Kris Dim
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Who is Kris Dim?

Online coach and IFBB professional bodybuilder Kris Dim. Kris, who was underweight as a child, was frequently made fun of by his classmates and peers for being frail.

But he found comfort in sports, and as time went on, he began to daydream of being a bodybuilder.

Short Career of Kris Dim

His classmates teased him when he revealed his goals to them. But Kris Dim didn’t lose sight of his objectives. Kris immediately developed by leaps and bounds and disproved everyone who had questioned him after starting his bodybuilding career.

He exploited his “inner fire” throughout the years to construct a powerful physique that propelled him into the IFBB Pro bodybuilding circuit.

But then a tragedy occurred in 2007. Kris suffered an almost fatal heart attack. He underwent stent repair surgery shortly after. He sustained irreparable damage to his spinal cord during the procedure, and he hasn’t been able to walk since.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances of his life, Kris never lost his inner motivation and enthusiasm for achieving success.

In reality, he has gone on to succeed as a wheelchair bodybuilder and a coach to other athletes, motivating them to pursue their objectives no matter what.

Here is his account:

“It will be easier if you tell yourself it’s going to be simple. It gets tougher if you tell yourself it’s difficult. Mindset is everything. Let’s strive to improve ourselves and the world every day.

Body Measurements of Kris Dim

Full Name: Kris Dim
HEIGHT: 5’6″ (167.5cm)
WEIGHT: 175 – 185lbs (79.4 – 83.9kg)
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder
ERA: 2010, 2000, 1990

“They said it’s hard for an Asian guy to put on size when he’s rising through the ranks, especially for me because I weighed 98 pounds my freshman year of high school. But first, I think I can, and second, I want to disprove their assertions.

Work your ass hard and have faith in yourself. This applies to everyone who thinks they can’t accomplish this. Stop talking and pondering and start acting instead.


History Of Kris Dim’s Contests


  • USA Championships, Middleweight, 6th place


  • Nationals, Middleweight, 10th place
  • USA Championships, Middleweight, 10th place


  • USA Championships, Middleweight, 3rd place


  • USA Championships, Light Heavyweight, 4th place


  • Nationals, Light Heavyweight, 7th place
  • USA Championships, Light Heavyweight, 7th place


  • Nationals, Light Heavyweight, 2nd place
  • USA Championships, Light Heavyweight, 1st place


  • Nationals, Light Heavyweight, 1st
  • USA Championships, Light Heavyweight, 2nd


  • Mr. Olympia, 12th place
  • IFBB Grand Prix England, 3rd place
  • Grand Prix Holland, 4th place
  • Russian Grand Prix, 5th place
  • IFBB San Francisco Pro Invitational, 3rd place


  • Arnold Classic, 14th place
  • Ironman Pro Invitational, 10th place


  • Mr. Olympia Europe, 3rd place


  • Arnold Sports Festival, Men’s Wheelchair, 2nd place

There is always more to give and more to receive. Think about the life you want, then start working toward it. Nothing worthwhile is simple. It can all be accomplished by us.

Biography (Early Life)

Lighting The Fire Within

Kris Dim was born in Cambodia and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 4 years old.

In his early teens, he began working out to strengthen his grip strength for wrestling.

Kris’s weight as a high school freshman was only 98 pounds. When he declared he wanted to be a bodybuilder, his friends would make fun of him and show their lack of respect.

However, the ridicule Kris endured just fueled his desire. According to him, “Their laughter at me merely stoked my fire even more.” (Kris Dim)

Speedy Transformation

Kris began systematically disproving his critics.

He swiftly advanced and was able to get an excellent body within his first year of training because of his diligent gym routines.

Kris started pondering a career in bodybuilding at this point.

He proceeded to gain strength and size while maintaining exceptional training to make his stage debut soon.

Relocating For Bodybuilding After College

Kris Dim

By the time he started college, Kris had made up his mind to compete in his first bodybuilding competition.

He had been bodybuilding for two years at this point, and he had the knowledge and physique to succeed.

In the end, Kris took home the prize for his first competition. At the North Bay Bodybuilding Championships, he won the teen division.

He left college after that and his bodybuilding career quickly took off.

Card Pro

After years of perseverance and dedication, Kris finally received his Pro Card after winning the 2003 NPC USA Championships. From there, he just kept moving up and upward.

Among Kris’ most impressive Professional accomplishments are:

  • Placing 12th at his first IFBB Mr. Olympia (2004)
  • Placing 3rd at the 2009 Mr. Olympia Europe (Ronnie Coleman was the winner of the show)
  • Finishing in the top 10 at the 2006 Ironman Pro Invitational

Chest Pain

Kris’ life tragically changed in 2007 after he experienced a heart attack that may have killed him. He was taken right away to the hospital.

Kris’ aorta had ruptured, the doctors discovered. Internal bleeding resulted from this, but fortunately, Kris was able to escape unharmed.

However, Kris’ health problems didn’t start until after this tragic incident. From this point forward, his health issues persisted. His heart attack was followed shortly by the worse one.

Kris was due to have surgery to fix a stent. Kris’ spinal cord was hurt as a result of a problem that occurred during the treatment.

The physicians informed Kris that his chances of walking again were only “0.03 percent” when he awoke.

Before and after his heart attack accident, wheelchair-bound Kris Dim


Kris never let the bad news regarding his spinal cord get to him, despite it.

Despite being crushed, he continued to advance in both his personal and professional lives.

Kris did, in fact, eventually make a comeback to the bodybuilding stage. He now works as a personal coach and competes in the wheelchair division.

For innumerable others who are aware of his tale, Kris continues to be a great inspiration and role model.

Kris struck the sexiest position at a bodybuilding competition.

“Practice is necessary if you want to excel in anything. Do not expect to be excellent at something if you are not willing to practice.

Training (Workout)

Kris Dim

Kris Dim’s Exercise

When Kris was at his best, in the early 2000s, he cherished machine training. He thought machines gave him the ability to target his muscles from angles that he couldn’t do with traditional exercises.

He thought that his form—rather than the amount of weight he can lift—was the key to muscle hypertrophy.

He made slow, controlled form a priority in all of his motions, as a result, making sure his muscles were properly used. His risk of injury was also decreased by this method of training.

Kris was renowned for his proportionate and ripped figure in addition to his training methods. particularly his amazing lats. His go-to-back exercises included:

  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Seated Cable Rows
  • Seated Lat Machines
  • T-Bar Rows
  • Pull-Ups

“Getting destroyed is a skill. The results won’t be the same if you try the same diet at the following show. You must adapt to your body’s changing needs. Life is like that. You have to adjust to its constant fluctuation. Let’s set out to change for the best.

Nutrition (Diet Plan)

Kris has always understood the need for nutrition because he is a professional bodybuilder.

His diet consisted primarily of raw, lean foods. His body was thus fed only the finest nutrients, which it used to maintain minimal body fat and build muscle.

Kris has always placed a higher priority on natural foods when it comes to supplements. He occasionally took a multivitamin and whey protein to make up for any dietary deficiencies.

Influences And Idols

Even though Kris had his heroes when he first started bodybuilding, he has undoubtedly grown to be a hero and an icon for many people.

His remarkable journey from overcoming hardship to being the best version of himself in every facet of life is one that anybody can learn from.

What Kris Dim Can Teach Us?

The life of Kris contains a lot of pearls of wisdom.

First of all, he has taught us that no matter how tough your circumstances are, someone else is experiencing worse. It’s crucial to express gratitude for the possessions we already possess. mostly because you can lose them at any time. As Kris puts it

“Cheer up more today. Life is far too brief. Be thankful that you are alive. Keep in mind that somebody else has it worse than you. Have a wonderful day.

Second, Kris has demonstrated the strength of their intellect. Any challenge may be overcome with a strong mindset. The worst things that have ever happened to Kris, such as a heart attack and spinal cord damage, have been overcome.

Even though he is no longer able to walk, he continues to live life to the fullest by competing in bodybuilding competitions, mentoring others, and inspiring his internet supporters.

Nothing can prevent you from reaching your best self if you have the same outlook on life as Kris.