Patricia Spezia
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Who is Patricia Spezia?

Brazilian online instructor Patricia Spezia competes in the IFBB Body Fitness division.

She won the biggest sporting competition in Rio de Janeiro, Latin America, and is the Vice Champion of Santa Carina.

Short Career of Patricia Spezia

Patricia Spezia started working out in 2011 after completing a diploma in fashion. She then understood that she could live both the life of an athlete and the aspiration of being a fashion stylist.

She began a fitness business, developed an incredible body, and earned the moniker “Iron Woman” during the ensuing years. In addition, she started competing in bodybuilding competitions and received her Pro Card.

Body Measurements of Patricia Spezia

Full Name: Patricia Spezia
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bikini competitor and fitness model
ALIAS: Iron Woman 
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm) 
WEIGHT: 125-135 lbs. (56.7 – 61.2kg)

Patricia Spezia


  • IFBB Body Fitness Competitor
  • Sponsored Athlete
  • Online Personal Trainer
  • ExpoNutrition RJ Champion


Fashion and Fitness

Patricia Spezia, a native of Tapera, Brazil, was brought up by her parents Tracy and Roberto.

Patricia has always been interested in fashion and beauty. She eventually used this to become a stylist and a fashion educator at Academia Toda Bonita.

It was almost expected that her love of fitness would follow her passion for clothing and physical beauty in other areas of her life.

Patricia moved to Florianópolis at the age of 25, and then she started her training. She then decided to combine her passions for exercise and fashion to pursue both professionally.


She eventually acquired a proportionate and toned shape and started participating in bodybuilding competitions.

One of the most noteworthy accomplishments in these competitions was coming in second place in the BodyFitness division of the Santa Carina Championships.

Her performance earned her a spot in Rio de Janeiro’s biggest tournament on the continent. Later, she won the contest, and it was at this point that she began making a name for herself in Brazil.

The Pro Card, which allowed Patricia to compete at the top level, was their career high point for her. This made it possible for her to pursue her dream of seeing the world and competing against athletes with the best physiques.

Increased Fame

Following her Pro Card victory, Patricia launched an online tutoring company. She earned the nickname “Iron Woman” in Brazil thanks to her attractive and powerful body.

With so much accomplished at such a young age, the Brazilian has undoubtedly made a good contribution to the global fitness industry.


Abdominal Exercise

Patricia had to adhere to a rigorous workout schedule and a healthy diet to build the remarkable abs she now possesses.

Her abdominal routines include 200–300 sit-ups and 30 minutes of aerobic activity.

She will switch up her ab exercises every other week to ensure that all of her abdominal muscles, particularly the lower area, are adequately developed.

She claims that most people have trouble bringing out their lower abs. The exercise she recommends for strengthening this particular area of the abs is hanging leg lifts.

Continued Motivation

Patricia is aware of how much willpower is needed to become in shape. She often uses visualization as a strategy to overcome “laziness.” I consider what I need to achieve, what I want, and what inspires and motivates me, says Patricia.

When Patricia “doesn’t feel like hitting the gym,” she also enjoys viewing images and videos of athletes. She uses this as inspiration to push through challenging days and continue with her training schedule.

Patricia Spezia


The Value of Protein

With practically every meal, Patricia eats a dish of protein. She prepares most of her meals and frequently includes whey protein as one of the primary ingredients.

She claims that this is because protein is crucial for constructing lean muscle mass.

Patricia Spezia claims that because women don’t have as much testosterone as males do, it is more difficult for them to grow muscle. She can, however, maximize her inherent potential by eating more protein.

Jennifer’s Supplements

Although Patricia Spezia believes that healthy meals are the key to a strong athlete’s physique, she also includes supplements in her daily routine. They are crucial, according to her, to having a perfect diet.

Whey protein and glutamine make up the foundation of her supplement regimen; this combination, in Patricia’s opinion, is excellent for promoting speedier muscle recovery.

She also utilizes BCAAs as a pre-and post-workout supplement. Patricia said that while BCAAs are excellent for facilitating quick assimilation of vital amino acids, they are not always required.