Louise Rogers
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Who is Louise Rogers?

Fitness model, personal trainer, and IFBB Pro Figure competitor Louise Rogers is from the United Kingdom. At age 21, while still a student, she began going to the gym.

After almost eight years of weightlifting, Louise Rogers decided to compete in her first bikini contest to see how her physique stacked up against those of other female fitness aficionados.

Louise surprised herself by winning her first three contests in a row. She then placed fifth at the 2009 IFBB World Championships to receive her pro card.

Louise rose to prominence among UK entrants in the Figure category as a result of her early wins.

Here is her account:

Body Measurements of Louise Rogers

Full Name: Louise Rogers
HEIGHT: 5’8″ (172.5cm)
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Professional Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer
ERA: 2000, 2010



  • 10th annual IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow
  • 3rd in the 2015 IFBB Bodypower Pro
  • 3rd in the 2014 IFBB Bodypower Pro
  • the sixteenth annual IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza
  • Arnold Classic Europe 2012, eighth place
  • 8th annual IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow
  • IFBB New York Pro 2012, 16th
  • The 17th IFBB Europa Super Show of 2010
  • British Championships, 2008, first place

“I guess you can accomplish anything if you work hard enough! I’m just a regular girl from a tiny English town who spends her days working, learning, and training.

I feel so different right now. For me, the secret was to simply practice consistency and optimism.


Adopting A Fitness Lifestyle Gradually

Louise Rogers, like many athletes, grew up participating in competitive sports; her favorite events were sprinting and hurdling.

Louise started attending the gym with her sister once school was out, as she puts it: “Simply going along and spending time on the stepper while my sister did her routine.”

Louise’s interest in fitness grew as she observed her sister working out in the gym more frequently. She soon started living the lifestyle herself and enrolled in a training course.

Louise decided to pursue fitness full-time while she was still a student, taking it a step further. She started taking classes to become a fitness instructor, eventually earning credentials as a personal trainer and sports therapist.

Training In Strength

Louise Rogers

Soon after obtaining her credentials, Louise started working at a nearby weightlifting facility. There she met a coworker who competed in strongman events.

Louise’s coworker informed her she performed too much cardio and suggested she start strength training instead.

Louise Rogers was surprised to see changes in her appearance after engaging in a bodybuilding-style routine, despite her initial skepticism. She claims that after this, she nearly entirely stopped including cardio in her workouts.

Figure-Skating Contests

Louise put in a lot of effort in the gym during the ensuing years, gradually gaining a trim and attractive physique. Louise eventually had the “competitive bug” and felt it was time to enter figure fitness competitions.

A few months later, she competed in the Portsmouth UKBFF local regional qualifier, and much to her surprise, she won the competition. Louise was also given a chance to compete in the IFBB British Championships as a result of her success.

She then started working out consistently and keeping a close eye on her nutrition to get to the show in the best condition possible.

Louise’s perseverance was rewarded when, several months later, in October 2008, she took first place in the British Championships finals.

Obtaining A Pro Card

Louis was given entry into the 2009 IFBB World Championships, which were held in Lake Como, Italy, thanks to his victory at the British Championships.

Contests For Professionals

Louise started taking part in prestigious performances all over the world after she joined the professional circuit. including the 2015 Bodypower Pro, the IFBB New York Pro, the 2012 Arnold Classic Europe, and the 2015 Toronto Pro Supershow.

Her best finishes in those competitions were third at the Bodypower Pro in both 2014 and 2015.

“I hope to compete in the Miss Figure Olympia someday. Although I might pass out if this happened! For me, that would be the pinnacle of competition!


Louise normally works out every day, performing cardio on the weekends and strength training five to six times each week.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, she works on her weaker body parts, while later in the week she concentrates on her stronger body parts, including her back and chest.

Louise claims that because the shoulders and arms are so big, she hardly ever exercises them.

Cardio Distance

Louise Rogers

Louise dislikes undertaking prolonged cardio workouts. Instead, she seeks to perform brief but intense exercises, like sprints.

As the show date approaches, she will up the frequency of the cardio workouts to four times weekly, performing longer, slower-paced cardio routines that last about 30 minutes.

She claims that even while lengthy cardio sessions can occasionally be tiresome, she loses the most weight during them.

“I switch up my cardio, doing everything from power walking to climbing to cross training to sprinting! I enjoy exercising outside as well.

Best Movements For Glutes

Louise was certain that there was only one exercise that would effectively strengthen her glutes: “The Hip Thrust. My butt has benefited greatly from it.

However, she thinks that this exercise shouldn’t be the only one used in glute training. To get the best results, Louise suggests mixing hip thrusts with other exercises like squats and lunges.


Seasonal Diet

Louis typically consumes a diet that is heavy in protein, moderate in carbs, and low in fat before a performance. She’s discovered that eating less fat during this time accelerates her weight loss.

She clarified that this only works for some people, though. When trying to reduce weight, she thinks that the majority of people respond better to low carb and moderate-to-high fat diets.

An Eating Day

Regarding the specific foods Louise consumes, she typically gets breakfast muffins or egg whites in the morning. She will eat a snack like a protein smoothie or some rice cakes before lunch.

After that, she’ll eat two brief lunches that are two to three hours apart. They both include the same meal, which is typically sweet potatoes and fish or lean meat.

Louise will have a protein smoothie post-workout and then, an hour later, a steak and a big salad. She will eat a casein protein shake or yogurt in the evening before going to bed if she is hungry.

Best Foods For Muscle Growth And Fat Loss

Louise claims that eating these foods aided her in getting in the best shape possible for her competitions;

  • Egg Whites
  • Beetroot
  • Lean Poultry Meat
  • Salmon
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Haddock
  • Spinach and Green Salad

The First Three Supplements

Louise exclusively consumes whey protein, BCAAs, and a pre-workout supplement.

Favorite Snack Foods

Indian cuisine is Louise’s preferred cuisine. She claims that if she had to pick only one, a curry would be it.

A curry… Oh, please don’t even start me on how much I adore Indian cuisine! Lousie Rogers

“Winning my IFBB Pro card has to be the highlight of my career thus far. I still find it to be a truly amazing moment, and I don’t believe I will ever forget it.

Influences And Idols

Many athletes in the fitness world are role models for Louise. They are Adela Garcia, Monica Brant, Larissa Reis, Rachael Grice, Oksana Grishina, Amanda Latona, and Nina Moe.

What Louise Rogers Can Teach Us?

When you set your mind to something, anything is possible, as Louise Rogers is a prime example. Louise kept working until she reached her objective after deciding to pursue fitness as a full-time career.

She spent years working as a fitness instructor and shaping her ideal body before beginning to compete in fitness competitions and establishing a name for herself in the field.

She gained international recognition in 2015 for her accomplishments both on stage and as an online training coach.

Be ready to put in years of arduous labor and commitment to your objective if you wish to take Louise’s path. Although it is not an easy process, the benefits can be worthwhile, as in Louise Roger’s case.