Nicole Mejia
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Who Is Nicole Mejia?

Nicole Mejia is renowned for having beautiful natural curves and an incredible body. She has gained a following on social media and established herself as a business.

Nicole Mejia wasn’t always a fitness hero, though; as a young child, she endured bullying because of her weight.

“Whatever I end up doing throughout my life, I want to remain a motivation for young women.”

Body Measurements of Nicole Mejia

Full Name: Nicole Mejia
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Model, Entrepreneur
NATIONALITY: Italian and Colombian
WEIGHT: 125-135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
HEIGHT: 5’4 ” (162.5cm)

Nicole Mejia

“I’ve always been thick so that comes with insecurities and people teasing you about the size of your legs. When I was younger, it wasn’t in style to have thick legs.”


Young Years

Nicole was reared in Pembroke Pines, Florida (USA), and was born with self-image problems. Because she wasn’t particularly active and was overweight, she endured bullying as a child.

Nicole didn’t start acting and making changes until she received her high school diploma, though.

Start of Fitness Journey

In 2006, Nicole started her fitness career and joined a gym at the age of 18. She was adamant about changing her way of life and becoming in shape.

Nicole started working out in the gym, doing cardio and weightlifting, and her efforts paid off.


By the time she turned 21, in 2009, Nicole had sculpted her ideal body, and her change was well-noticed.

Her pals set up her first photo shoot and pushed her to start modeling. She had the visibility she required as a result, and numerous brands and photographers approached her to be their model.

Nicole decided to pursue her passion for assisting others in achieving their goals after being a successful model. She set up social media accounts to engage with the public and encourage others to live healthy lifestyles.

“Modelling was never something I had planned for myself.”

Social Media Star

Nicole quickly gained millions of Instagram followers after becoming well-known online. Her photos inspired her followers, and many of them contacted her for tips on diet and exercise routines.

She was the focus of several online forums as people praised her amazing figure. Nicole had become a social media sensation by the age of 21.

Nicole then understood that she had the power to significantly impact people’s lives and resolved to assist her followers.


Nicole Mejia, then 25 years old, started a health and fitness firm in 2013 and used it as a platform to instruct women about self-acceptance, exercise, and nutrition.

As a result, she gained more visibility and increased in popularity among fitness enthusiasts. By 2016, when she was 28 years old, Nicole had furthered her development and had worked hard to enhance her physique.

She had established a reputation as one of the fittest women in the world.

“I’m most influenced by ambitious individuals. More than anything else, being among people who are accomplished in their respective jobs and businesses encourages me.

Nicole Mejia

Influences and Idols

Although Nicole Mejia has inspired innumerable followers all over the world, she cites her father as having had the greatest impact on her life, calling him “the strongest, most significant person in my life.”

She also cites the inspiration she receives from her ambitious fans. Nicole takes satisfaction in seeing her supporters achieve their own goals and enjoys assisting others on their fitness journeys.

“I never want to stop developing. I firmly believe that we are capable of becoming anything we choose to be.

What Can Nicole Mejia Teach Us?

Nicole Mejia was bullied for being overweight, but she worked hard to achieve her ideal figure. Nicole’s story shows that everyone is capable of changing their lifestyle and physique.

Never let anything discourage you, and always strive to achieve your goals.