Mick Souza
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Who is Mick Souza?

Mick Souza, a bodybuilding legend, was born right in the middle of New York City. Because of his ascent to the top of the fitness business, he has gained admirers all around the world.

But things weren’t always easy; when Mick Souza was 3 years old, his father abandoned the family, leaving his mother to raise him and his brother.

Here is his account:

“When I was 7 years old, I made a press machine out of empty paint cans filled with sand and a broomstick. I started building my physique in this way.”

Body Measurements of Mick Souza

Full Name: Mick Souza
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)
WEIGHT: 225 – 235lbs (102.1 – 106.6kg)
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder
ERA: 1980, 1990

“I won my class in the AAU Mr. America competition in 1989. It was a pretty challenging show.”


Mick Souza

Competition Background

  • Mr. USA (Medium) for 1986, seventh place
  • First-place 1987 AAU Mr. East Coast
  • Mr. America (Medium-Tall) 1989 AAU – First
  • Mr. USA (Medium-Tall) 1990 AAU – Third
  • NABBA Mr. Universe, 7th place, 1990
  • Mr. America (Medium-Tall), 1991 AAU, second place
  • NABBA Mr. Universe (Medium-Tall) – Fourth Place, 1991
  • NABBA Mr. Universe (Tall) – First Place 1992
  • 1994 AAU Mr. USA – runner-up

Wrestling In Sumo

  • Third Bronze Medal in the 1991 Tokyo Sumo Wrestling Premier Event

When I was just 3 years old, my father permanently left the house. We moved into my grandmother’s house, just my mom, my brother, and me.


Young Years

Mick experienced a challenging childhood because his father abandoned the family when he was just 3 years old, leaving his mother and brother to care for themselves.

Mick had one shelter as a child before his family moved to live at his grandmother’s house: sports. The child excelled in sports from a young age, setting high school records in the high jump and the running races.

Additionally, Mick turned pro in skateboarding and currently has the 4 feet, the 10-inch world record for the highest skateboard jump.

Beginning A Fitness Journey

Mick started lifting weights when he was 7 years old, although not at a gym. Instead, the child used old paint cans that had been packed with sand as weights while standing on broomsticks.

As he got older, Mick discovered larger paint cans and put sand in them. However, by the time he was ten, his strength was too great for his early technique.

In fourth grade, Mick’s mother got him a barbell and bench because she was pleased with his development using homemade equipment. This further strengthened his resolve to have a formidable body akin to that of his idols, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Roger Callard.

Depart For California

Mick had developed a fascination for bodybuilding by the time he was 18. He had decided to pursue a career in fitness and had his sights set on relocating to California, the “mecca” of the activity.

The boy started working in construction to make money and help his mother with the bills so he could pay for his trip.

In the end, Mick was able to save enough money to purchase a one-way flight to Los Angeles.

Even though he knew no one there and was adamant about succeeding, he made the major journey to California in the hopes of establishing himself.

The Heroes He Has Met

Mick grabbed a taxi to the renowned Gold’s Gym after landing in The Golden State, California. Fortunately, Roger Callard, one of the most well-known bodybuilders of his era, was one of the first individuals he ran across.

From that point on, Mick experienced a string of fortunate encounters, including meeting Joe Gold (the creator of Gold’s Gym and World Gym) and growing close to him.

He had the good fortune to meet Golden Era giants like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Tom Platz, and Bob Paris while training at World Gym, where Joe never charged him.

Inaugural Competition

Over the following year, Mick learned about correct nutrition and training from his role models, particularly Tom Platz: “There has never been a bodybuilder who trained harder than Tom.”

He put on lean muscle mass, developing a massive, chiseled figure. He was prepared for his first contest, the AAU Mr. USA, by 1986.

Despite not taking first place, Mick managed to finish seventh in a highly competitive field. This setback served as further motivation for him to succeed in the field.

Getting Popular

In the following eight years, Mick competed in another eight shows, taking home three victories and finishing six times in the top three.

1992 Mr. Universe was one of his most well-known victories and his final on the bodybuilding stage.

Though he isn’t as well-known as celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, his dedication to his craft earned him a reputation as one of the top bodybuilders of his period in the profession.

“I remember when I was 17, I squatted 315 pounds on my own for the first time.”


Except for leg days, Mick Souza liked working out various muscle groups within a single workout. He would work out for an hour, intensely lifting weights.

The legend is renowned for lifting heavy weights for a long period. He once squatted 135 pounds (61 kg) for 200 repetitions. But he was also capable of performing 29 repetitions of a 500-pound (226-kg) squat.

Exercise Routine

Mick Souza

Mick’s workout schedule looked like this:

  • Monday: Triceps and chest
  • Tuesday: Biceps and the back
  • Legs on Wednesday
  • Shoulders and Abs on Thursday
  • Arms on Friday.
  • Any muscle group on Saturday.
  • Sunday: Rest day

Egg whites, pollock and other inexpensive, very low-fat protein sources were the only healthy foods I could afford to eat.


Mick Souza was a fervent supporter of eating healthily to maintain his peak physical condition. He designed his diet to include complex carbohydrates, pollock (or other white fish), and egg whites (such as sweet potatoes, pasta, and brown rice).

Mick was also aware of the significance of getting the recommended amount of water each day.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger and Roger Callard were featured in the publications when I first started getting into fitness. I respected them.

Influences And Idols

Since his father abandoned the family when he was 3 years old, Mick’s mother has always been the strong woman in his life.

Mick has always looked up to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Roger Callard as his key fitness industry role models.

But he attributes many of the Golden Era greats, like Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Tom Platz, and Bob Paris, with having had a positive influence on his career.

“My training was conducted with a DO or DIE mentality. I had no choice but to exert my absolute best effort.

What Mick Souza Can Teach Us?

Mick Souza has a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed, which is what we find most admirable about him. Few 18-year-olds would leave their parents’ house with very little money and chase their goals, but Mick did just that.

His attractive and likable demeanor helped him acquire free access to World Gym and coaching from some of the finest bodybuilders in sports history, which is ultimately what made him popular with numerous industry icons.