Jordy Burrows
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Originally named Jordan “Jordy” Burrows, he is the ex-husband of Nathalie Kelley, an actress who has appeared in Fast & Furious, Tokyo Drift, and Dynasty. The relationship between the two people lasted for a few years, from the beginning of 2018 to the middle of 2020.

Jordy Burrows and Kelley’s romance provided the gossip magazines with a ton of fodder for writing despite being brief. This featured the beginning of their original covert relationship, an engagement that was reversed, and rumors that led to their actual breakups.

Learn everything there is to know about Jordy Burrows, including his wife, profession, and other fascinating details.

Jordy Burrows: Who Is He?

There is very little information available in the rumor world about Jordy Burrows’ past or even his career, except his relationship with the actress Nathalie Kelley, who is of Peruvian heritage.

But he claims to be a DJ and a hospitality consultant. He is a native of Berowra in Sydney, Australia, which is also stated in the paper. The Hispanic actress’s ex-husband attended Asquith Boys High School in Asquith, New South Wales when he was younger.

According to Jordy’s LinkedIn profile, he spent nine years working as a general manager at Ryan’s Hotels after graduating from high school (2004-2013). In August 2013, Burrows took over as manager of The Bucket List Bondi in Bondi Beach.

Jordan would begin working at Bondi Beach Public Bar again as a manager and licensee four years later.

Jordy Burrows
Jordy Burrows (Pinterest)

Nathalie Kelley was the one to ask Jordy Burrows to marry her.

Jordan and Nathalie got married in April 2018, however, their marriage would dissolve in June 2020.

The actress from Lima is one of the few to deviate from the norm. As a result, she was the one to get down on one knee and propose to her then-boyfriend Jordan.

A few months after their nuptials, the Australian-born actress with Peruvian ancestry opened out about their special day and related the tale of how she proposed to Burrows.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s October issue, Kelley stated:

He fulfilled every desire I had for a mate, I thought.

Kelley was spending some time with Burrows after wrapping up her tenure on Dynasty as Cristal Carrington.

Kelley, Jordy Burrows’ wife, requested he wed her without a ring.

After traveling to Tulum, Mexico, and Atlanta with him, the star of The Baker and the Beauty claimed that Nathalie felt she had met “the one” and had made up her mind to propose marriage.

They were on vacation in Mérida, the capital of the Yucatán region, which is a four-hour drive west of Tulum and has a vibrant Mayan and colonial past.

After their trip to Mexico, Kelley proposed to Burrows a month later. He was eventually asked to marry her one night at their hotel, according to Kelly, who was at the time filming in Atlanta. They had just been there for three months at the time.

“Our stressful drive to Mérida is actually what inspired me to propose. I was confident that he could become my husband if he could put up with me being cranky, slightly inebriated, and fatigued while we were on the road.

revealed the former star of “Vampire Diaries”. She admitted that there was no preparation or even a ring.

Where Did Jordy Burrows And Nathalie Kelley First Meet?

A few days before Australia’s New Year in 2018, Burrows and Kelley connected through a mutual friend. The latter was taking a vacation from the first season of Dynasty filming at the time. She had spent the previous 13 years residing in the United States.

She once praised her ex-husband Burrows for being incredibly hilarious, laid-back, and easygoing, without being possessive or jealous, as well as crazily kind and generous.

Jordy Burrows
Jordy Burrows (Pinterest)

Burrows and Kelley Were Married on a Boat

For two months, Burrows and Nathalie planned their wedding. In an interview, Kelley stated that she and Jordan both desired something understated and nothing extravagant. They got married at The Island [floating beach club], Potts Point, Sydney since they both wanted it to be in Australia near the harbor.

Jordy Burrows and his ex-wife decided to wed in the Sydney Opera House. When they were still engaged, Nathalie Jordy and Nathalie got married at Sydney Harbor.

Additionally, the couple had chosen to live together in Australia in the future. All of the floral arrangements for the wedding were made by Kelley’s mother. Additionally, 200 maracas were provided as a wedding gift by her Peruvian family.

Samba dancers also performed at the wedding. Along with Rafael de la Fuente, a co-star from Nathalie’s Dynasty, the bride’s pal Jade Yarbrough also attended.

The dance floor erupted into life as John Paul Young’s Love Is In The Air played, and everyone in attendance was given maracas. Before Jordy, Nathalie was publicly seeing her co-star from The Vampire Diaries, Zach Roerig.

Rumors About Jordy Burrows’ Separation Began in Early 2020

Rumors of Kelley and Burrows’ breakup first hit the news in early 2020. After their absence from one another’s Instagram accounts for several months, admirers discovered this. However, Jordy was confident that they were still very much together in April of the same year.

I’m still married to Natalie,

The Australian DJ made the statement on social media.

Burrows added that his then-wife had to remain in the USA due to her job and that he was there at the time for family reasons. The DJ said they had decided to keep their relationship off the photo-sharing platform for their privacy and gave that explanation for each other’s disappearance from their respective Insta handles.

Nathalie Kelley Admitted She Had Split From Burrows

Although Jordan acknowledged that he and Kelley were getting along, there was a schism between the two.

This was evident when Jordy Burrows’ ex-wife Kelley announced their separation from Burrows in August 2021 by publishing an Instagram photo of the two of them on vacation in Italy.

In a series of images from their Italian vacation, Burrows’ ex-girlfriend Andrès Alonso bragged about her relationship with him.

Nathalie and her long-haired lover posed in front of the Bay of Naples and engaged in PDA.

Before this, Luisa Via Roma, a fashion shop, was the fundraiser’s sponsor, and Kelley and Alonso shared the red carpet. Kelley and Alonso allegedly traveled together for at least six months before their landing in Italy.

In January, Andrès debuted on Nathalie’s Instagram.

The post from back then featured a photo of Burrows’ ex-girlfriend and Andres posing beside a pool in Atlixco, central Mexico.

After news broke that Nathalie had secretly broken up with Jordan, all images of Alonso began to surface. According to reports, Jordy relocated to Byron Bay after splitting up with Kelley.

Nathalie Kelley Net Worth

Nathalie has been involved in the entertainment industry for almost 15 years, but it doesn’t appear like she’s had a lot of big breaks or lucrative on-screen roles. Although the Tokyo Drift star has a relatively busy acting career on her own, she has not yet landed her signature part. One that might propel her into the category of major consumers in the entertainment industry.

Despite this, Kelley appears to be doing well, as evidenced by her stated net worth of more than $500,000 in her name.

The wealth of her ex-partner Jordy Burrows, however, doesn’t seem to be a very practical topic to discuss. The main cause is that there are a great deal fewer magazine articles on Burrows. This is in addition to almost no mention of his financial gains.