Pre-workout foods

Athletes and sportspeople have to eat healthily in order to maintain and boost their performance. They also require high protein foods to repair their damaged muscles and tissues. It is good to have some pre-workout foods before the athletes do their daily exercise regime. Which foods are best for this?

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Athletes and pre-workout foods

Sportspeople have to train themselves well before their game. They have to have an edge over their competitors and hence vigorous exercises are part of their daily routine. For this and to boost their athletic performance, they have to eat a high-protein diet. This would also help them in repairing their torn muscles and tissues.

Pre-workout foods
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Athletes require adequate and right nutrition prior to their exercise routine and practice. This would help them in energizing their body and bring out the best in them. They would be able to do exercises to their potential and this would be of help in their competition. The food that they consume prior to their workout is the pre-workout foods. These should consist of macronutrients in the right proportion to produce the desired effect.

Macronutrients and athletes

The muscles that are working require glucose as fuel. This comes from carbs of the food. The extra carbs are stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. These are used during short duration high intensity exercises. But for longer duration exercises, the overall diet and intensity of training matters. Carb loading is a method by which high-carb diet is consumed for 1 to 7 days to increase the glycogen store of the body.

Pre-workout foods
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Similarly, protein are a must for buildup and repair of muscles. These are beneficial prior to workouts and improve muscle protein synthesis. Several studies have revealed the usefulness of consuming protein prior to exercise on the anabolic response. The lean body mass and strength is also better. The muscle recovery is also good with such protein before exercise.

These macronutrients are used as fuel for long duration and moderate to low intensity exercises. High fat diet consumed for 4 weeks before exercise improved endurance. But there are no studies on consumption of fats before exercise on the performance of athletes.

The timing of these foods

The pre-workout foods should be consumed at least 2 to 3 hours before the exercise. This will give the maximum benefit. If the food is had less than 2 hours before the exercise, it should be simpler and smaller in portion. They should have simple carbs and more protein.

Pre-workout foods
Timing and Pre-workout foods (Source: 1and1life)

A mixture of carbs and protein is ideal prior to exercise. If you are having these foods more than 2-3 hours before the training, opt for whole grain bread sandwich with lean protein and side salad. One can also have an egg omelet with whole grain toast with avocado topping and a cup of cut fruits. Brown rice with lean protein source and roasted vegetables are also good for this time.

If you are having this food less than 2 hours prior to the exercise, you can take banana milk shake with berries and protein powder would be helpful. Else one can have breakfast cereal with milk or oatmeal with slices of banana and almonds or whole grain bread sandwich with natural almond butter or fruit preserve.

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If you are having this food less than 1 hour before the exercise, go for something simpler such as Greek yoghurt and fruit, or protein bar or just a fruit such as apple, banana or an orange.