Nathan McCallum
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Who is Nathan McCallum?

Fitness blogger Nathan McCallum is from Australia. Nathan’s interests include sharing music and fashion material online in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Because of this, he has amassed a diverse following of followers who all aspire to improve themselves, much like Nathan.

Nathan McCallum was a boisterous child in his early years who wasn’t interested in building muscle. This didn’t begin to change until 2013. This year, Nathan started focusing on enhancing his appearance one workout at a time.

Along with his physical development, Nathan also made business progress; as he kept sharing fresh photos on social media, his online audience expanded.

Nathan continues to set a good example for everyone by following his path to success—not just his own but also that of his followers.

Nathan McCallum, appearing ripped and powerful, reaches for a pull-up bar with his hands.

Sometimes all you have to do is leap, and you’ll pick up flying on the way down.

Nathan McCallum

Body Measurements of Nathan McCallum

Full Name: Nathan McCallum
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)
WEIGHT: 175 – 185lbs (79.4 – 83.9kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Online Coach
ERA: 2010


  • Exercise Model
  • online trainer


The Regularity Of Training

Typically, Nathan works out five to six times per week. This covers weightlifting in the gym, cardio exercise, and other kinds of drills. Nathan typically trains for one to two hours.

But as he notes, “it all depends on my schedule actually,” this could change.

FavoriteNathan McCallumercise Versus Weightlifting

Nathan is the total opposite of most sportsmen, who find cardio boring. He enjoys performing cardio.

Nathan would always prefer cardio over strength training if the choice was between the two. His words are;

Cardio I suppose. Instead of being powerful and obese, I would rather be thin and healthy.


Like other fitness models, Nathan McCallum practices healthy eating, but he also admits to having a sweet craving that may occasionally be challenging to control.

He’ll generally follow the conventional 80-20 guidelines. This implies that he will consume healthy things the majority of the time, with the occasional chocolate bar to satisfy cravings.

“It takes a lot of willpower on my part to keep me from eating chocolate and ice cream every day. Having said that, I do strongly believe in living a balanced lifestyle, thus I usually indulge on occasion in some of life’s better delicacies.

Influences And Idols

The people that follow Nathan on social media are his main sources of inspiration. Nathan is humbled to learn that his words of counsel inspired them. He claims that this is what motivates him each morning.

“I do what I do because of it. It’s great to receive letters from people thanking me for improving not just their appearance but also their sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

What Nathan McCallum Can Teach Us?

Nathan McCallum

Nathan McCallum has taught us that you should utilize your achievement to further the common good by assisting others or serving as an example for others.

After achieving his fitness objectives, Nathan applied what he had learned to help others. This is how he attempts to make the world a little bit better.

If Nathan’s narrative teaches us anything, it’s that perhaps it’s not always about putting our personal goals first. It also involves having a favorable influence on other people.

Contrarily, you start to see success in your own life take shape when you start adding value to other people, just like Nathan demonstrated for us.