Lori Harder
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Who is Lori Harder?

Entrepreneur, fitness model, competitor, and personal trainer Lori Harder hail from Michigan in the United States.

She is a self-made millionaire who has inspired many women and is a well-known role model.

Early Life of Lori Harder

Lori Harder was overweight as a child, and Lori has endured bullying at school. After having trouble with her diet, she watched a fitness program on television where women were exercising and looking fantastic.

The young Lori was motivated by this to emulate them.

In addition to creating an internet empire, Lori has completed personal training. She offers advice on nutrition, weightlifting technique, and other topics to women online. She wishes to keep motivating women to exercise and achieve their ideal physiques.

Body Measurements of Lori Harder

Full Name: Lori Harder
DATE OF BIRTH: June 12, 1980
ERA: 2010 
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Online Coach, Personal Trainer
AGE: 42 
WEIGHT: 135 to 145 pounds; 61.2 to 65.8 kg
HEIGHT: 5’8″(172.5cm)

Lori Harder



  • Accomplished model
  • Successful entrepreneur


  • 2008¬†Fitness Atlantic Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini, Figure & Model Competition, 1st
  • 2008 MuscleMania Fitness America Weekend, 2nd
  • 2010 IFBB Arnold Amateur International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships


Young Years

Lori was raised in the Michigan town of Marquette. It was claimed that she had “poor DNA” because she was “an overweight kid in an overweight family.”

She also struggled in school as a result of her weight problems. Lori recalls how the primary school kids ridiculed her about her weight and her faith, which caused her to develop anxiety issues at a young age.

She also didn’t participate in a lot of sports as a child, which prevented her from losing weight. She attended high school at home because her family’s religion forbade participation in sports or extracurricular activities.

How to Take an Interest in Fitness?

Because of her sedentary lifestyle, Lori struggled to manage her weight. She developed a diet obsession while also bingeing on food when depressed. She needed a way out, and one arrived in the form of a motivational experience.

Lori claims that she once sat down in front of the television to witness a fitness competition where “powerful, gorgeous women demonstrated superhero-like acts on stage.”

After witnessing this, she almost instantly decided that she wanted to emulate their actions and change her body.

However, it was much more profound for Lori. She adds that she aspired to become one of these women so that she could encourage other young women to discover their strengths.

She began to complete home workouts and pleaded with her mother to buy her fitness magazines after that.

A workout

When Lori was able to drive, she immediately wanted a gym membership. She started to consider a variety of fresh options for her life as she moved her attention to improving herself.

For the first time in a long time, she felt optimistic, and it was evident in everything she did. She would frequent the gym as frequently as her schedule permitted and started to learn how to lift weights and carry out efficient cardio workouts.

“I spent the next 20 years of my life to educating myself on diet and exercise because I wanted to demonstrate to others that they, too, had the potential to change.”

Pushing Past Criticism

Lori received a lot of positive attention during her fitness quest, but she also endured unpleasant feedback. She claims to have had huge failures, heartbreaking situations, and soul-crushing criticism, yet she always battled through it with optimism.


Lori’s determination helped her achieve her ideal body-building goals in the gym. She started to catch the eye of some of the major modeling agencies in the US as a result of her new appearance.

Her social media following increased as a result of landing front cover photographs in numerous prestigious magazines.

Being A Personal Trainer Online

Lori Harder frequently contacted her sizable Instagram following to increase her audience and motivate them to work out.

Lori started taking personal training courses around this time, becoming a certified trainer and laying the groundwork for her internet empire.

Later, Lori would launch a well-known online personal training company that would assist thousands. She rose to prominence as a speaker who encouraged women to find their inner strength.

Lori Harder


Training Protocol

To stay motivated and keep her body “guessing,” Lori prefers to switch up the activities in her routine. She says she only needs to work out in the gym three days a week and that’s all she needs to do.

Lori normally selects 8 exercises for each session and performs 10 reps of each for 3 to 4 sets. Her workouts constantly involve the entire body. Below is a sample of a week’s schedule:

  • Monday: heavier legs, shoulders, and abs.
  • Wednesday: plus legs or sprints, abs, chest, and tris.
  • Friday: high reps for legs, abs, back, and bis.

Combination Exercises

Compound exercises, which effectively work for many muscular groups, are something Lori loves to include. The squat is her favorite compound lift, and she claims she couldn’t survive without it.

She appreciates the squat in particular since it strengthens the lower body and core while also working the legs.


Since she feels uncomfortable performing cardio inside, Lori only does it outside. She likes to exercise outside by taking brisk walks around the local lakes.

Along with these fast walks, she jogs twice a week, sprints, and does HIIT workouts if she has photo shoots or events coming up.

She also includes a few fun aerobic workouts here and there. She might include a yoga session or take her hubby ballroom dancing.


Dietary Method

The fact that Lori doesn’t have any cheat days at all “surprises most people,” according to Lori. She claims that by avoiding these possibilities, cooking and eating are easier because she isn’t continuously stressed.

Although she normally has a healthy diet, she gives herself occasional little amounts of sushi, chocolate, alcohol, and carbohydrates.

“I discovered that when I restricted, eliminated carbs, and tried to adhere more closely to a show diet, I was an unbalanced disaster. Now that I am aware that I can eat whatever I want in moderation, I have been quite consistent.

Diet for photoshoot preparation

While these indulgences are a nice addition that helps her avoid bingeing and cravings, she entirely forgoes them before a photoshoot or event to ensure that her body is in top shape.

She reduces her intake of carbohydrates in particular and intensifies her workouts to ensure that her muscles are noticeable and toned.

Managing Cravings

When Lori Harder experiences occasional cravings for junk food, she decides to make a healthier version of the dish instead.

When she wants to add a chocolate flavor to a recipe, she occasionally adds whey protein powder. This is useful for suppressing the urge for chocolate before a photo shoot.

One such dish calls for two scoops of whey protein isolate to “start her day well!”

What Lori Harder can teach us?

Lori Harder overcame her weight issues through sheer willpower and an epiphanic moment. She was overweight in her school years, but after seeing ladies on television exercising, she decided she wanted to become a fitness model.

After years of arduous struggle, Lori finally succeeded in creating a million-dollar company that has aided thousands of women in their quest for wellness.

If you put forth the same amount of effort to do something equally exceptional, who knows where you might wind up?