Jimmie Walker
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Jimmie Walker has a connection with his wife has frequently come up in conversation. Walker has shown little to no interest in getting married or being in a relationship and is fully committed to his career.

Even still, rumors regarding his personal life continue to circulate. And with that, the query “Who is he dating?” arises. Furthermore, did Jimmie Walker ever wed American actress Jere Fields?

Walker And His Suspected wife, Jere Fields, Were Never Married

Walker and Fields are frequently regarded as being married. However, it transpires that they have never been wed.

Following their persuasive and captivating performance as a couple on the Tattletales show in 1982, the misunderstanding of their relationship began.

A game program on CBS called Tattletales featured celebrities and their spouses answering questions to win prizes for the viewers.

As a result, many viewers were confused when Walker and Fields appeared on the program and believed the two were already wed.

On June 27, 2012, the comic discussed his marital status when appearing on The Wendy Williams Show. He declared on the program that he had never been married and never had children.

Jimmie Walker
Jimmie Walker (Pinterest)

He Allegedly Dated Ann Coulter

Around 2013, reports about Walker and Ann Coulter, a far-right political commentator, allegedly dating started to circulate.

Coulter, however, swiftly disregarded this in an interview with the Huffington Post in October 2013.

She emphasized that they were simply great friends and joked that Walker was the source of the purported relationship rumors.

He is the one circulating that rumor, indeed. No, we have a close friendship and frequently do things together. We’re on a date. And yes, we’re probably at the TV Land Awards event, which is great fun and where I always run into him because he’s so hilarious. But officially, we are not dating.

In 2017, the rumor about their purported romance reappeared.

In an interview with Black-ish creator, Kenya Barris for an edition of Entertainment Weekly’s Untold Stories in April 2017, Good Times producer Norman Lear revealed that Walker was seeing Ann Coulter.

Learn even claimed to have gone out with Walker and Coulter twice.

Coulter promptly disproved the assertion, denying any relationship between them when she addressed the claims on her Twitter on April 5, 2017.

Jimmie Walker
Jimmie Walker (Pinterest)

His Current Relationship Situation

As of right now, there is no information available about his current romantic relationships or his partner.

Walker appears to be spending a lot of time pursuing his acting and comedic careers.

Each annual stand-up tour lasts roughly 5–6 months, so he scarcely has any spare time to raise a family.

In short, the comic seeks to avoid being sidetracked by a wife, children, family, or relationship in his desire to succeed.

Additionally, he has made clear why he rejects marriage and why he prefers to remain single.

Walker claimed in a 2018 exclusive interview with Closer Weekly that marriage was nothing more than a charade that would eventually cause people to become hostile, furious, and prone to destruction as well as losing everything they have fought for.

Simply said, I don’t think it works. Most of my friends have been through divorce and are unfriendly and resentful. They lost the house for which they had fought tooth and nail. I fail to see the appeal of it.

This does not imply that Walker has never been in a relationship, though. He admitted that he had his fair share of girlfriends during his appearance on The Wendy Williams Show in June 2012.