Kaynette Williams
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Kaynette Williams is a Kansas-based elementary math teacher best known as the ex-wife of Blake Shelton, a country music artist and judge on The Voice USA.

The bulk of music aficionados undoubtedly remembers Shelton’s incident with his other ex-wife and Miranda Lambert. However, the Gold and Platinum-certified singer’s marriage troubles were not new. That is Kaynette Williams, whether it exists in the known or the unknown.

It might be said that Williams supported the country singer throughout the entirety of his career. What, though, is Kaynette Williams doing these days? After Blake’s Saga, did she get remarried? Is she leading a completely normal life or has she achieved independent fame? Learn about all of these in the article below.

Kaynette Williams, Like Her Ex-husband, Is From Oklahoma

On February 20, 1973, in Ada, Oklahoma, Kaynette “Katt” Williams was born.

But according to her current Facebook, she is from Jesse, Oklahoma. Some claim that Kaynette, a Pisces, also goes by the name Kaynette Francis Gern. She has used several aliases throughout the years, including Kaynette Gern, Kaynette Shelton, and Kaynette Scheck.

Additionally, a US veteran’s daughter, Kay Kast-Gern, who had a knack for singing since she was little, apparently wanted to pursue a career in music.

She also has a brother and a sister, Orpha Gern-Reese.

Kaynette Williams
Kaynette Williams (Pinterest)

Blake Shelton, Kaynette Williams’ Husband, And Their Friendship Date Back to Their Teenage Years

In Ada, Oklahoma, where both Williams and Shelton were born, they first ran into each other. Since they were in their mid-teens, the two had known one another. Williams, on the other hand, didn’t begin dating Shelton until the latter was 21. They remained boyfriend and girlfriend for a while after that.

When Shelton was just beginning his country music career in Nashville, Kaynette served as his road manager as well.

Shelton admitted to Country Weekly in December 2003 that he had always known his first blonde wife, Kaynette, was the one.

“I can’t say it’s because we get along or because of the way she looks just because I can’t explain it. You get what I mean when I say it’s just something I feel. It merely entails understanding that you are correct.

A Few Guests Attended Kaynette Williams and Shelton’s Wedding

The wedding of Shelton and Kaynette featured only a small number of guests. But before that, the former made a very out-of-the-ordinary yet traditional marriage proposal to Williams. The twenty-time Voice panelist claimed that he carried it out in the early hours of a December morning after returning from a hunting trip.

Shelton continued by saying that after she said yes, they ultimately went back to the hunting area and spent the remainder of the day partying with some buddies. On November 17, 2003, Williams and Shelton exchanged vows in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Only Williams, Shelton, the pastor, and a photographer were present for the little ceremony. Shelton wore Wranglers, boots, and a cowboy hat, while Williams wore a Demetrios bridal gown.

Shelton explained the low-key wedding:

“In addition to living on a bus with 10 other people, our entire lives are always in the spotlight. Simply put, there are people everywhere. It looked like the ideal approach to achieve this because we never had time for ourselves.

Blake sang Julia by Conway Twitty to his bride on their wedding day.

Divorce of Kaynette Williams and Blake Shelton

Shelton regularly performed on tour throughout the couple’s first two years of marriage, while Williams continued to act as his road manager.

But by the third year of their union, conflicts began to surface, and they finally split in February 2006, which is when their divorce became legally effective. Williams alleged Shelton engaged in “inappropriate marital behavior” in their divorce documents.

Years later, in May 2014, Kaynette made another unsuccessful attempt to sell her size 6 Demetrios wedding dress using a friend’s eBay account. But allegedly no bids were placed on the item. Nevertheless, she went on to sell the dress.

Shelton, though, acknowledged that going through his first divorce was painful, much like losing his elder brother Richie in a car accident. The divorce was “a terrible, tough call to make,” according to the nine-time Grammy nominee.

Shelton also said that when he wed Kaynette, he wasn’t prepared to be a husband. Additionally, the whole of his 2007 album Pure BS—which has his highest-charting single, Don’t Make Me—was inspired by his split from Williams.

Blake acknowledged that he made this record while going through a divorce (with Kaynette).

“I was pouring all the feelings and pain I was experiencing into this record,”

the singer for Startin’ Fires revealed.

Kaynette Williams
Kaynette Williams (Pinterest)

Why Did Blake and Kaynette Split Up?

According to reports, the Oklahoma-born country singer’s alleged affair with Miranda Lambert was a major factor in the breakdown of his relationship with Williams.

He discussed the odd event of falling in love with a woman while still married to his former road manager in an interview.

In September 2005, when performing a duet for the CMT 100 Greatest Duets special, Shelton admitted he had fallen in love with Lambert.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that with anyone. You know I was a married man? When I think back on that, I was immediately in love with her on stage.

The artist, who has 28 numbers, admitted it.

Kaynette Williams Divorced Shelton, Did She Remarry?

After parting ways with the singer/songwriter of Doin’ What She Likes, Kaynette departed Nashville and headed back to Oklahoma.

Shelton, her ex-husband, and Lambert, his then-wife, would later relocate to the neighborhood. She previously revealed to the National Enquirer in 2011 that she returned to Oklahoma from Tennessee after her breakup with the songwriter.

She stated that Oklahoma wouldn’t be big enough after Blake and Miranda moved back there to a nearby town. Williams then left Oklahoma and moved toward Kansas. Williams landed in Great Bend after relocating to Kansas and began working as a math facilitator and instructor.

She earned the Presidential Award Nomination for South Barber USD 255 in the domain of Mathematics in late January 2020 while teaching fourth grade.

She is now married to Cody Joe Scheck, a steer roping world record holder, and rodeo champion. In 2013, rumors that the former Oklahoman was dating Scheck first surfaced.

In January 2022, Kaynette—who is now 48 years old—spoke almost exclusively about how she met Ms. Scheck on the occasion of National Spouse Day. They reportedly went on their first date in 2011 at Moms in Seward, Kansas.

Williams also discussed how her husband is the faster sleeper, the better morning person, the spendthrift, and the better driver in the piece. Currently, the Schecks are housed in Kiowa, Kansas.

Following Their Breakup With Kaynette, Shelton Got Married Twice

Following Williams, Shelton, a musician with a net worth of over $100 million, wed Miranda Lambert, also a musician, on May 14, 2011. But they would also dissolve their marriage in 2015.

The singer from the Tragic Kingdom, Gwen Stefani, is Blake’s current spouse. Before being married on July 3, 2021, on their Oklahoma ranch, they dated for six years after meeting on the television program The Voice.