Jeffrey Rolle
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  • Jeffrey Rolle is an artist manager and a provider of arts and photography
  • He was married to gospel singer, Kelly Price for 23 years and had 2 children with her before their divorce in 2016
  • Jeffrey Rolle’s first son is also a singer and actor who has is also famous

The American R&B and gospel singer Kelly Price’s ex-husband is Jeffrey Rolle. Kelly entered the entertainment business with a bang in 1992 and hasn’t stopped since. But before beginning her solo career in 1992, she worked as Mariah Carey’s backup vocalist. She also became well-known as a result of her guest spots on The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

Jeffrey Rolle took on the role of Price’s manager as her music career grew, managing all aspects of it. Up until their eventual divorce in 2015, he had assumed both that role and that of her husband.

Along with managing artists, Rolle also offers photography and art direction services.

How Long Did They Stay Together?

On July 20, 1992, Price and Rolle got married. Rolle’s involvement in music also started to pick up around this time. They had their first child, Jeffrey Rolle Jr., that same year, and their daughter Jonia Rolle was born about two years later.

Before Price filed for divorce in 2015, the couple was wed for 23 years. The divorce was finalized in 2016. They appeared to be a contented couple, and life was good for their family. Though, it wasn’t the case.

Even though they have two grown children and have been married for almost three decades, their relationship deteriorated and ended. However, their children are independent adults who support their parents’ choices.

What Led To Jeffrey Rolle And Kelly Price’s Divorce?

In a statement made during an interview, Kelly claimed that her grief was the reason behind the divorce. She claimed that she felt extremely burdened after the passing of her sister in 2014. She claimed that during those times of sorrow and grief, she concluded that divorcing her longtime partner was the best course of action.

Price decided to start living her best life because she had been married to her husband for a very long time. She no longer wished to compromise on genuine happiness. She emphasized, though, that there was no animosity behind the divorce. She declared that she would always love the father of her two children until the day she died, and there were no ill wills between them. The divorce was mentioned in Kelly’s album “Sing Pray Love, Vol. 2: Pray.

His employment as her manager came to an end along with the marriage. Having said that, Jeffrey had lost two of the three leadership roles he once held in her life. He was no longer Price’s husband and was no longer her manager. They would, however, continue to be the parents of their two children, Jonia Rolle, and Jeffrey Jr.

After The Divorce, Did Jeffrey Rolle Get Another Relationship?

If Rolle entered another relationship following his divorce from Price is not entirely clear. But Kelly developed a close, cozy relationship with a former football player. Bryant McKinnie, a former player for the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, and Miami Dolphins, became the singer’s boo after their divorce.

Following her divorce, Kelly Price took seriously her plans to live her best life. After announcing her weight loss journey, she posted pictures of herself cuddling up to her new boyfriend with a cute caption.

But based on her recent Instagram posts featuring another man, it appears that the relationship did not last very long. On Instagram, this new person goes by the name “King of Kings.” She refers to herself as Mrs. Crump and claims to be his wife in her posts.

The Children Of Jeffrey And Kelly Price

Jeff is proud to be the father of two children, one of whom is well-liked. His eldest son has since established a career for himself. American actor for theater and television, Junior Rolle. He was born in Queens, New York, on August 10, 1992.

The 2018 film “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.” featured commercial actor Junior, who is also a singer. Additionally, he appeared in the 2019 films “Run” and “The Wrong Husband.”

Three children were born to Courtney and Jeff Rolle Jr. They have been together since before their 2012 wedding. Rolle is now a grandfather as a result of this.

Jonia Rolle was born on January 28th, 1994. Despite having a famous mother, she has avoided being covered by the media. The 28-year-old is not drawn into the spotlight by the success of her brother in the least.

The only time she was compelled to talk to the media was when reports of her mother’s disappearance started to spread. The singer’s daughter was then forced to stand up and say that her mother was not missing but rather was simply taking a quiet nap.