Leonardo Dicaprio
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Hello, We’ll talk about Leonardo DiCaprio’s diet and exercise regimen, as well as his height, weight, age, and other physical characteristics.

Let’s learn more about him first. With his deadly eyes, Leonardo is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors. The actor possesses extraordinary talent.

The most popular motion pictures, like Inception, Wolf of Wall Street, Gangs of New York, etc., all included Leonardo.

Leonardo, the most devoted actor in Hollywood, doesn’t think twice to change his body for numerous characters in different movies. In this post, we go into great detail about Leonardo’s food regimen and exercise program.

Leonardo Dicaprio Bio

Real Name          Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio

Nickname            Leo Lenny D

Profession           Actor and Film Producer

Leonardo’s Personal Life (Age)

Date of Birth       11 November 1974

Age                        42 years

Place of Birth       California

Hobbies                 Playing video games

Religion                  NULL( Doesn’t believe in any religion)

Leonardo Physical Stats (Body Measurements)

Height                  6 feet (183 cm approximately )

Weight                 75 kgs (165 lbs approximately )

Eye Color              Blue

Hair Color             Blonde

Chest                      42 inches

Biceps                    14 inches

Waist                     34 inches

Leonardo Favorite Things

Favorite actor       Robert di Nairo, Al pack

Favorite actress     Meg Ryan

Favorite food         Pasta, Lemonade

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Exercise Program, Interval Training

Gregory Joujon Roche, Leonardo’s trainer, oversees his workouts. Leo works out for 90 minutes each day, six days a week.

His trainer would advise him to engage in a variety of forms of exercise, including cardio, interval training, yoga, and workouts that burn fat.

These are the exercises he regularly performs. I will now disclose the entire “Leonardo Dicaprio Workout Plan” here.

You are on the verge of failure in the breakthrough moment because you are unsure that you can complete even one more rep.


-Leonardo Dicaprio

Monday Leonardo DiCaprio’s Exercise Program

Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio Diet Plan, Workout routine, Exercise, Body Measurements

Leonardo concentrates on strengthening his chest and shoulders on Monday. Her Monday workout schedule for Leonardo


Cardio/Treadmill (1 hour )

lifting for 30 minutes ( Chest and Shoulders).

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Exercise Program

Tuesday’s exercise program for Leonardo DiCaprio

Tuesday is the only day Leonardo trains his legs. Compared to any other body part, the muscles in the legs are the largest. As a result, they increased their diet and training.

Here is Leonardo’s Tuesday exercise schedule.

early run

1+ hour of leg-heavy lifting

30-minute martial arts

Wednesday Leonardo Exercise Program

Leonardo concentrates on abs training on Wednesday. Here is Leonardo’s Wednesday workout schedule.


30-minute weight lifting (Abs focus )

30-minute cardio

Thursday Leonardo Exercise Program

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Thursday movie is titled Arms (Biceps and Triceps both). The Leonardo Workout schedule for Thursday is presented below.

30-minute morning run

arm-focused one-hour weightlifting session

30-minute martial arts

Leonardo works out his chest and shoulders on Fridays, his arms on Saturdays, and his relaxation day—at least from the gym—is Sunday.

Basic Guidelines For Leonardo Workout ( Fitness Regime)

Gregory Joujon Roche, Leonardo’s trainer, provides the following fundamental instructions for Leonardo to heed:

Standard Rule

Discover your Breakthrough Moments “Breakout Moments” occur when your body tells you that you can only perform one set, but your mind knows that you can complete one more set and as many sets in this fashion.


Try to perform at least 15 reps in 3 sets of each exercise.

Choose a weight that enables you to complete at least 15 repetitions of each exercise.

A minimum of 60 seconds should pass between each set and rep.

Be cautious to maintain proper form. Better form yields result more quickly than performing more repetitions.

Make sure you’re tired by the end of the fifteenth repetition. If not, keep working out until you reach your breakout point.

If an exercise only requires 15 reps, increase the number in the following set.

Throughout your training, keep your safety as your top priority.

Workout For Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beach Body.

This “Leonardo DiCaprio special Beach Body workout” is included. Leonardo, train with a different trainer for this exercise. DiCaprio worked out with personal trainer dogwood Chin for The Beach.

According to Chin, they followed a similar exercise regimen to those in Leonardo’s earlier films but were constrained due to training on a Thai beach.

Leonardo needed to come across as intelligent because this was his first major motion picture. Similar to other movies, the technology DiCaprio employed was

  • Aerobics
  • Push-ups
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Interval training
  • Kickboxing
  • Sprinting

Diet Of Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo relies on organic foods including chicken, pork, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Lean supermolecule, carbohydrates, and good fats are all part of the actor’s diet. In addition, he eats a lot of small meals throughout the day to keep his body active and full of life.

Gregory Joujon-Roche, the technologist DiCaprio’s trainer, recommends that he begin with 11-day associate power cleans.

DiCaprio, a techie, would perform a master cleanse using juice, spring water, and cayenne pepper to detoxify his body.

When fasting, Leonardo’s diet included superfoods, raw quinoa, and eight ounces of freshly squeezed vegetable juice (80% vegetable, 2% green apple).

When he has to lose weight quickly and appear liberated, the idol actor switches to crash diets under the guidance of his nutritionist.

Crash diets, often known as starvation diets, can unquestionably help you lose weight quickly.

However, these negative effects could linger on your body throughout your period. You are therefore advised to steer away from such a diet.

Diet Regimen Followed By Actor Leonardo Dicaprio

The following foods are part of Leonardo’s diet plan, according to interviews with him and his trainer:-

Leonardo Diet Plan for Breakfast

  • calories consumed (600-800)
  • Nuts
  • protein drinks
  • Toast
  • Avocado
  • Fruits

Lunchtime Diet of Leonardo 

  • calories consumed (600-800)
  • Salad and fresh vegetables
  • Tamari, olive oil, and flaxseed oil

Leonardo’s Diet Plan for Dinner

  • calories consumed (800)
  • fish or chicken grilled
  • veggie soup
  • broccoli or capsicum

Water: Diet of Leonardo 

  • 20 ounces of water when you first wake up
  • Lemonade
  • Natural Green Tea