Joshua Bee Alafia And Yaya DaCosta
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The Seed (2010) and Se Safando are two of director and cinematographer Joshua Bee Alafia’s well-known films (2012). Between 2012 and 2014, Joshua Bee Alafia attracted attention for his marriage to Yaya DaCosta and their subsequent divorce.

Many years after Joshua Bee Alafia And Yaya DaCosta divorce, there are still unanswered questions about what transpired between them because they were once thought to be the picture-perfect couple who were made for each other.

Who Is Joshua Bee Alafia?

Joshua is not the most well-known person because he is not a typical celebrity in any way. He is, however, well-known both for his work as a cinematographer and for his marriage to DaCosta. While it is unknown how or when he was born or raised, it is known that he began his career as a filmmaker while still a high school student.

He attended the University of California, where he earned a BA in Film in 1995 after enrolling with a strong passion for the arts. He attended the Spirit Rock Meditation Center as well and had completed the Community Dharma Leaders program there.

He started working as a freelance cinematographer after graduating from the university and has since had the opportunity to work with notable artists such as Luciano, Bikram Singh, King David, and 77 Klash for whom he has shot music videos. Additionally, he contributed to several documentaries, such as We Just Tellin’ Stories: Rodessa Jones’ Medea Project and Every Day Art in Cuba.

He has become well-known for his practice of meditation, which he is credited with beginning in 1989 after receiving a mantra from his mother.

His Marriage to Yaya DaCosta and Their Relationship

Yaya DaCosta and Joshua Bee Alafia’s first encounter is still a mystery to the general public. There are rumors that they wed in a civil ceremony outside in Pennsylvania in 2012, though. In September 2013, Sankara Alafia, a son, was born to the couple.

Yaya is a model and actress who gained notoriety for her appearance on Season 3 of The Next American Top Model in 2004. She came in the first place. After the show, she decided against pursuing a career as a model and instead focused on acting, where she was able to establish a name for herself. Take the Lead (2006), Honeydripper (2007), The Messenger Monica Washington (2009), The Kids Are All Right (2010), Tron: Legacy (2010), and Whitney were among the films she acted in (2015).

Having said that, she began dating and eventually wed her husband after her acting career had already begun and was showing promise.

Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage was not meant to last forever, as it was terminated after only two years of marriage and the birth of a child by Yaya.

The Causes of Their Divorce

Neither of the Joshua Bee Alafia And Yaya DaCosta disclosed the reasons for the divorce at the time of the decree. But the actress later admitted that because she had never wed Joshua, she had never been divorced. The statement shocked a lot of people because Page Six once reported that she had filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court, but the paperwork was sealed so that no one knew why. Furthermore, the article disclosed that divorce might be contentious.

She claimed that shortly after their son was born, she had an enlightening experience that led to her breaking up with her ex-partner. She underwent a lot of changes after giving birth, and she completely transformed. This is thought to be the cause of the couple’s breakup.

Despite all of this, Joshua Alafia hasn’t released any information about their relationship, including whether they ever got married or when they broke up.

Where Are They?

The filmmaker and Yaya are still very active in their son’s life even though they are no longer together. Because she thinks every child should have a father in his life, the actress said that even though she is no longer with her ex, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be involved in his son’s life.

Both of them have avoided second marriages and public disclosure of their personal affairs.

However, it is well known that, in addition to raising their son Sankara Alafia, they both devote time to their individual professional lives.