Mark Anthony
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Who Is Mark Anthony?

Mark Anthony is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from Las Vegas. The fact that he was the first Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia in history makes him best known. After Mr. Olympia added the Men’s Physique division, he won the championship in 2013.

Short Career of Mark Anthony

It was clear that Mark would grow up to be a bodybuilder from an early age. Mark’s father encouraged him, and he made great strides in his bodybuilding endeavors. His goals expanded as did his physique.

Mark began competing and worked his way up the ranks, eventually taking home the Pro Card in 2011 and the Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia crown in 2012.

Here is his account:

Body Measurements of Mark Anthony

Full Name: Mark Anthony
HEIGHT: 5’11” (180cm)
NATIONALITY: Canadian, American
PROFESSION: Professional Physique Bodybuilder
ERA: 2010


Mark Anthony


  • Toronto Pro Physique: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique (8th)
  • Arnold Classic Physique: IFBB Pro Men (6th)


  • Mr. Olympia Weekend Physique: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique (6th)
  • Pittsburgh Pro Physique: IFBB Pro Men (1st)


  • Mr. Olympia Weekend Physique: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique (1st)
  • Pittsburgh Pro Physique: IFBB Pro Men (1st)
  • LA Grand Prix Men’s Physique: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique (5th)


  • New York Pro Championships Physique: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique (1st)
  • IFBB Europa Show of Champions Men’s Physique: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique (1st)
  • IFBB Grand Prix LA Men’s Physique: Pro Men’s Physique (1st)
  • IFBB North American Championships, Men Physique: Class B (1st)
  • IFBB North American Championships, Men Physique: Earned Pro Card
  • Jay Cutler Desert Classic, Physique: Tall Class (2nd)
  • Arnold Amateur, Men Bodybuilding Classic: Men Class B (5th)

In a fitness modeling competition, Mark Anthony posed on the beach.


Early Life of Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony is a native of Trinidad & Tobago, a tropical island.

However, Mark’s family relocated to Canada not long after his birth, where he was raised.

Mark was lured to the gym from a young age, much like many of his fellow bodybuilders. He cherished the sense of satisfaction following a challenging training session. His father had a significant impact as well; he inspired Mark to challenge himself and pursue his bodybuilding aspirations.

Even yet, Mark had no immediate plans to become a professional bodybuilder despite his love of weightlifting.

Beginning Professional Bodybuilding Early

Mark Anthony

Mark didn’t decide to enter a bodybuilding competition until early 2011, many years after he had spent years perfecting his physique.

And he made an impression quickly.

Mark finished fifth in his debut competition. Following that, he finished second in the Jay Cutler Desser Classic. Following these two performances, Mark took some time off to rest himself for the upcoming competition.

At the 2011 IFBB North American Championships, Mark impressively made a strong comeback, winning the Men’s Physique division and earning his Pro Card in the process.

Achievement On The IFBB Circuit

For the next two years, Mark kept everyone in awe of his bodybuilding accomplishments.

Mark won three consecutive Pro Shows after joining the professional circuit, including:

  • New York Pro Championships Physique: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique (1st)
  • IFBB Europa Show of Champions Men’s Physique: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique (1st)
  • IFBB Grand Prix LA Men’s Physique: Pro Men’s Physique (1st)

The Inaugural Physique Olympia

Mark faced Mr. Olympia, his greatest task to date, while still on a high from his successes.

As luck would have it, Mr. Olympia has just created the Men’s Physique class in the year 2013. An ideal omen for Mark, who was a competitor in this division.

Mark was able to win the 2013 Men’s Physique Olympia with the assistance of his trainer and suggestions from his friend and four-time Mr.

Olympia Jay Cutler. He had won the top prize in bodybuilding after months of toil and sacrifice. He would cherish that moment for a very long time.

Failure To Build On Success

After taking first place in the inaugural Men’s Physique Olympia, Mark decided to defend his crown that year.

But this time, after getting beyond the initial callouts, he came in sixth. It was clear how challenging and competitive it was because Jeremy Buendia won the top spot that year.

Social Media Popular

Nevertheless, he was never quite able to duplicate his 2011–2013 success. Mark continued to have the distinction of being the first-ever Mr. Olympia for Physique.

Along the way, Mark also dabbled with business, succeeding as a coach and sponsored athlete.

Mark has also developed a reputation as a social media celebrity. He has a sizable following and strives to set an example for each of them.

Individual Life

Mark enjoys hanging out with his friends and family when he isn’t coaching or attending activities.

He enjoys watching UFC fights and dining at healthy places.

Training (Workout)

Mark doesn’t always receive the same training. To keep his muscles stimulated and expanding, he might make changes.

He might exercise one day with heavy weights and only 3-5 reps each session. On the other hand, he might limit himself to solitary workouts with low repetition ranges one day.

Mark’s workouts are more effective thanks to this strategy as well. He rarely repeats an exercise, so that keeps things exciting for him.

Mark works out with his cardio when getting ready for a competition. Otherwise, he’ll simply maintain a consistent and rigorous weightlifting routine, which enables him to simultaneously grow muscle and burn calories.

On the Men’s Physique stage, Mark Anthony is seen posing without a shirt.

Nutrition(Diet Plan)

preparation for a contest

Like any professional bodybuilder, Mark will begin his competition preparations by making a variety of dietary modifications. These consist of:

  • Reducing calories, especially those that come from carbs.
  • In terms of restrictions, avoid white bread, refined grains, and sugars. The only fluid Mark will drink during this stage is water.
  • Eating enough protein from various food sources to maintain his muscle mass while in a caloric deficit.

Mark can constantly approach the presentation in his best light by adhering to these guidelines.

The Off-Season Diet

Naturally, Mark won’t adhere to his diet as strictly during the “off-season.” He can relax a little during this time and eat something he likes.

During this phase, he will consume more calories to gain more muscle. His primary dietary sources continue to be the same as during contest preparation, including:

  • Lean poultry
  • Tilapia
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Berries

Mark will include a snack or a protein drink in between these meals to help him achieve his daily protein needs.

Influences And Idols

His father, who encouraged Mark to exercise weights from a young age, had a significant early influence on Mark.

His former bodybuilding coach is another person who has influenced Mark. In 2013, Mark won the Men’s Physique Olympia thanks to the physique he helped him develop.

What Mark Anthony Can Teach Us?

If Mark Anthony can teach us anything, it’s that excellence necessitates some pretty significant sacrifices.

Mark had to work hard to achieve his ambition of winning the Mr. Olympia title. He lacked the liberty to eat whatever he wanted and go out every weekend.

Instead, he committed himself to exercise daily, eating only the healthiest foods, and perfecting his posing in front of a mirror. Everything else was just a side note.

His experience shows us how crucial it is to establish priorities in life. As Mark demonstrated for us if you have a goal you want to accomplish, make it a priority and take the required steps to make it come true.