Tarsha Mcmillan
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Anthony Cornelius Hamilton, a well-known American singer, songwriter, and record producer wed a woman who was intended to be his backup singer. In 2003, the songwriter first met Tarsha Mcmillan, and the rest is history.

Like Hamilton, Tarsha Mcmillan is a singer, but she wasn’t as well-known or influential as he was. She has been referred to as a talented woman who has participated in numerous productions.

On his album “Ain’t Nobody Worrying,” in the song “Preachers Daughter,” Mcmillan provided backup vocals for her ex-husband. She is in the spotlight because of her relationship with Anthony rather than just their collaborative work. They discovered that they had a lot in common, which further puts her in the spotlight.

These Interesting Facts Regarding Tarsha Mcmillan

1. She met her spouse at an audition.

When Tarsha Mcmillan applied to be the record producer’s backup singer in 2003, she first met Hamilton. As the two started blending business with pleasure, she received the role and eventually something even bigger.

After dating for roughly two years, Anthony proposed to her sometime in 2005. After getting approval from Mcmillan’s pastor and siblings, the proposal was made in her church.

In an unusually low-key wedding ceremony, they were wed in August of 2005.

2. Together, they both have 3 children.

Singers Tarsha and Hamilton welcomed their first child together five years after getting married. Aaron Anthony and Nolan Michael, twin boys, were welcomed on November 2nd, 2010.

Their twin boys were born two years later, and the Hamilton family grew once more. This time, on June 4, 2012, they welcomed a son named Princeton Harris into the world.

3. Anthony Hamilton gave her a lot of praise.

The songwriter claims that raising his sons and getting married are two of his most fulfilling experiences. By settling down and starting a family, he felt incredibly manly and proud. Anthony goes on to demonstrate this by giving his sons special attention whenever he has the chance. On birthdays and Father’s Day, he performs this.

However, the 51-year-old described his wife as being very forgiving while speaking about her. He says he respects her for being willing to stand up for him. Hamilton continued, admitting that his wife values her family. He added that she was incredible and a true friend.

4. After ten years, Tarsha and Anthony got divorced.

Sadly, the remarkable journey that began in 2005 came to an end after ten years. The Hamilton couple announced their impending divorce in a joint statement on June 15, 2010.

Both parties agreed to the divorce and made a pact to amicably co-parent their sons. As they both post lovely pictures of their children on social media, they can see this through.

They added that their separation would not prevent them from cooperating. They were going to complete the projects they had already committed to.

5. Three older sons from a prior relationship were raised by his ex-husband.

Although they are for Tarsha, Nolan and Aaron are not Anthony Hamilton’s first sons. The songwriter’s previous relationship produced three older sons. He had three boys from a previous relationship before he married Mcmillan.

Anthony Jr., Romeiro, and Tristen are the names of Hamilton’s older boys, who were born in 1989, 1991, and 1997, respectively. The children he shares with his ex-wife are all younger than them.

6. Additionally a singer, Tarsha Mcmillan

Tarsha had her singing career in addition to performing as Anthony’s backup singer. She writes her songs, the majority of which are in the “Soul” genre, to inspire. Her voice has been compared to the strength of Chaka, the simplicity of Aretha Franklin, and the dedication of Mahalia over the years.

She is in charge of the endeavor known as “The Mcmillan Story.”

7. Mcmillan Contributed Knowledge and Her Voice to a Book

The Hamiltons were discussed in Gil Robertson’s anthology, “Where Did Our Love Go: Love and Relationships in the African American Community.” Tarsha and Anthony both made important contributions to the book.

In her essays, Tarsha discussed what it was like to become a new wife and mother. She provided more details about being Anthony’s wife and the mother of three boys during a follow-up interview with the two.

8. She supports the treatment of HIV/AIDS

Tarsha Mcmillan is an advocate for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. She gives what she can to the cause and works to raise awareness of the virus and illness among more people. One of the ways Anthony Hamilton’s ex-wife contributes to society is by doing this.

9. She has a son who enjoys music.

The desire of some of the Hamilton boys to emulate their parents is not at all strange. Nolan, one of Tarsha’s three boys, has expressed interest in following in his father’s musical footsteps.

He reportedly enjoys singing and could sing for hours. His two older brothers are both amateur musicians. Tristen and Anthony Jr. both perform techno-trance and dubstep music, which Tristen discovered in the 2000s.

10. What is the net worth of Tarsha Mcmillan?

Despite being a fantastic singer and backup musician, Tarsha Mcmillan has not yet disclosed her net worth. She appears to have had a respectable career, though, while working with Anthony.

Her ex-husband, Anthony Hamilton, is said to have an $8 million net worth. His thirty years of involvement in the music business contributed to his net worth.