Pricilla Aqilla
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Who is Pricilla Aqilla?

The body of Pricilla Aqilla’s dreams wasn’t always available to her. She was made fun of by her classmates in high school for having, as she put it, “a huge lower body.”

These comments had a bad impact on Pricilla Aqilla’s confidence. She joined a gym, though, because she had a younger sister for whom she wanted to set an example.

Early Life of Pricilla Aqilla

Her years of dedication have allowed her to achieve more than she ever could have imagined, making her a fitness model with an incredible physique who inspires followers all around the world.

“It’s a long and tough process to achieving your goals, but those days when you just want to give up are the most important. These are the days you grow!”

Body Measurements of Pricilla Aqilla

Full Name: Pricilla Aqilla
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Brand Ambassador and Published Fitness Model

“Growing up as an adolescent I recall the feeling of always being left out and alone. My poor eating habits caused me to be a little on the bigger side, especially when it came to my lower body.

To this day I can still recall the stares and name-calling throughout the hallways and in my classes. It took a toll on my self-esteem and to say I was heartbroken is an understatement.”

Pricilla Aqilla


  • Exercise Model
  • Bikini contestant
  • Entrepreneur

Pricilla’s Performance

  • Bikini Class B of the 2019 NPC World, first place


Teenage transformation

Pricilla’s life before was very different from how it is now. She was bullied and taunted by other students at her school because of her small weight gain. I was frequently teased because of my large lower body. I felt terrible about it.

However, Pricilla began her metamorphosis into a stronger, healthier, and more self-assured person with the aid of weightlifting, which she had an interest in while she was a volleyball player in high school.

Pricilla discovered she didn’t need to “shrink” her lower body as she traveled. She may instead reshape and mold it. Her body gradually started to take on the shape it has today as a result of prioritizing exercises like squats and sticking to a healthy diet.

She completely lost all of the fat in her lower body, and other people began to notice her toned quads and glutes.

Now that she’s proud of her toned and luscious legs, she proudly displays them in bikini fitness competitions all over America.


To achieve her transformation, Pricilla Aqilla combined cardio and strength training. Maintaining low body fat goes beyond simple activities like squats and burpees and also requires spending numerous hours on the treadmill and running outside.


Pricilla spends a lot of time planning, cooking, and monitoring her nutrition in addition to her regular daily workouts in the gym.

She enjoys consuming carbohydrates in the morning and before exercise. This provides the glycogen her muscles require for energy.

The majority of her proteins and fats, on the other hand, she consumes later in the day and the evening. This guarantees a steady stream of nutrients during the night to sustain her muscles as she sleeps.

Some of the foods Pricilla may eat include:

  • Egg whites and oatmeal with almond milk for breakfast
  • Chicken, sweet potatoes, and mixed vegetables for lunch
  • Whitefish, rice, and peas for dinner
  • Low-fat cottage cheese with flavored protein power, once or twice per day as a snack

Pricilla Aqilla

Influences and Idols

According to Pricilla Aqilla, none of her achievements would have been possible without the help of her friends, family, coach, and supporters.

She is grateful to everyone who helped her along the way to becoming more fit. Every year, she is motivated by her followers to raise the bar even higher so that she can serve as an example for others.

Every person possesses a strong driving force that, when released, may bring any vision, dream, or ambition to life.

What Pricilla Aqilla can teach us?

Pricilla Aqilla endured bullying in high school due to her ‘pudgy’ looks. But in the end, she was the one whose success and metamorphosis put her critics to rest.

Pricilla teaches us that dealing with criticism or hostility from others is a part of life. Why not use it as motivation to get stronger and accomplish your goals rather than allowing it to drag you down? Pricilla herself says:

Just remember to never let someone else’s words or deeds prevent you from achieving your goals. Better yet, use those words as motivation for your objectives. Pricilla Aquila