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Juliana Mota
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Who is Juliana Mota?

Juliana Mota, a.k.a. “jujubafit,” is a Brazilian fitness model renowned for her toned body and muscular glutes and quadriceps. She’s becoming more well-known online as a bikini wellness competitor and inspiring fitness model.

Since she began her fitness adventure at the age of 15, Juliana Mota has gotten stronger and stronger thanks to her years of dedication to the gym. All of her achievement, though, wasn’t effortless. Juliana had to adapt to a new way of life after relocating to France from Brazil.

In 2015, Juliana started sharing images and videos of her fitness journey online soon after relocating to Paris. She quickly developed a reputation as a formidable woman with an amazing physique, and her fans quickly multiplied.

She didn’t take long to become famous all over the world for her stunning physique, winning admiration in online forums and turning into an overnight superstar. Juliana continues to inspire people all around the world with her inspirational phrases and images of accomplishment because she has always kept true to her passion for fitness, never giving up or letting herself “slide.”

“I’ve discovered that while having roots are significant, they do not bind me. I am aware of my past, but I do not let it distract me from where I want to go. I admire eagles because they are majestic, free, and need to rest to grow larger flights and fly above storms. I like to see myself as an eagle, but not so I can inspire people to look up.

Body Measurements of Juliana Mota

Full Name: Juliana Mota
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm)
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model
ERA: 2010

“You don’t see me impatiently holding off on working my glutes and quads. Leg exercise causes me the most pain, but it also results in the most happiness for me. I know I’ve reached my limit, yet sometimes I push myself even further. The nicest part is that I can grin despite my extreme exhaustion because I know I am precisely where I should be. I make my strengths stronger than my weaknesses and my weaknesses stronger than my strongest opponents. WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHO HAS A DREAM?


Juliana Mota

Early Years

Juliana Mota was born in Brazil, where she spent her formative years leading a healthy lifestyle and spending time with her friends and family. She didn’t have a passion for fitness other than the occasional sports class in school and playing games with friends on the beach. However, things started to change when she was 15 years old.

At this point, Juliana started to feel self-conscious about her appearance and wanted to “do something” about it. She then decided to join a gym and start working out.

Although Juliana first struggled with learning the “basics,” she soon made progress, and the results started to show. At this point, Juliana developed a “hook” for the weightlifting way of life.

Beginning With Heavy Lifting

Juliana initially began lifting big objects to gain as much muscle as she could. She did this by focusing mostly on her favorite body part—her legs—using low repetitions and a lot of weight. Unaware of it, this would seven years later, serve as the cornerstone of her “soon-to-be” success.

For over seven long years, Juliana kept up the same routine of exercise to gain as much muscle as she could.

Getting Motivated To Compete

When Juliana was satisfied with the amount of muscle she had added, she began to “trim” in preparation for the prospect of competing in bikini competitions. She soon developed a strong desire to push her body to its limits and decided to make fitness her full-time career.

Juliana made the conscious decision to devote her full-time to fitness as a result of a series of events. She began to get ready for her first tournament at this time in 2015, while also deciding to leave her native Brazil and move to France. Her new life and profession in fitness—specifically, modeling and bikini competition—began here.

Europe-wide Contests

The Norte France Wellness Bikini Championships was Juliana’s first significant competition in Europe in 2017, which she prepared for after settling into her new home country of France. She received the recognition she deserved as a result of this tournament. Juliana’s years of dedication had paid off; she finished in the top four to win the Semi-Final.

It was her first time performing on a platform that was recognized internationally, and the judges, audience, and coaches all praised her for her diligent work. Here is Juliana describing her feelings upon the announcement of the results:

“After speaking with the referees, I was better able to understand when people asked me how I felt about my placing. The Wellness category, which was introduced to Europe this past weekend, is not a matter of standard; rather, it is an issue of adaptation. Julianna Mota

This demonstrated to Juliana that despite finishing in second place, she still gained a deeper appreciation for the game. even more so, the various physiques and divisions that compete in bodybuilding. Juliana eventually came to a deeper understanding of what a “Wellness Athlete” should strive to uphold both during training and on stage as a result of this. When all was said and done, Juliana had the following to say:

“My team encouraged and supported me, and everyone welcomed me with open arms. I formed relationships that will be indelible. My largest trophy to date is this one.

Having A Dream Life

She lived her ultimate aim of being a wellness athlete and inspirational figure in the fitness industry after relocating from Brazil to France. Juliana continues to wish for the best for her future in the sport and hopes to encourage more people to follow in her footsteps by adopting an active lifestyle that will help them achieve their goals and secure their aspirations.

Juliana discusses how it feels to live out her dreams every day in these words:

“Each day, I have the option of choosing to wake up and work for my objectives or to keep dreaming. Dreaming is healthy because it gives us a better perspective on the future and keeps us hopeful. But how much of your mental aspirations are simply fantasies? How much are you lying to yourself? I’m not removing your freedom to imagine whatever you want, but life goes on outside!

when we get out of bed and focus on the present moment to tune into our reality. Dreaming should be the first step you take toward achieving your goals, but waking up, getting up, and acting should be as natural as breathing in air.

You simply breathe without considering that you need to. And frequently, to achieve our objectives and goals, all we need to do is DO! We don’t need to give fatigue or hurdles a second thought. Do our best while keeping our hearts in the right place and savoring the wonderful song of life, which calls us to dance with her. Julianna Mota

Inspirational Quotes From Juliana

“Remember: The most powerful force in the cosmos, the power of creation itself, unadulterated love, resides within you. Don’t pass up the potential to develop into your finest self. Recognize your brilliance, but never lose sight of the fact that we are diminutive beings in comparison to the scope of the cosmos and God’s love. Life is transitory. Do not squander any time. I send you my best wishes for a wonderful day.


Large Lifting

Juliana has always enjoyed using heavy weights, even when she first started getting into shape. She has, however, had to work hard to develop enough resistance to lifting the “massive” weights she does now.

Her commitment is the reason she was able to develop the dense, muscular physique she has been renowned for through the years of training. In the end, Juliana relies on a few straightforward principles: time, patience, and progressive overload.

Among many others, her favorite exercises are the squat, deadlift, weighted lunges, and isolated glute kickbacks.

Regular Leg Exercise

Juliana Mota

  • Educator machine 2 x 15 + 7 with progressive rest 45’s ’30s 15’s 5’s 15’s 30’s 45’s.
  • Abduction Rack pulley low, maximum contraction possible 4 x 10 without rest between legs.
  • Grip stretch extension 4 x 8, without rest between the legs.
  • Hip Thrust 4 x 10.
  • Squat sumo 4 series drop set.
  • Bulgarian Split squat 4 x 15 Without rest between the legs.

“Oh, I adore it! I get up in the morning knowing exactly what I should do, and I do it with love and complete dedication. Whoever lives with me is aware that my breakfast is my holy hour. I take my time and make things how I like them, which requires some preparation, but this is time I set apart for myself to make my day more enjoyable.


Cycling Carbohydrates

Juliana has experimented with many diets throughout the years, but her primary goal has always been to eat to build as much muscle as possible while maintaining the lowest possible amounts of body fat throughout the year.

She has been able to achieve this by adhering to the “carb cycle” theory of dieting. In a sequence of the high, medium, and low carb days, Juliana eats at this location. This will guarantee that her body fat never rises above her target level while also promoting muscular growth.

Juliana sees carb cycling as a benefit since it enables her to eat more carbohydrates on days when she is exercising intensely, like a day when she is doing squats. This aids in her body’s recovery while providing the best nourishment for her workouts. Her carbohydrate intake will be significantly lower on days when she works out less intensely, such as cardio or rest days.

Healthy And Well-Rounded Breakfast

In addition to a range of clean sources of proteins and lipids, such as egg whites and grilled chicken breasts, Juliana is renowned for maintaining a balanced diet. Juliana will choose low-glycemic index carbs like oats, yams, brown rice, and many more popular bodybuilding foods. Juliana uses this as another strategy to maintain lean muscle mass and low body fat.

Juliana Mota likes to take her time each morning to prepare a healthy meal that will nourish her body for the day, taking into account all of her dietary options. During this period, Juliana makes a special effort to recognize her progress in life and to think about all the things for which she is thankful.

Here is Juliana discussing the significance of her morning routine in her life:

“Whoever lives with me knows that my breakfast is my holy hour. I take my time and make things the way I want them to be; it takes a little while, but this is time I set apart for myself to make my day happier and lighter. Just for my breakfast, I used all of my ingenuity and creativity to give the same items various flavors. Day after day, by repetition and habit, I gained knowledge! I do not imagine myself any other way right now. Julianna Mota

“The taste of self-confidence is hotter than any chocolate, according to the saying. I’m too proud of my decisions. I’m the first to rely on and be proud of my accomplishments when I look in the mirror. And shouldn’t you be proud of yourself as well? even if it is only a small improvement. lacked 1 kg? When they gave you anything that wasn’t on your diet, did I say no?

Influences And idols

Juliana is known as a major inspiration for individuals all over the world, helping them push past their limitations and disappointments. This is even though Juliana has pushed herself thanks to the encouragement of her idols and influences.

Juliana, however, had to work very hard and be very determined for years before she was able to become a leading figure in the fitness industry. Juliana is a European champion bodybuilder and has become a fitness icon for people all over the world because she has been able to stay committed to her goals and stay focused.

Advice From Juliana

“BE PROUD! Don’t celebrate yourself or look for other people’s approval; achieve these goals on your own. VALUE YOURSELF And you don’t even need 10% of your BF for this; just start working out right away, remember that self-love is everything, and make your life more lovely.

What Juliana Mota Can Teach Us?

What we can take away from Juliana Mota is that it takes years of dedicated ‘all-year-round’ behavior, a healthy and nutritious diet intended to increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat, to develop a world-famous figure.

Juliana worked “long and hard” for seven years to develop a physique suitable for the European championship stage. She persevered in following her passion for physical fitness and her self-belief, triumphing in the process.

With the appropriate mindset and patience, you can achieve your goals just like Juliana did. Juliana has shown a strong commitment to making her dreams more than simply “a dream.”

Juliana’s Wise Advice

“Remember what you had to go through to get here. Do not underestimate or undervalue yourself since whatever you possess today is a direct result of the correct steps—or lack thereof—that your feet took in the past. We are aware that there are various stages to life, many of which are one-time events.

You must understand how to arrange things within yourself in their right contexts, thereby constructing your existence and keeping in mind the landscapes of your entire life journey. Honor all the times you have spent together, the challenges you have endured, and the joys you have known.

Honor your entire journey, cherish the memories of the loved ones who have passed, and be thankful and lucky for the opportunity to experience so many experiences and come out of each one stronger. – Ingrid Mota