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Michael Smith
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Who is Michael Smith?

When Michael Smith initially started working out, he had no idea he would one day compete in the NPC, and become a fitness model, a certified personal trainer, and a popular figure online.

Short Career of Michael Smith

He struggled to gain weight during high school because he was a thin child. However, one day he decided enough was enough and began his weightlifting journey to grow bigger and stronger.

What was at first just a hobby became a full-time job. Michael is currently employed as a certified personal trainer and fitness model. He keeps working hard every day to better himself while motivating other fitness enthusiasts to pursue their goals.

Here is his account:

I believe that you must pursue your goals and give your all if you want to succeed.

Full Name: Michael Smith
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Certified Personal Trainer
ERA: 2010

If I’m being completely honest, I only started lifting to improve the position of my head. The more I learned and after seeing the outcomes, the more I was consumed by it.


Michael Smith

Michael has a sizable social media following as a result of his impressive gym transformation. Michael earned a cult following among his followers by posting images and videos of his fitness journey. These individuals now follow Michael’s advice to develop fantastic physiques for themselves.

  • Online Fitness Motivator
  • Model
  • Athlete
  • Certified Personal Trainer

In the gym, Michael Smith performs dumbbell rows.


Both The Body And The Mind To Change

Michael Smith

American fitness model Michael Smith hails from Ohio. He is well renowned for both his NPC athletic accomplishments and his side job as a licensed coach.

His story began in high school, where it all began. Michael decided to join a gym at this point to increase his size and strength.

Like most teenagers his age, Michael’s initial focus was on improving his appearance in the hopes that doing so would earn him the respect of his peers.

Over time, though, Michael came to understand that bodybuilding was a way to achieve much more than just having a wonderful physique and earning people’s respect. Additionally, it was intended to improve his attitude and discipline.

Getting Popular On Social Media

Michael was persuaded to adopt a lifting-focused lifestyle by the benefits of his gym training. He soon arrived at the following significant turning point in his voyage.

Michael’s popularity on social media increased as his physical appearance did. He posted photos and videos to social media throughout his makeover to show his development. Although this was initially only for personal use, as more and more individuals began seeking Michael’s assistance in training and nutrition, it eventually turned into his full-time job.

Michael is currently a licensed personal trainer, fitness model, and NPC competitor. Michael said he would not have believed it if someone had told him when he initially began his training that he would one day become what he is now. In his own words: “This community is something I sincerely value. I never envisioned reaching the audience that I do today.”

Michael has garnered the admiration of many of his admirers who have stood by him through thick and thin because of his humble demeanor and diligent work ethic.

Training (Workout)

Michael Smith

To enhance muscular hypertrophy, Michael works out in the gym multiple times per week, concentrating on a different body area with each workout.

He gives each training session at least 45 minutes. To get the most out of his workout, Michael may choose a lengthier one when he has the time.

If his objective is to increase strength, he will occasionally train with heavier weights for 4–8 reps.

He will lower the weight slightly and increase the reps to 10–12 for muscle growth. To maintain the intensity of his workout, he may occasionally perform drop-sets at the end of each set.


As a personal trainer, Michael Smith is knowledgeable about both diet and strength training.

His staple diet will be a lot of lean meat, eggs, organic vegetables, and sweet potatoes. Additionally, he will consume grass-fed, organic red meat to obtain B vitamins and good fats.

Michael indulges in his “cheat meals” once or twice a week. He’ll eat something he appreciates at this point. Only the healthiest foods are served for the remainder of the week. This keeps him content and trims all year long.

What Michael Smith Can Teach Us

Michael Smith teaches us that there are no boundaries to how far one can go. Never tell yourself that your goals are unrealistic.

Michael had no idea he would end up where he is today when he began his adventure. But he was more successful than he could have ever anticipated since he put in a lot of effort and stuck to his plans.

He also recognized he could accomplish anything he set his mind to as long as he believed in himself and put up the necessary effort. As a result, his perspective on success has completely altered.

The next time someone says you can’t do anything, think back to Michael’s story. You may succeed by having faith in yourself and never giving up, just like Michael did.