Noah Shannon Green
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As the oldest child of Megan Fox and her TV actor spouse Brian Austin Green, Noah Shannon Green has gained popularity as a star child. Before they separated, his parents had been married for a very long time.

In addition to Bodhi Ransom, Noah Shannon Green has two younger brothers. Currently, the Green brothers are relishing their amazing childhood as a family. However, their parents have somewhat shielded them from the public.

Take a deeper look at some of Noah’s little-known characteristics in today’s post, such as his sense of style when dressing, gender rumors, and more!

Noah Shannon Green is how old? A week after his birth, the news of his birth surfaced.

As of 2022, Noah is 9 years old. He was born in the United States on September 27, 2012. However, the proud mother Megan didn’t announce the birth of her child on Facebook until the 7th of October, more than a week later. She penned,

“We have had a pleasant few weeks at home thanks to our good fortune, but I want to release this before others. On September 27th, I gave birth to our son Noah Shannon Green. He is flawless, healthy, and content.

Added the Hollywood celebrity,

“I will be eternally grateful to God for enabling me to experience this sort of limitless, perfect love,” the couple said. “We are humbled to have the opportunity to name ourselves the parents of this lovely soul.”

When the Transformers actress and her partner were spotted in Hawaii in June 2012, Noah’s mother made her pregnancy known.

Noah Shannon Green
Noah Shannon Green (Pinterest)

First Public Appearance of Noah and His Father

The youngster didn’t appear till he was six months old. On March 29, 2013, he was first seen in New York with his father, Brian. At the time, people saw the actor strolling with his child.

Two additional younger siblings

Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green, his two younger brothers, were both born in 2014. In addition, Noah has a stepbrother named Kassius Lijah who is older from his father’s first marriage to Vanessa Marcil.

The family of Noah Shannon Green

Noah is also enrolled in an elementary school right now.

What Country Does Noah Represent?

He is of American descent, and his mother Megan is of Scottish, German, French, and Scots-Irish lineage, while his father has Scottish ancestry. As for his ethnic background, the famous youngster has a mixed racial background.

His Famous Parents

You will automatically become popular if you come from a famous family. Noah, whose parents are actors, is in the same situation.

Megan, his mother, is a model and an actor. She has participated in several critically acclaimed films, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Transformers. The well-known entertainment figure also contributed to several TV programs, including Hope & Faith, New Girl, and others.

On the other side, his father Brian had a successful acting career as well. After playing the lead character David Silver on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210, he became quite well-known.

Noah Shannon Green
Noah Shannon Green (Pinterest)

Noah Shannon Green Has an Odd Sense of Fashion

His attire has previously generated a lot of news coverage. Megan Fox, the mother of Noah, spoke candidly about her son’s fashion choices during an interview on an episode of The Talk. She claimed that her nine-year-old boy was already interested in fashion. And what’s fascinating is that he doesn’t care when his schoolmates make disparaging remarks about his attire. She stated:

He occasionally dresses and enjoys donning dresses. And even though I send him to a very liberal, hippy school here in California, he still hears young boys saying things like, “Boys don’t wear gowns” or “Boys don’t wear pink.”

She continued, “I’m trying to educate him to be confident no matter what anyone else says.”

Fox added, “How was it?” in response to her son’s response to how his school day went. Did any of my school classmates have anything to say? Well, the boys all laughed when I walked in, but I don’t care; I love gowns too much,’ Noah said.

In support of his son’s decision to wear whatever he wants, Brian said in a podcast interview with Dax Shepherd

“I’ve heard that some people don’t like the fact that he wears dresses. I tell them, “I don’t care.” He is four years old, and he wears it if he wants to.

He went on,

“And it’s clothes, or slippers, or goggles, or whatever else. His life is at stake; these are not my clothing. He isn’t hurting any women in dresses. So, good on him if he chooses to wear a dress.

According to a recent interview with Megan Fox from 2022, her son Noah’s school bullying may still be going on. According to the actress, her child “suffers” from bullying at school even now, Glamour UK said.

Fox said that she “had a child that suffers. I worry a lot about that because I simply wish humanity wasn’t so horrible.

The actress went on to say that Noah began donning dresses at the tender age of two.

Parents of Noah Shannon Green’s failed Union

The romance between Megan and her ex-husband Brian Austin Green was turbulent. In 2004, the couple initially met while they were both working on the set of Hope & Faith. At the time, she was only 18 and Brian was 30. The actor first found it uncomfortable to start dating because of the age gap, but with time and mutual understanding, these things never became a barrier.

They dated for a few years before getting engaged in November 2006. The couple broke off their engagement in February 2009.

In 2010, sources claimed the two became engaged once more. Fox revealed that the couple had been engaged since 2006 in the interim.

On June 24, 2010, they officially became husband and wife. The pair wed privately at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Maui’s historic Ka’upulehu. A Hawaiian priest from the area, or kahuna, performed the ceremony. Kassius, Brian’s child from a prior relationship, served as their lone witness as they made their entrance down the aisle.

For their wedding, Fox donned an Armani Privé gown and her spouse chose an all-white Emporio Armani suit.

After their initial reconciliation, they broke up again.

From the outset, Megan and her husband Brian’s relationship was fraught with ups and downs. In 2015, they initially parted ways. Even Fox started the divorce process in August of this year. But the following year, they reconciled. Journey, their son, was also born to them in 2016.

Despite getting back together, the couple’s romance didn’t last very long. In May 2020, it was revealed that the pair had split up. In November, the actress sought a second divorce from her partner Green.

Fox is currently dating rapper Machine Gun Kelly, a musician. They got married in the first half of 2022.

Who does Noah Shannon Green Reside with Once His Parents have Split Up?

The legal separation of Noah’s parents was finalized in February 2022. Fox and her ex-husband Brian shared joint legal and physical custody of their kids once their divorce was finalized.

We can thus assume that Noah and his other two siblings will spend time with both of their parents.