Laura Prepon

Actress Laura Prepon is a busy woman. She is fond of healthy eating and cooking. She has personal ideas about her family friendly meals. She shared these and more with the Eating Well team.

Laura Prepon talks cooking and healthy eating

Actress Laura Prepon is a busy celebrity. She is an actress, and an author and also a mother. Despite her busy work schedules, she prefers to not neglect her eating. She is into healthy eating and cooks meals for self and family. She believes in enjoying meals with her family. This is one of the quality time she spends with her family members.

Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon (Source: Forbes)

Moreover, Laura is launching her innovative kitchenware company called PrepOn Kitchen. And she creates a variety of new recipes and posts these cooking videos on her YouTube channel. Laura holds her unique philosophies on eating in a healthy way. She also has her individual meal preparing techniques that she shares online with her social media fans. She discussed it with the Eating Well reporters too.

Laura and her quick dinner idea

When queried about her quick family dinner idea for a weeknight, Laura answered:

I prep ahead a bunch of basic ingredients. I always have chicken in my fridge, rice or some kind of grain and vegetables so I can throw together something quickly. I’m more of a flexitarian, there’s time where we’re fully plant-based and there’s other times where we’re meat eaters.”

Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon’s family (Source: Popsugar)

And she added:

“It depends on the season and what’s at the farmer’s market. Now that we’re going into winter, we have a lot of heavier ingredients like squashes and more protein whereas in the summer we’re more plant-based. Finding really great plant-based cheese is not easy, so when I come across it, I’m very happy about it. I recently found out that my daughter is sensitive to dairy, and not being able to use cheese in toddler’s meals is not easy. So using something like Vitalite is great.”

Laura’s favorite plant based protein and eating philosophy

Laura loves chickpeas in plant based protein because they are so versatile. One can eat whole or mashed or use it as a spread. And they are hearty.

In kitchen appliances, her staples are 4-Piece Tool Set, the cutting board, and her Santoku Knife. The cutting board is her own patent. The patented cutting board comes with an attached bag to put the cut pieces in.

Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon (Source: Popculture)

Laura prefers advance meal preparing due to her work load at home and on sets. She adds:

The most important thing is getting delicious homemade food on the table quicker so that I have more time to spend with my family. And that to me is eating well, it’s about getting the food on the table, sitting down to eat with my family and enjoying it.”

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She missed family time with her mother who was a gourmet chef during her growing years. Her mother used to be always busy in the kitchen on the stove cooking. Hence Laura wants to avoid this with her family.