal trainer
  • Online contributor

“People should concentrate on quality not quantity and strive to do fewer things better.”


Simple Training Methods

Jason is an athlete who also coaches other athletes. He favors straightforward, powerful lifts and will never choose a novel machine-based workout for a tried-and-true compound movement.

He asserts that difficult exercise regimens are neither necessary nor effective. Jason believes that working the same muscle twice per week is sufficient for anyone looking to gain mass.

“You need to concentrate on large compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and presses in your training, and you need to keep adding weight to the bar.”

Leg Exercise

Squats are a great option, in his opinion, for leg training, which he sees as being incredibly vital. He likes mixing things up by adding split and cossack squats to keep the workout interesting.

Jason thinks that since the squat is a complex activity that also targets the core and glutes, it should be included in every regimen.

Upper-Body Power

In Jason’s regimen, chin-ups and rows are also included. He performs this to maintain the health of the shoulder area and balance out his upper-body exercise.

To minimize tendon problems caused by using the same grip repeatedly, he uses a variety of chin-up exercises. According to Jason, this exercise should be a part of every program because it tests a man’s strength.


nutritional strategy

Jason aims to consume the two largest meals of the day at breakfast and just after his workout. On training days, he always consumes more calories and carbohydrates than on non-training days.

Jason also pays attention to his hormonal reaction. He eats to naturally increase his testosterone levels since he wants to keep them as high as possible throughout training.

He adheres to the following rules to increase his testosterone levels:

  • He gets around 30% of his intake from healthy unsaturated fats.
  • Jason tries to drink red wine instead of beer whenever possible. Red wine is anti-estrogenic.
  • Gets 8 or 9 hours of good sleep per night. This reduces cortisol and improves serum testosterone.

Jason Ferruggia

Calorie Intake

Jason’s calorie intake is not particularly restricted. He calculates his daily calorie intake to be 2,364 calories, or 12 times his body weight. In addition, he has a general notion of how much food is required to provide this, so he plans meals to meet this goal.

At night, Jason Ferruggia tries to consume as much of this stuff as he can. He consumes fruit and protein drinks throughout the day but makes sure that any snacks are tiny portions to prevent fatigue.

The Meal

Jason “chows down” during dinner after consuming these little appetizers. He only eats little snacks throughout the day, so he truly enjoys having a large supper that contains both fat and carbs in the evening.

Jason admits that this strategy “isn’t flawless,” but he has become accustomed to it. Everyone should, according to him, develop a nutritious strategy that fits their timetable.

What Jason Ferruggia can teach us?

Jason Ferruggia prefers a straightforward approach to nutrition and weightlifting, which is frequently overlooked in the fitness industry. He advises his clients to pursue this road since he thinks that simple exercises and a straightforward eating plan will always be the most effective.

In bodybuilding, it is generally advisable to start with understanding the fundamentals. Simple compound lifts will always help develop strength and size throughout your fitness journey.

If there is anything we can learn from Jonson, it is to follow your path and do what comes naturally while getting the best outcomes for “you,” as Jason Ferruggia has done.