Scott Blokker
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Although he is married to the fitness expert Shaun T, Scott Blokker is an American model. The couple collaborates to carry out adult and child home fitness regimens. Blokker now collaborates with his partner to motivate others to exercise.

Scott Blokker was a professional soccer player who spent nearly six years in the NSL before turning to model and fitness. He participated in sports for organizations in Sweden, Seattle, Cincinnati, Portland, and other cities. After quitting playing soccer, he relocated to New York to pursue his modeling career. Blokker and Shaun T became business partners in addition to being life partners after Blokker began modeling.

Facts About Him You Didn’t Know

1. Scott Blokker, who was born on December 8, 1971, and Scott Blokker were both raised in Seattle.

In Seattle, where they were raised, Blokker and his brother Kevin learned to play almost every sport that was offered. About Scott Blokker’s early years and background, little is known.

2. Scott Blokker has experience as a bookkeeper

Before being spotted by a scout to pursue his modeling career in 2000, Blokker decided to work as an accountant in his parents’ business development company after he decided to stop playing soccer.

3. He found it most difficult to talk about his sexuality.

Blokker never had the guts to come out to the public as gay. He claimed that although it was the hardest thing for him to do, he eventually succeeded. Blokker came out as gay with the support of Shaun T, his partner. He initially had a hard time accepting who he was, so he had trouble coming up with the best justification for accepting who he was.

Because he comes from a homophobic family, it was harder for him to accept his sexuality. After he took control of Shaun T’s blog and later revealed his true identity, he was able to conquer his fears.

4. In 2012, Scott Blokker wed.

In October 2012, the model and his spouse were united in marriage. Midnight Love was the name of the wedding ceremony, which took place in New York City’s Edison Ballroom. The couple wanted a non-traditional wedding, so it was hosted by Flava and featured a few dancers, singers, and an ethereal aerialist, as well as a game show. The couple has made an effort to keep their personal lives private, but they still post pictures of themselves on social media.

5. Shaun T and Scott Blokker Are Parents to a Set of Twins

The couple had started a family together and wanted to start a family of their own, but they were having fertility problems. The couple learned the good news after undergoing numerous tests and spending thousands of dollars. Their babies were conceived after twelve attempts, six donors, five surrogates, and two different doctors.

Shaun T’s surrogate became pregnant on May 2, the day before his 39th birthday, but the couple didn’t learn about it until five months had passed. At 32 weeks and 5 days gestation, their sons Sander Vaughn and Silas Rhys were born on November 17, 2017. Scott Blokker’s husband, who initially wanted 11 children, changed his mind after having the twins.

6. How His Marriage Was Affected by the Twins’ Arrival

Scott Blokker and Shaun T talked openly about how sleep deprivation affected their lives after the twins were born. He also mentioned that they quarreled more in the early months of becoming parents. After a year of parenting, the couple had overcome obstacles and learned important lessons.

7. Body Measurements of Scott Blokker

Blokker, 50, is a model with a striking height and an attractive appearance. Despite being a model, his height, weight, and physical characteristics are unknown. His partner, who is 6 feet 0 inches tall and 86 kilograms, may share the same height. Through their participation in fitness programs like Insanity, T25, and Hip-HOP, the couple has preserved their physical appearance. Abs.

8. Early in their lives, Scott Blokker and his partner were both athletes.

Shaun T loved playing sports as a child and enjoyed running track in high school. Later, Shaun T graduated from Rowan University with a degree in exercise science. It won’t be shocking if their boys develop into athletic young men.

9. He utilizes social media.

In particular, Instagram is where Scott Blokker is frequently seen attempting to reply to comments on his posts. The model tries to be upbeat while doing that. He also shares pictures of his lovely family on the platform. On Instagram, he has 94k followers, whereas his partner has over 1.1 million.

10. The Net Worth of Scott Blokker

The father of two may have accumulated wealth through his career as a professional soccer player because it is well-known that the sport attracts high salaries. Additionally, his income and earnings would have increased as a model, but his estimated net worth has not yet been disclosed. Shaun T, however, has a $10 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Through his work in fitness and other endorsement deals, Shaun T has earned this.

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