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July Jardim Diet Plan, Workout Routine, Exercise, Body Measurements

July Jardim
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Who is July Jardim?

Brazilian fitness model and IFBB Wellness competitor July Jardim resides, works, and competes in Chile. Since she began her competitive career, July has won two national fitness championships and the title of vice-champion for South America.

In addition to her accomplishments on the fitness scene, July is a well-known online figure because of her voluptuous physique. She has been using a rigorous and hard training regimen while working out in the gym for years.

With her tenacity, diligence, and amazing physique, July Jardim has all the makings of one of the top South American Wellness athletes.

July Jardim

Body Measurements of July Jardim

Full Name: July Jardim
HEIGHT: 5’6″ (167.5cm)
WEIGHT: 145 – 155lbs (65.8 – 70.3kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, IFBB Wellness Athlete
ERA: 2010


  • Fitness athlete in the IFBB
  • Top 6 Amateur Olympians
  • Vice-champion in fitness for South America
  • two-time national champion in fitness

“Continue to develop yourself. If you must work six hours, put in seven. If you must complete 12 repetitions, complete 13. Be the best you can be in whatever you do.


Changing The Script

July Jardim uses a combination of cardio and intense weight training to develop a strong, toned, and lean physique. She exercises in the gym a few times a week, adding cardio to her morning or post-workout routines. It all depends on her aims and feelings, as stated by July.

The repetition range varies in July. She typically performs 6–10 reps of heavy weights during her workouts. However, July may occasionally switch up her exercises to train with lesser weights and more repetitions to get the “pump.”

July makes continual success at the gym by occasionally switching up her workout regimen.

Exercises For The Glute, Leg, And Abdomen By July Jardim

July Jardim

  • Squats – Squats work July’s entire core as well as her legs, glutes, and lower back. But according to July, if done incorrectly, this activity could end up being more harmful than helpful. She advises acquiring the ideal form before attempting to lift high weights while performing squats because of this.
  • Deadlifts – Much like squats, deadlifts enable July to work her low back, hamstrings, and glutes simultaneously. July makes sure to warm up before adding bigger weights, just like with any other heavy compound action.
  • Hanging Leg Raises — July’s go-to workout for building a powerful and sculpted stomach is hanging leg raises. July uses this exercise as her “finisher” to cap off her ab routines.

“Did you realize that more than 50% of Brazilians are obese and overweight? It’s crazy, right? Even with the fitness craze, supplement manufacturers on every street, and flashy gyms everywhere. Do you understand where the error is? within our heads.


Fish, beef, poultry, fermented full-fat dairy, and a lot of veggies make up July’s cuisine. She limits her intake of carbohydrates to just the morning and right after exercise to energize her muscles.

There will be six to seven daily dinners in July. Instead of two or three large meals, she prefers to eat several smaller ones because it is simpler for her digestive system.

Supplements are kept to a minimum in July. She consumes protein powder, BCAAs, and fish oil capsules.

“Have more faith in who you are and what you have in your heart. We occasionally undervalue the beauty within ourselves.

What July Jardim Can Teach Us?

July Jardim

July Jardim has developed a special training approach that enables her to make the most advancements possible in the gym. She demonstrates how you can develop your special training method to achieve the finest outcomes.

While it can be beneficial to look up to others when getting started in fitness, it may be wise to follow your instincts while beginning a new training regimen. You’ll be able to develop your body to its greatest potential by doing this, just like July Jardim did.