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Kirsty Godso
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Who Is Kirsty Godso?

A sponsored fitness competitor and trainer from New Zealand is Kirsty Godso. After graduating from college, she got a break from the fitness business and started working as a coach for a well-known sports brand and fitness organization.

Since then, Kirsty has developed into a recognized internet personality and professional trainer. She now resides in New York City and uses her boot camp workshops and online coaching to help individuals reach their fitness objectives.

Run the race you want to! Spend no time or effort comparing yourself to others. We should celebrate our individual qualities because we are all incredibly unique. You will accomplish far more and more quickly if you concentrate on yourself and your objectives.

If I truly don’t feel like working out, I’ll take the day off, go to yoga, or play hoops with some buddies. Then, when I start my subsequent workout, I feel relieved to be back.

Body Measurements Of Kirsty Godso

Full Name: Kirsty Godso
NATIONALITY: New Zealander
PROFESSION: Fitness Trainer, Online Influence
ERA: 2010


  • Fitness Instructor
  • The promoter of the brand
  • Influence online

“Whenever I travel, I check out several gyms in the area. It’s a pretty useful approach to try out various exercises and see what you enjoy and dislike. It’s a wonderful method to find fresh inspiration.


Short Career Of Kirsty GodsoKirsty Godso

Kirsty Godso had always had a keen interest in physical activities and fitness. Kirsty was raised by her parents, who were both professional golfers, and participated in a range of sports as a child.

Kirsty’s favorite activity out of all the sports and activities was body-weight training. She cherished the experience of rigorous exercise and the way it made her body feel.

Kirsty quickly developed a passion for fitness from an initial interest. She became enthralled with her development and started to daydream about pursuing a long-term career in fitness.

Following Her Dreams

After graduating from college, Kirsty received a break when a major sports and fitness company offered her employment. Without giving it much thought, Kirsty accepted the opportunity and started establishing a reputation for herself in the field.

She started as a training coach, assisting clients in achieving their fitness objectives. Additionally, Kirsty disclosed her training and diet plans on her open web pages.

Breaking The BankKirsty Godso

Soon, visitors began visiting Kirsty’s social media profiles. Their admiration for her counsel led to the rapid dissemination of information about Kirsty among online fitness enthusiasts.

You become addicted and want to keep doing it once you realize that you can have a beneficial impact on other people. I adore it when someone I train has positive self-esteem. We spend a lot of time discussing appearances, but I’m curious: “How do you feel?”

Kirsty eventually rose to prominence as a fitness icon. She has inspired many people online with her professional advice in addition to assisting people in physically changing their bodies.


Schedule For Kirsty’s Training

Around 5:30 AM, Kirsty awakens. She will get a cold shower and a protein shake as soon as she wakes up.

She might next do some mild stretching and yoga before going outside to exercise in fitness programs. If she doesn’t have any courses that day, she’ll work out alone doing HIIT or strength training.

She works out five to six days a week, occasionally even seven. According to Kirsty, training is a natural part of her day-to-day existence.

Kirsty offers several different kinds of training. She enjoys mixing up her workouts by combining weight training, intense cardio, long walks, and even sports, depending on what she feels like doing at the time.

Thigh Toning

Weight training, in Kirsty’s opinion, is essential for developing toned glutes and legs. Many women, she claims, think that doing weights will make them “bulky,” but she disagrees.

“I attempt to convince them that doing weights won’t cause them to gain weight all the time! It’s the kind of exercise that will produce the best effects for your body, especially if you’re aiming for lean, toned legs!

Her preferred exercises for inner thighs include:

  • Box Step-Ups with weights
  • Squats on a pile
  • Abs training

For her abs, Kirsty doesn’t like to perform countless sit-ups. Instead, because these movements also indirectly work her core, she prefers to train them with complex exercises like squats, pull-ups, and weighted push-ups.

According to Kirsty, “I think a lot of people still think they need to do endless crunches and hovers to work on their core, but in reality, if you have a well-rounded weight training program, you are working your core the entire time!”

Nutrition, (Fitness)

Kirsty has been on a ketogenic diet since she was 22 years old. When Kirsty first started this diet, she experienced great fatigue, lethargic feelings, and even nausea.

Nevertheless, Kirsty persisted in her new diet despite these side effects. All of the symptoms vanished within two weeks, and she felt better than ever.

“I had a really difficult time cutting out fruit, and I also had a pretty severe gummy candy addiction. That was difficult to give up. But I persisted, and a week after starting my new eating regimen, I saw a significant change in my body and felt fantastic. I reflected, “Wow, I’m never going back.” I haven’t, either.

The Diet of Kirsty Godso

Every morning, Kirsty begins her day with a whey protein shake, blueberries, bee pollen, and ice cubes. The high protein content and low-calorie content offer Kirsty the energy she needs for her morning workout.

Here is the remainder of her daily meal schedule;


  • Pure whey protein
  • Freeze-dried blueberries
  • nutmeg powder
  • Powdered collagen
  • Bee venom
  • Ice
  • Water


  • Avocado
  • Chicken
  • Traditional tomatoes
  • Beetroot
  • Chilli


  • Braised broccoli
  • Kale and rocket
  • Avocado
  • Asparagus
  • Traditional tomatoes
  • Activated seeds of pumpkin

Planned Supplement

Kirsty Godso rarely consumes dietary supplements. She relies on whey protein to meet her daily protein requirements, a multivitamin to fill up any nutritional gaps in her diet, and magnesium to help with muscle repair.

“I was lucky to be born with celiac disease, but people make fun of me when I say that. Since I already followed a grain-free diet when I started eating keto, I had one less thing to give up.

Influences And Idols

Kirsty is inspired by both her own and the success of the other athletes she practices with. According to what she said about her inspirations and influences, “I seldom have a day where I don’t feel compelled to be active since fitness is my true passion; it truly is my heart and soul.

The things that motivate me the most are achieving my goals and watching my trainees make progress. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone develop their self-confidence and accomplish something they previously believed was unattainable. Kristy Godso

What Could Kirsty Godso Teach Us?

Fitness and physical activities have always been very important to Kirsty Godso. Initially just a hobby, this gradually evolved into her desired job and livelihood.

What Kirsty teaches us is that there are no impossibilities in life. Like Kirsty Godso, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to if you have high standards, take action, and don’t give up.